Where Is Content Marketing Going Off To?

With the unstoppable rise of technology where different websites and social media platforms are developed, content marketing is becoming popular nowadays. Basically, content marketing focuses on getting traffic from the social websites. This is more ideal than just spending money on advertisements. According to recent studies, giant social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn ect. Command a lot of traffic that make people have no options but to be on the. Hence, these huge platforms get a tons of traffic.

Pinterest – 722 million visitors a month

LinkedIn – 917 million visitors a month

Instagram – 2.86 billion visitors a month

YouTube – 22.77 billion visitors a month

Twitter – 3.62 billion visitors a month

In simple explanation, whether you like the algorithm or not, you have no options but to be included in the traffic of these websites.

Small businesses, however, should not be intimated by the figures a lot as they have a separate arena in the content marketing field. According to surveys, the following are the means and ways that show where social media is going and what small businesses must do to succeed in the landscape.

Social Websites – Expect less traffic

The amount of shares a blog post gets from the social websites has been decreasing. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that you have to spend money to get the reach that you were. If you look at the graph, you can see that there is an increase in traffic. Hence, for instance, Facebook had more advertisers than their inventory. This means that the supply is certainly lower than the demand. Hence, for small businesses, even though using Tampa SEO is a great action, they must still consider increasing traffic by other means.

Employees – Don’t Expect Them To Help

According to research and surveys, about 74% of the companies that have been surveyed asked their employees to share their content on social media platforms. The result? Majority of the employees surveyed stated that they didn’t want to share the content. With this, you should not expect your employees to participate in the content marketing and generation of your business.

Competition amongst platforms

Several social media platforms are trying to battle against television networks. And since people are now using social media more, it seems to businesses that such platforms are the best media to promote their content, products and services.

Begin expanding globally

For a business to become competitive, it must be able to have a global presence. Thus, it should start doing global expansion from an SEO perspective. This will be done by hosting to international websites.

Maximize Your Social Media Revenue

Just like content marketing, you should not expect social media visitors to change when they land on your website. According to surveys, social media visitors will convert after 3 visits on an average level. This means that you need to focus on getting people to continue to come back to your site if you want to generate more sales.

In this light, we can fairly say that content marketing has been rising over time. With the advent of technology and other devices, it is now easier for businesses to reach out to their target market, generate leads, and become competitive in the global industry.