The Best Websites to Earn Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin being the first most trusted cryptocurrency in a world, is also famously called digital currency. Created by CPP – computer processing power, CPP validates and improves computer code blocks. Globally decentralized operated system that oversights the central bank which is associated in that nation.

The Blockchain platform technology allows users to transact Bitcoins between each other. There are other digital currencies available like Ripple and Ethereum, however, they have not touched to same volume and making Bitcoin famous in dem Demokonto.

Bitcoin being the hottest investment asset has surprised everyone, But are you aware that you can earn free Bitcoins online? Yes, you have heard it right, there are websites which pay for few services in form of cryptocurrency. You just have to create your wallet to receive digital currency.

So let’s have a look on these website and start earning free currency –

Daily Bitcoins

How does it feel like to get free coins when you visit a website? Great !!! Exactly, Daily bitcoin offers the same once a day. You simply have to visit the website and check the ads running on website, to increase the revenue. You also have a chance to earn more points, if you click an ad. And the referral program maximize your earnings.


The most famous website to earn free Bitcoins. You just have to enter your Bitcoin details and browse different websites for few minutes and get paid accordingly.


The great way to earn points by doing some simple surveys and report submission with browsing. The time you reach two hundred points, its converted in Bitcoins and transferred in your wallet. Faucet

On this website, you earn coins every minute. You just have to browse the site. Simple! Isn’t it ?


Shorten your URL using CoinURL and post it as your reduced address and earn Bitcoins, when people visit and click your link.


You receive 0.0001 bitcoin for every bookmark created and submitted the previous day.


What an easy way to earn bitcoins while watching videos. CoinTube offers the same to you. Earn while watching videos.

Visit sponsored website and browse through it and earn Bitcoins on


Earn Bitcoins by finishing couple of advertisement surveys. The coins are transferred in Bitcoin wallet.

CoinSwitch’s Referral Program

Refer a friend to get a service and earn free bitcoins. You get 5USD for every 100USD spent.

Crypto Mining

Another way to earn Bitcoins is crypto mining. You should complete some critical calculations on specialized hardware to get bitcoins.

Coin Slot

On CoinSlot you simply have to finish watching advertisements and get biotcoins credited in your wallet.

Free Digital Money

Get instant digital cash, once you are finished doing survey and offers.


Another website from where you can earn free bitcoin is AlertBuck.. You have to create your account and follow some simple steps to get rewarded.

Create your account and click, “Claim Now”. Your get rewarded with bitcoins every 6 minutes.

Cloud Mines

To get free bitcoins, you have to purchase mining power from Cloud mines and they will mine with you and reward you.

MyBit Farmer

Like facebooks’s Farmville, in MyBitFarmer also you have manage a farm to earn bitcoins.

Not only these, one can also earn bitcoins by playing numerous online games. However, they pay less amount but they monetize the time you spend every day on their website. The bitcoin gaming also consist on online casinos, which use your bitcoin currency or you can say cryptocurrency.

Not only this, we all know how lending works. You get interest on what so ever you lend. In bitcoin also, if you lend money, you get interest leading to greater passive income. So, you can do peer-to-peer lending easily and securely.

For Bitcoin enthusiasts, these are the best opportunities to earn free coins.