Why You Need To Get In Touch With A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy is a term that refers to the inability of a debtor to repay his loans in the given time. It is bad to say anyone being bankrupt due to certain changes or situations happening in his life. a person might need to avail loan facilities for numerous reasons such as to keep their family secure, commencement of a new business or education of their children, etc. but when a person does not have a fixed monthly income and fails to pay the required interest amounts in monthly installments, then insolvency occurs. It creates drastic variations in that person’s life due to the scarcity of money.  

What is the task of a bankruptcy lawyer? 

The role of a bankruptcy attorney will start at the beginning of the procedure until the date of discharge of the case. He will have the following responsibilities to perform:

  • Counseling: a smart bankruptcy lawyer will help you in explaining if there any options you can go for, before declaring yourself as a bankrupt in the eyes of the law. He will give you some other options that you may choose. He should be readily accessible to you whenever you have any queries about the case.
  • Paperwork: he will assist you in filling all the required and mandatory legal papers and documents in the court. He will ask you to do many signatures wherever needed.
  • Decision making: he will tell you which option to choose. He will describe to you the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13. A good lawyer will do and explain to you the comparison between them. Then he will plan the whole strategy to apply in the case, before the court.
  • Submission: the lawyer will be held partially responsible for all the important dates given by the court. The hearing dates, due dates, etc.

What to do when you do not have money to hire a bankruptcy attorney? 

If your bankruptcy has come to its edge, and you do not have enough amounts to spend on hiring a bankruptcy lawyer for you, then you can go for the following options:

  • Pro se debtor: you can show yourself as a pro-se debtor if you do not have the required funds to hire a bankruptcy lawyer. This means you are self-mentioning yourself as an insolvent in the eyes of the law without approving from an attorney in this case.
  • Negotiation: if you have nice communication skills with a practical and logical mind, then you can select the option of negotiating with the attorney you want for your case.
  • Chapter 13: this is a repayment scheme, which mentions that you are requesting to keep your primary assets like home or car with yourself for three to five years. You will legally explain to the court how you will be able to repay your debt after this duration.
  • Chapter 7: it provides more quick results than the chapter 13 repayment plan because this allows the liquidation of the assets of the bankrupted person in minimum time. A court appoints its trustee who will be liable to do this process of liquidating all the assets of the insolvent in the given period.
  • Help from the internet: if you are fed up by roaming here and there in search of good attorneys at inexpensive rates, then you should surely check out this website blclawcenter.com to search bankruptcy lawyers suitable for you. You should avail of the benefit of having everything digitally accessible these days.
  • Pro bono lawyer: there are numerous numbers of lawyers available in the law market which provides free legal assistance to needy or insolvent people in fighting their case. They will not charge high amounts or charge no amount from you if you prove yourself that you are a bankrupt and innocent.
  • Aid from society: various Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or Non-profitable organizations (NPOs) are ready to take your case in your hands if you do not have any funds with you. But along with this, it is advisable to take a few general suggestions from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  

Various ways to find legal assistance except hiring an attorney for bankruptcy: 

  • NGOs: these days, many non-governmental organizations are easily approachable for legal aid as well. They have their legal practitioners who understand your case in-depth and give you suggestions. They fight your case on your behalf free of cost.
  • Claim courts: there are small courts for claiming your asset present in every region. Going to small claim courts means solving your cases in a shorter period and that too, at a reasonable price. They are kind of informal courts. Both the parties, also called claimants, are allowed to take their call on the prevailing issue regarding bankruptcy, with no attorney allowed in the court.
  • Be an attorney: if you have studied law or have legal diplomas with you, then you are eligible to fight your case and be your attorney. Your past studies will help you and you will not need aid from any other lawyer in this case.
  • Bar association: your regional bar association might help you with this issue; you just need to contact them and represent yourself as a bankrupt there. They might try to resolve your issue in some time by offering you, low maintenance lawyers.
  • Law schools: you can choose a suitable law school for you and choose a student of that law school to fight your case by humbly requesting him to do so. This might be possible with no fees or very little fees.  


Firstly, it is suggested to not enter in any dispute in the first place and try to pay your monthly installments by the due date. Unfortunately, if some mishap occurs and your funds become zero, then it is highly recommended to hire a personal bankruptcy lawyer for your better future financial outcomes and legal consequences. You do not want to take a label on yourself of an insolvent your whole life. But if you do not have a penny to spend on hiring bankruptcy lawyers, then try to use your law school studies in court, if any. Then you also have the resort of arranging legal aids from society.