The Most Common Causes Of Automobile Accidents

Since the invention of the automobile, the capabilities of the vehicle has been pushed to the limit. With an increasing amount of drivers on the highways, getting back and forth to the grocery is almost an act of God.

As we see accidents are quite common these days. You should consider getting a ceramic coating for your vehicle, this is a simple and effective way to protect your vehicle from tiny scratches. This coating will also make your car dust-proof as well.

In 1985, a report stated that 93% of all automobile accidents were due to driver error such as: intoxication, inattentiveness, unable to cope with road conditions, and speeding. Listed below are several categories which are the most common causes of automobile accidents.


Last year over 13,000 people were killed in drunk driving related accidents. Texas showed the highest fatality rate with 1,463 deaths; 43% of these accidents were alcohol related. The District of Columbia showed the lowest amount of alcohol related accidents with only 13 deaths.

The impact on the economy is also affected with the cost of these accidents. In 2000 an annual cost of 51 billion dollars was spent on vehicle repair. In the United States alone 32 people die everyday due to “impaired” drivers. This figures out to one death every 45 minutes due to an impaired driver.

Numerous steps are being taken to help change these statistics such as sobriety checks, road blocks, and mandatory substance abuse for those who were convicted in an alcohol related accident.


While the act of speeding will get you to your destination quicker, it might also include a trip to the morgue. Risk and injury factors are elevated when speed is increased, which drastically slows down the vehicle’s stopping distance.

Braking time is decreased, as is the center of gravity on the vehicle when quick abrupt decisions are made to stop for an incident, or exit from the highway at a high rate of speed. The Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) states that 40% of all road deaths are due to driving “too fast for road conditions.” Turnover fatalities are the second highest rated traffic related occurrence next to the head on collision.

Inattentive drivers

Impatience and inattentiveness in an automobile is a deadly combination. Multitasking while trying to drive down the interstate is becoming almost commonplace anymore. Cell phone use while driving is now thought of as a pastime while making the morning or the evening commute back and forth to work.

This is also a part of the 93% of accidents due to driver error. Attention is now focused on the phone conversation, not the highway. Traveling speeds are inconsistent, as is the control of the vehicle. A recent survey showed that stopping distances and reaction times of cell phone users were slower than those who were physically intoxicated. This shows that driving requires all of your senses, not just your hands.

Driver fatigue

The tired or sleepy driver is “almost” as bad as the drunk driver. Fatigue can hit at a seconds notice, and the next thing you know your eyes begin to close. When this happens most of the time it’s lights out for good.

Muscles begin to relax as does the circulation of the body. Soon the eyes begin to get heavy and finally close; sometimes for good. In order to fight this situation get out and take a break, don’t let yourself become another roadside statistic.


Severe driving conditions such as: snow, ice, and fog, are more factors which ends many lives on the highways each year. Bad road conditions and inexperienced drivers play a major part in the deaths of many Americans each year.

During the holiday season bad weather has taken the lives of many people traveling on the highways. In January 2009 the Georgia State Patrol reported 3008 automobile accidents which took place over the New Year’s holiday week; 17 of these accidents involved fatalities.

With the many dangers on the roadways, drivers should be aware of their surroundings, and understand the abilities of their vehicles. Good driving habits are the key in keeping your family safe as your travel. Patience and awareness are also a virtue when driving or commuting on the busy interstates of today.