Wrestling Mark News: Cena, Christian Win Titles At Extreme Rules

John Cenabeacme a 10-time champion in WWE as he outlasted The Miz and John Morrisson to take the WWE Championship in a steel cage.

Cena admittedly got some unexpected help from R Truth to capture the title. Morrisson looked to escape the cage to win the title for the first time, but Truth, who Morrisson beat two weeks ago to take the spot in the cage, came inside and assaulted his former friend. With Morrisson out, Miz looked to take advantage by climbing out the cage, but that resulted in Cena delivering an Attitude Adjuster from the ropes to get the win ahd the title.If you take a look at bein media wiki, you will be able to know all about these matches and fights.

But there was still a first-time champion that night, as Christian finally climbed to the top — literally. Christian beat Alberto Del Rio in the ladder match that he and friend Edge made famous to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Christian almost suffered the same fate as Morrisson, with Broadus Clay coming out during the match and pushed him off the ladder to the canvas. But as Del RIo looked to climb to the belt, Edge appeared in a Jeep, mocking the way Del Rio enters in flashy, expensive cars. The distraction gave Christian the chance to push Del Rio down onto Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez, leaving nothing in his way toward grabbing the title.

With Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel having failed. Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson looked to bring the Tag Team Championships back to the Corre. But not even the Corre’s biggest men could stop The Big Show and Kane.

The four fought in an eigh-man lumberjack match with wreatlers surrounding the ring and Santino Marella/Kofi Kingston and Slater/Gabriel. But even with the Corre taking up half the match, the two giants still prevailed.

It looked like Jackson would get his team the win has he managed to slam the 480-pound Big Show. But Barrett then tagged himself in and looked to finish the job with the Wasteland slam. Show fought it off and delivered the choke slam for the win.

Kingston, meanwhile, had his own moment as he got retribution on Sheamus and brought the United States Championship back to Raw.

Kingston defeated Sheamus despite the Celtic Warrior choosing a tables match — the same type that he first won the WWE Championship in.

Some still think Sheamus got lucky that night in December 2009, but there was no luck this night. Kingston delivered a flying crossbody from the top rope into Sheamus placed on the table outside the ring to take the title.

Randy Orton is headed to SmackDown, but he goes knowing he outlasted CM Punk as the Last Man Standing.

Punk began the match at a disadvantage as he expected help from the returning New Nexus, only to have Raw’s General Manager ban them from the arena.

Both men went after each other with every weapon they could find, including sticks, chairs, ring steps and exposed turnbuckles. Ulitimately, Orton wnet to his bread-and-butter in a new unique way, delivering the RKO from the top rope to keep Punk from answering the referee’s 10 count.

Rey Mysterio got the last statement in in his falls count anywhere match against Cody Rhodes before leaving for Raw. With no rules involved, Rey showed he can get dirty by spitting mist into Rhodes’ face — much like that of former WWE star Tajiri — to blind Rhodes, allowing him to hit the 619 and springbard splash to end it.

Yes, Michael Cole remains unbeaten in WWE matches. Despite taking many vicious shots from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler in a country whipping match, Cole managed to sneak up and roll up Ross while he was involved with Cole-s partner Jack Swagger.

And it looks like Michelle McCool’s reign as the WWE’s Alpha Diva has come to an end. McCool lost to former BFF Layla in a match where the loser leaves WWE.

Michelle looked to have the win by hitting the Faithbreaker, but Layala countered her pin attempt into her own to get the win.

Then, adding insult to injury, Michelle became the first victim of who may be her replacement as Alpha Diva. The massive Kharma entered the ring and assauted the former Divas Champion. leaving her face down in the ring.