Why Are Convicts And Criminals Not Allowed To Vote?

When a person commits a crime, he or she should be ready for the consequences that he will be facing. Punishment shall occur for all people who are proven to be guilty of doing such acts against the law of man. As per stated in human rights, no one is above the law, and whoever went against it, shall face legal punishment befitting of his crimes.

Being imprisoned for a crime will devoid a person of some rights, such as the right for privacy, and the freedom to move to another place. Other human rights, such as the right to seek asylum to other counties and the right to vote, can be taken away from a felon. Probably this is the only time that the last human right “no one can able to take away these rights from you” is exempted.

So, when it comes to voting rights, why are some convicts doesn’t this? Do these people have felon voting rights? Do their vote does not matter in the grand scheme of everything?


The revocation of suffrage or the right to vote, to a particular person or a group of people is called Disenfranchisement. The term “disenfranchisement” can also be used to strip away a specific individual’s power or control and deprives him of some legal rights to some privileges. There are a lot of reasons why convicts are not allowed to vote, especially during their time rendering their time in prison.

Disenfranchisement Due To The Law Of The Land

Laws that are established on some countries and states have their take on how and why felons are not allowed to vote. Reasons for these may vary from country to country or state to state. Most countries nowadays allow felons who have finished serving their time in prison to vote one again. Tet, there are still some requirements and conditions to meet before being eligible for voting. These requirements may vary depending on the country, and if new laws are being implemented upon their release.

Other Reasons For Disenfranchisement

Voter disenfranchisement for convicts who are currently serving their time in jail has been around since antiquity. The main reason for that is since these people have committed a crime against other individuals or the society itself. Thus, this results in a civilian death. And this is in which they can be devoided of some rights that are related to any involvement in society.

Other factors like the date being released from prison and the complexities of laws can be trouble of an ex-felon in voting. That is why some rules have certain conditions and processes that needed to be met for one to vote again.


These situations mentioned above can be a hindrance for an ex-convict to once again vote for an election. Also, in some countries, prisons don’t have the resources to conduct proper vote counting. Thus, this is especially true even especially when felons can be permitted to vote while incarcerated. And to wrap things up, these complexities can make it harder for prisoners to vote correctly. Also, it is wiser to have them vote again once they have finished their sentence and complied to all the conditions the law asks.