Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Guide – Ocean Palace

The fifth palace is impossible to reach without the Winged Boots. Once you have them, though, it’s very easy. From Nabooru, follow the road that goes east to the shore and continue walking in a straight line on the water.

Once you reach the small island with the palace, don’t enter it immediately. Retrace your path one step at a time and try to turn north with each step. You’ll eventually find a path up north along the water. When you can go north no further, turn east. As you walk past the palace, you’ll find a spot with a Heart Container. Now you’re ready to go back and enter the Palace.

You can’t get anything from the Ironknuckle statue here, so just continue on to the opening elevator. The first set of hallways is straightforward. When you reach the high ledge with the key on top, you must use Fairy magic to fly over the ledge, then turn around once you change back to get the key. Also, since your Attack level should be at six by now, you are strong enough to attack the Skull Balls and Skull Heads.

Once you get past the Ironknuckles and locked door and go down the elevator, turn left. The Mago wizards that shoot fire are tough. They can only be hit when completely formed, and they are for only a second. In the room with the falling blocks, wait for all the blocks to fall, then carve a path through them to get the key up top. You can also take this time to attack the Moas that keep appearing to build experience.

When you reach the next elevator and go down it, go left. You’ll reach another elevator in a short while. Go down one floor and turn right. Use Jump magic to get the key. Once you get past the Magos, an Ironknuckle will appear to guard a dead-end wall. Once you beat him, however, you can jump into the wall and walk through it. On the other side of the wall, go past the first elevator and continue to the next one. Go up this elevator and go left for a key, then go back to the last elevator and go down it. At the end of this path is the Flute.

Now retrace your steps, go back through the wall you passed through and return to the elevator. Go back up it and head left. When you reach the next elevator, go down it first to find a key. Then go all the way up and follow the path to the Guardian.

Gooma swings a strong mace while pacing slowly. There are two ways to attack him: Strike him up close while the mace swirls in front of him and quickly back away before it shoots out, or wait at a far enough distance until he fires and quickly rushes up and strike. It’s not always easy to do; Gooma may be the toughest boss outside of the final palace.

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