Why Am I Not Making Money Writing Online?

Why am I not making money writing online? Is that a question that you ask yourself on a daily basis? Most online writers read about others making a living online, but we have yet to determine what they are doing to earn the income that they discuss. I have been one of those individuals that read about other writers success but could not get the correct formula to make the income that they discuss. After studying what others have done to reach their success goals, I want to share what I have learned.

Write what you Have Knowledge of:

Anyone can write an article that people want to read, but not all online writers can get readers to return to read all of their work. When you have knowledge of the topic you write about the readers feel the experience in your writing. When they enjoy your writings they will continue reading your other published articles. They may even return to read your newly published articles. You want to have return readers. It is just like having returning customers if you own a business, they increase your profits.

Increase Your Online Writing Power by Improving Your Writing Skills:

Online Writing is powerful when it is done properly. There are a lot of individuals that jump into writing online, and I was one of them. I began writing online, and threw articles together without considering how my writing was coming across to others. In the last few months I have read a few of my first articles that I contributed, and they were riddled with errors. To make money writing online you have to learn to write properly. This can be accomplished practicing using proper grammar or maybe even taking a writing class. Everyone will make mistakes in their writing, but you want to make the least amount of mistakes to ensure that your readers are not pointing out mistakes when they should be reading the article that you worked so hard on.

Quantity does Matter When you are Trying to Earn Money Writing Online:

The more articles that you write, means more readers. You want to contribute a numerous articles each week, on a continuous basis. This will give your readers fresh articles as well as giving you a bigger chance of being found on the search engines.

Learn to use SEO (Search Engine Optimizing):

Why am I not making money writing online? Have you learned search engine optimizing? SEO is the use of keywords in your articles. Most search engines use a system of searching articles for keywords to determine where they should be placed in the rankings. Take the time to learn proper keyword usage. Using too many or too few keywords could crash your articles earnings.

Diversify Your Writing so you will not be asking “Why am I not Making Money Writing Online”?

Diversifying your earnings is the best way to get a steady online income. Find a few different sites that have the reputation of paying Sites that I have knowledge of are; Squidoo, Yahoo, Bukisa, Xomba, Hubpages, Firehow , and having your own blog. Take a couple of these, or other sites that you have knowledge of, and contribute well written articles.

Make Online Writing Earning Goals:

Goals seem to be one of the biggest motivators for people, and each of us has different online earning goals. Decide today that you will succeed, then sit down and determine what goals you have. You will want to make short term and long term goals. Once you have those goals, make a plan of action to reach each of your goals.

Promote each of the Articles that you Write Online:

Some people that do not make money with their online writing tends to write articles, then never do anything to promote those articles. Articles will never reach their potential if you do not promote them. There are many ways to promote; blogs, article linking, submitting to search engines, social networking, or cross promoting with other online writers. There are other ways as well, so make sure that you do your research and promote each article.

Schedule Your Online Writing Work Week:

You will never earn money with online writing if you are not consistent with your work. Take the time at the beginning of each week to schedule each of your work days. You will want to include the amount of writing, research, and promotional time. Each of these is key roles to making money with your online writing, so never leave them out.

Socialize on Writing Sites:

Take the time to read other contributors articles and comment on articles you enjoy. You want to be known in the writing community, and doing this will get them interested in reading your articles. Having a backing of great writers can help you to enhance your writing, give you more readers, and they may even help you to promote. Writing communities are helpful in many different ways.

Stay Focused on Your Online Writing Goals:

Still asking yourself “Why am I not making money writing online? Well; have you found yourself losing focus, or even giving up? Making money writing online takes time, and patience. If you want to be successful you will have to work hard, and stay focused. What helps me is to focus on my accomplishments each week or even each month. According to Webdesignbooth.com, the ranking of the website should be enhanced. All the tasks will be completed at online sites and the services will be under the budget of the companies.