Top 5 Trends That Are Going to Impact the Healthcare Industry in 2020

The elements of our healthcare system are always changing. A combination of self-made decisions and the use of latest technology has clearly benefitted in increasing the quality of life of people all over the world. We are living in the future we envisioned. Here are some of the latest trends that are going to make it big in 2020-

  • The millennial audience

Social media is a big platform for any industry to make it big these days. Social media brings people from all around the world together and can bridge the gap that has been there between the decision makers, staff and the users or consumers. Social media provides an interactive forum for a better implementation of healthcare trends as well. Doctors say that their services and patient relations have become better after using social media.

  • Digitization

Digitization of patient records is something that’s taking over as well. Imagine having all your medical records and data in one place, easily accessible to any doctor or specialist, when need be. No need to hoard piles of papers and folders, haphazardly tracking your medical records over the years. Also, the problems of a page being lost or destroyed is completely eliminated. Many hospitals and practitioners are going digital.

  • Artificial intelligence tools

AI is the future; AI is our present. These days, things like smartwatches and smart bands can be worn by the consumer. This can be connected to the person’s phone or computer and all necessary data can be put in. you can keep an eye on your daily calorie intake, calorie burn, distance run, number of steps you’ve taken, heartrate, etc. with the help of such devices. They remain in sync with your movements and vitals and keep updating, giving you the required results. These results can help you plan your diets, meals workouts and daily schedule more efficiently.

  • Alternative foods and sugars

Reduce alcohol and sugar intake. Replace that with natural sugars and juices. You can also switch from sugar to honey in your tea and cereal and make a difference in your diet. Alternative plant-based sources like soy milk instead of animal milk can make a great impact.


  • Working in the medical field itself

Choosing a career in medical billing and coding is a great idea, these days. It’s a booming industry, they keep recruiting and its not a very complicated job. Medical billing and coding jobs are fast-paced and they are in abundance. The best part is that you get to work in the health care industry and that’s pretty rewarding in itself. There are many people working remotely in these jobs so there is the flexibility of choosing the location that you want. Some jobs are even a “work from home” type jobs. While doing all this, once you catch errors, you will also be saving lives in the process. That’s reason enough to go for it. You also don’t need to attend years of medical school to be working in this field. The basic requirements and qualifications are minimum and a bit of training, you’ll be good to start.