What Are The Facts About Bed Bugs To Be Considered While Killing?

Bed Bugs have been around for centuries. The bugs are tiny oval in shaped without wings and look flat. An adult is around a quarter of an inch in length. They are red in color.

When laying eggs the female bed bug may lay five eggs in a day. The eggs are so tiny it is almost impossible to see them. In a year’s time this adds up to be hundreds of eggs..

It is possible for the bugs to go without food from six months to a year. Their principle food is human blood. If this is not convenient they will feed off other warm pedigreed such as a dog or cat.

They do not spread diseases like some other types of bugs. However, there can be problems from the bites. Some people are allergic to the bites. These bites look like some other bug bites such as a mosquito. The bites are usually on the arms and legs. Many house mates are asking that does peppermint oil repel spiders? As spider is a bed bug that can cause disease to you so their killing is necessary.

The bugs will live in any dark places in the bedroom. Bed bugs live between mattresses and in the seams. This bug will hide in the cracks of the headboards, dressers and other furniture. They have been found in the wall sockets.

The bugs are impossible to get rid of without professional help. It depends on how bad they are whether the mattresses can be saved. If the invasion of the bugs is unlimited it is advised that it be disposed of correctly. Because of the population of bugs it is suggested the mattresses not be placed on the curb. When purchasing a new mattress asking about the procedure of old ones is advised.

A way to check for the bug is to check for the bites. Another is to check the sheets for tiny blood spots on them. They will leave blood droppings on the sheet while feeding.

Bed bugs had disappeared for many years. Now because of all the traveling throughout the world they have reappeared. They are found in many motels. dorms, barracks and hotels around the world. These are places where a lot of different people sleep.

Years ago DDT was useful in killing most pests. Since this chemical was harmful to people and pets there is a ban against using it. Today bed bugs are able endure most pesticides. Even treatments for ants will not kill these bugs. The treatment has to be continued for an uncertain amount of time. Many things have to be completed before starting the treatment. After washing the bed clothing and clothing from drawers then place them in plastic bags. All drawers and furniture will need to be moved away from walls. Also all items should be removed from them and placed in plastic bags. Items such as shoes that can not be washed should stay in the bag until no bug is seen. Covers on light switches and power plugs need to be removed too.

When choosing a company to get rid of the problem be sure that they have a guarantee for their work. After the first treatment, continue to reschedule more treatments. Treatments will need to be done until there are no more bugs seen.

In motels and hotels a K-9 dog used for bed bug investigating is used. The rooms are inspected once a week. This only takes up to 5 minutes to be done.

If the home is checked for the presence of bed bugs and they are present. A K-9 is the best way to do the inspection even though there is a fee. If they are present then go with that company to do the treatments.

As the old saying goes; Sleep tight don’t let the Bed Bugs bite.