Why You Should Choose A Condominium Unit Over A Hotel Room for Summer Vacation

It is time for many people to start thinking about their summer vacation plans. You may have already made up your mind to take rest at one of the penrose new launch accommodations. Deciding between staying in a hotel room or a condominium unit should not take long to decide on. Condominiums have huge advantages. For a family going on vacation, whether it is the beach or the mountains condominium units offer you more space, more flexibility, and save you money over hotel rooms.

We all have been there, you get to your ideal hotel for summer vacation, walk into the room and go “this is nothing like the brochure”. The rooms are usually much smaller than you expected, the beds are in poor condition, and there is very little room for entertainment purposes in the hotel unit. If you are lucky you will have a table to eat meals at, but that is not the case with condominium units. In a condominium unit, there is typically a “family room” in the unit, sometimes several. These are separate from the bedrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, you will usually have multiple bathrooms and showers in a vacation condominium unit, which is something you usually will not find in a hotel when you are on vacation. Finally, many condominium units will include an area where your children can play outside, which a hotel will not offer.

Along with the increased space, your flexibility for ways to entertain your family while on vacation increase. Many condominium units will have full kitchens in the unit. These will commonly include a refrigerator, freezer, stove, and microwave. This allows you to cook full meals while staying at a condominium unit at the beach or any other location on vacation. This means you are not worrying about waiting in line on long waiting lists as vacation resorts when you are on your family vacation. The additional rooms and bathrooms also give you more flexibility. You are able to have multiple family members shower in different bathrooms at the same time, or go to sleep at different times throughout the evening. This is a major advantage when you have young children. In a hotel room if the adults stay up once the children have gone to sleep, many times they are close enough that the noise will keeps the children awake.

The final advantage of choosing a condominium unit over a hotel until when on vacation is the cost. Usually the upfront cost is actually higher for a condominium unit. This higher cost those is recovered and more though by the advantages it offers. With the full kitchen you can limit the number of meals you eat out while on vacation by at least half, and sometimes by two-thirds or more. You can also prepare snack foods in your condominium unit when on vacation, something you usually can not do in a hotel. Another advantage some condominium units have over hotels is the fact that some have washers and dryers in the unit as well. This actually saves you both time and money.

So, when deciding on where to stay for your upcoming family vacation, don’t forget that a condominium unit can save you in the categories of additional space, flexibility in planning and schedules, and costs.