What The Nerd Meaning is All About!

What The Nerd Meaning is All About!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning of nerd is an “unstylish, unattractive, or a socially inept person; especially one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.” The origin of the term nerd is believed to have come from the children’s book If I Ran the Zoo, written by Dr. Seuss in 1950. Being a nerd is typically different than being a ‘geek’ but realistically they are the same and even though some stereotypes of a nerd or geek is a bit degrading, we should still explain that we love being geeky, nerdy and a bit off the wall. So embrace your inner or outer geek and laugh at the funny five characteristics that indicate who a nerd is:

Someone who is Socially Awkward

A nerd is typically both socially awkward and out of step with everyone else. Some nerds may not even be aware of their own social awkwardness and how out of step they are with others, while others who are aware of it feel self conscious and insecure.

What The Nerd Meaning is All About!

Someone who Immerses himself in a Specific Subject or Area

Many nerds will immerse themselves into some subject or topic to the point where is an imbalance and others find it weird. A nerd will have extensive knowledge in one area, while lacking in another, usually social skills.

Someone Who Clings to an Obsession While in Social Situations

Nerds usually focus on their obsession, while in social situations due to their social awkwardness. They are not able to relax or “chill” in social situations. For example, Star Wars nerds will cling to Star Wars and only talk about that, make references to it, and even quote it.

Someone who Creates a “Social Disconnect”

Due to their clinging to a certain subject, or their obsession, nerds will cause a “social disconnect” with other people. This is because many people get bored, when a person drones on and on about mechanical things, one subject, or something just plain boring. That person becomes turned off by the nerd and a social disconnect has been created.

What The Nerd Meaning is All About! Someone who May Look to Others for Acceptance to Embrace his Nerdiness

This does not apply to all nerds, but for some the nerd meaning comes down to acceptance. Some will seek social acceptance from others in order to feel more secure with being a nerd. This in itself is a contradiction to being a nerd. If a person is going to be socially inept, at least be proud of it. Everyone is different, and the only person’s acceptance who truly matters is the self. It is not just some nerds who look to others for acceptance, many different types of people make this mistake. A simple fact in life is that not everyone will accept or like you. And not everyone will dislike or not accept you, either. Therefore, only self acceptance matters. With self acceptance, one can accumulate self confidence.

These days being a nerd or geek is most definitely accepted in the adult world (kids can still be a little bit uneasy about embracing their awesome geeky side while young) and such intelligence and willingness to try things a bit out of the box can take you to some extremely rewarding careers, places, and adventures. You also don’t have to fit into the nerd persona or unattractive attire to be a geeky nerd, you can be geek chic, a sexy geek, an outrageously nerdy nerd, or you can just be who you are comfortable being. Just like our favorite nerd Dr. Seuss says- “Be yourself, because the people who mind don’t matter, and the people that matter don’t mind.”