What Rosie O’Donnell Says Is Not Newsworthy

What is it lately about Rosie making the news so much. Who is she that whatever she seems to comment on recent situation gets deemed headline news? I have to admit, I have been checking CNN.com again lately, despite my previous rants. Perhaps it is because they seem to be such good fodder for new rants.

I don’t like Rosie, never have, and like her even less each time I see she has been quoted yet again because of her heavy-duty left-wing opinion. She is back again, feuding with Donald Trump over the whole Miss USA “scandal.” First, I don’t really care at all about Trump’s decision to keep the current Miss USA with her tiara, but I care even less that Rosie is upset about it.

I always wonder what she has that keeps her going in the media. Her landing a spot of The View has given her a big new platform to stir up controversy. She bathes in it, which is some imagery I purposely throughout there to disgust you. She really does need to pay her PR firm a big fat bonus this Christmas though, ’cause they have been working overtime for her. Either that or she has a friend at CNN that likes to get her noticed.

Rosie joins The View, big news. Departing View members don’t want her there, newsworthy. Rosie comments on Danny DeVito’s drunken visit, yep news. Rosie pops her top off for a movie scene even though the fans won’t see it, yuck, in the news. Rosie’s views on Bush because she is a lesbian, somehow a big deal in the news. Rosie and Barbra Walters are feuding, now its over…rumors have it Rosie might be leaving The View, she announces she is not…Rosie said mocked the Chinese, she apologizes…are you get a general idea here? This is just ridiculous. Rosie rivals the number of headlines lately of the war in Iraq. By the way, she’s against it.

Perhaps the general public does actually care about what Rosie thinks. Ratings are up on The View since she is on, I think anyway – that is what the news reports. I shudder to think the state of our society if we are being led by this new morning personality. She’s nothing more than a comedian turned diva out of her own effort to be one. Before she even had decent media presence she was a pain to work with behind the scenes – which I hear not only from the news but from credible sources, believe it or not.

Maybe I’m just jealous. Yeah, you can believe that if you want. I’ll tell you what it really is. I can’t stand self-centered, overhyped and particularly left-winger media darlings. Rosie lives by making controversy. She is the essence of it by who she is and who she has created herself to be. Right down the whole lesbian thing (big surprise), which she milks at every chance. I think she’s a fake on so many levels, but she has worked up this image and is making enormous cash doing it. She is the alter-ego to Hollywood beauty couples that everyone can’t get enough of, therefore she is tabloid material for that end of the spectrum.

There, I’ve said it. That wasn’t so hard. I hope that I am not alone in my opinion, otherwise I might just have to move to Montana, give up on society stay in the high country, living off the land.