Tibetan Tarot Card Reading for April 7th, 2020

Numerology – first published in 1994 -Avery Publishing Group by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte. Numbers convey special and sometime secret meanings. Numerology applies a number to every letter in the alphabet, and every number has a meaning. Tibetan card reading is quite popular and fascinating as well. There you get a special meaning with every card and you can learn more about the cards along with their meanings as you click on the link that is there on Mindfulnessandjustice.

Birthday -7 – You are very philosophically, intellectual, rational, and analytical. You lack trust.

Lucky number – 7 – Time to study and meditate

Special letters

Harmonic -F- Charges and balances the heart and is good for your general health.

If your name starts with – W

Cornerstone (obstacles and opportunities) – Intuition and determination will open many doors for you. You enjoy being involved in many different activities.

If your name ends with W

Capstone – (ability and attitude) – You have a tendency to cut corners and procrastinate, and can be superficial.

If the first vowel in your name – A

Window (the deeper self) – You are ambitious and independent, you have great drive +

Double letters in your name F, O, X

Excessive (problems) – You have ultimate potential in teaching, and self-sacrifice, you belief in a Utopia and want to see it happen.

Tibetan Divination System – MO. – published in 1990 – Snow Lion Publications – by Jay Goldberg and Doya Nardin. Based on the Mahayana tradition, by examining what is in your life that needs to be accepted or discarded like a bad habit. The Tibetan culture has had a great impact on the western world, this combined with the Buddha religious practices, and the healing practices of all eastern cultures. The western world is richer for it and healthier. This is a very basic circle reading, expressing influences around you. The cards are meant to be used as a tool to gain wisdom and insight, not as a prediction of events. The kit comes with a guide book, 36 cards with Tibetan designs and one dice with Tibetan symbols.

Past – PA NA/The Golden Lotus – You are in an excellent condition and things will become better and better. Any activities that you are involved in dealing with money will be of a great benefit to you. Many people look up to you and you can be of benefit to them. Good intention will be enough to benefit from. See the beauty and your happiness will increase.

Present – DHI AH/Manjushri Appears – Have little doubt about your abilities to hand the situation at hand. Watch for deceptions from people in authority. There is no cause for concern or alarm. What ever you lost will be found and all your immediate goals can be fulfilled. Work on increasing your wisdom and wealth and friends will be increased.

Future – TSA TSA/The Streamer of Fame – Do not be excessive at this time. Work on the small project and lists. You must be very diligent to get anything accomplished. Fight if you must and know you will be victorious. Your aims in life can obtain you great renown. Walking is good for the soul and the body, try it.

Personal – RA TSA/The King of Power – As your power increases nothing can harm you. Wealth and activities will increase. Do not worry about your health, all will be well. Be careful about the use of power, much can be obtained by force. And all your activities will be met with success.

Family – NA RA/The Demon of the Heavenly Son – You could run into some instability or obstructions. All your results will be empty and void of joy. There are many unsettling elements surrounding you. The dinner gets burned, the car breaks down, or your home is at risk. Check locks, insurance and watch where you are walking.

Friends – TSA AH/The White Umbrella of Good Fortune – Good news and fulfillment are offered. Change your mental images if it is not to your liking. You come up against obstructions and delays in your projects. You will succeed but it will take some time.

Business – DHI DHI/The Jewelled Banner of Victory – Your desires can be fulfilled so whatever your aims and wishes they will exceed your expectations. Use logic and medication to concentrate you energies. Virtue and good luck are on your side. Listen to advice from good friends and you will come out victorious.