Testing a Paint Color Before Buying

The time has arrived – it is time to select the paint colors that will complete each of the rooms in your house. The first step in the painting process is deciding on the color(s) that will complement your home’s décor. But with literally thousands of paint colors to choose from, how will you know if this is the color?

First of all, when deciding on a color family to work with, consider the atmosphere you would like to create within each of the rooms and within the house as a whole. How would you like to feel when you are in this particular room? Do you want to feel warm and cozy, calm and relaxed? Cheerful…energized?

If you want to get away from white once and for all, do something daring: go to the paint store and take home some fun color chips. Colors you would never have even considered before. After all, you will be able to test the colors out before making such a major change.

For an instant burst of energy, look into the yellow-oranges. If you prefer a calmer, relaxed feel, check out the blue and green hues. Do not be afraid of these colors. Narrow your choices down until you cannot even think anymore. Now it is time to test the paint colors out.

Before moving the furniture around or draping drop cloths all over the place, treat yourself to a preview of the colors you are considering. The first step in this process is to create sample boards of each of the colors using the technique you have chosen.

Rather than buying gallons of paint only to realize you hate the color, purchase a smaller sample of the product you will be using. A quart will be sufficient if your paint store doesn’t offer smaller samples. Since you are already out and about, buy a piece of poster board or foam core, as well.

Paint the colors you have chosen on each of the sample boards with the technique you have decided on (rolling, brushing, etc.). Wait until the colors are dry. Then take a day or two to live with them, one color at a time if that makes it any easier. See how they look at different times of the day, both in natural as well as artificial light, to see how they change. Move the boards around the room. Look at the paint colors and furnishings in the room as a whole.

Do not waste precious time and money painting the entire room before deciding that you truly love the color. Take a little time to test out a few paint colors first. You will not regret it – this is a cheap and easy way to make a color mistake. If the person will check out paintingkits.net for the colors, then extra colors will be provided to the person. The experience of painting will be excellent through the use of the colors. Information about rolling and brushing with the colors will be provided to the person.