What Is A Knee Stabilizer Pad?

Have you ever thought, how much pressure does your knees take? Spine being the first, knee is the second most important body part letting you stand straight and make you walk miles.

Knees handle the immense pressure of body, but as you age they become week due to lack of calcium intake. Most of the sportsmen also feel the need of stable and strong knees after an injury, when they are asked not to play.

So, here comes the rescue to all knee issues. Heard of knee stabilizer pads? No! Don’t worry, we will let you know everything you want to know about knee stabilizer pads.

You can reduce the pressure on your knees by using power knee stabilizer pads that offers support to calves and thighs, relaxing the pressure on knees. These pads not only provide supports to your legs but also let you walk miles carrying heavy object. These power pads are ideal for people who work standing the entire day. You can also use them while in gym, playing, gardening and trekking.

The knee pads have strong lifting power and bare weight up to 20kgs, reducing stress on knee ligaments as made of spring technology. Making it perfect for different sports, the spring technology gives support to legs and calves. And the breakthrough design allows knee the flexibility to bend and squat easily and comfortably.

Also, if you have gone through a knee replacement surgery and using walk. For someone who has undergone knee injury or has faced major leg accident, apart from medication and treatment doctors suggest to use stabilizing pads to avoid further ligament damage. You can use it when required and remove it while you are resting. These knee stabilizer pads better support and helps you to walk confidently with their anti-slip grip making it comfortable and protected.

Moreover, the pads also helps in pain relief if you suffer from arthritis as it divides the pressure on calves and thighs. They make you feel light and relaxed and allows you to lift your knees easy for activities. Provide maximum needed support and relieving pain from torn muscles and chondromalacia.

To use the pads, place it on the behind the knee on the joints and pull Velcro straps through button hole, tightening it to comfortable level. Make sure that straps are not too tight as it might affect the blood circulation leaving bruises.

Knee stabilizer pads helps to reduce soreness, pain and swelling that has occurred by rigorous playing. Sport like soccer is the main cause of knee problems as sportsmen slide too much while playing. The pads also allows sufficient blood flow to leading to speedy recovery.

There are various pads available in market to choose from –

  • Knee Sleeve/Strap
  • Off-loader/ Unloader Knee Pads
  • Rehabilitative Knee Pads
  • Functional Knee Pads
  • Prophylactic Knee Pad

The knee Stabilizer pads are important safety that can be gear used in any sport or adventure and in day to day life. These pads are lightweight and keep the skin dry as made of breathable material and can machine washed.