Some Of The Best Games To Be Played For Halloween Party!

Festivals play an essential part in our lives as they promote unity and harmony. It brings all the friends and relatives together and makes their bond even stronger. There are various festivals celebrated all over the world, but Halloween is one of the most popular festivals usually celebrated in western countries. On Halloween, people wear different funny and scary costumes, host parties, decorate their houses, and light bonfires. Halloween is being celebrated since ancient times, and the basic connection of this festival is with the death. It is an immensely fun and enjoyable festival as the unique scary and funny costumes and decorations make it more exciting.

Parties are an essential part of Halloween as people host different theme parties and invite their neighbors, friends, and relatives. It offers people an opportunity to dress as their favorite characters and fulfill their fantasies. There are different themes of parties, and the guests have to dress according to the theme. They play different exciting games at the parties and enjoy a lot. It is a challenging task to host a Halloween party as you have to make endless arrangements and decide unique and interesting games to be played at the party. If you want some new game ideas for the Halloween party, then check this one as unique games can make your party unforgettable.

Some of the best Halloween game ideas for your party

Guess the person

It is a fantastic game to keep your entire guests engaged and interested in the party throughout the time. In this game, you have to make your guest find out which Halloween movie character he is. To start this game, you need to have pieces of paper with different Halloween character’s names written on them. You just need to past the paper on the back of the guest when they enter the party. The game is that the guest has to find out which character they are, and they can ask for clues in the party to get closer to the name. It is a creative game and will help the guests to talk with each other and make new friends at the party. This game helps to make the gathering more lively and engaging.

Focus on the decoration

If you are willing to put extra effort into the decoration of your house, then this game can make all your guests to focus more on the decoration and appreciate it more than usual. For this game, you need to make some cards with questions related to the decoration of your house. You must focus on the details of decoration while forming the questions. To play this game, the guests will have to observe the decoration with proper concentration to find the correct answer. The first guest to answer all the questions will win the game. It will make all the efforts you put into decorating the house and room worth it as the guests will give more attention to the decoration and will surely appreciate it.

Bite the apples

If you are fond of traditional Halloween games, then it is one of the best picks for you. It is an immensely enjoyable game and entertains the guests a lot. You can either use a bowl or a portable pool to play it. You just need to put a few apples in the pool or bowl filled with water. The player will have to bite the apple in the water, but the twist that they cannot use their hands and they will be blindfolded as well. They will have to form a team that will guide the blindfolded player to the apple, and then he will have to grab the apple using his teeth. It is easy to set up a game and cost nothing as you only need some apples, a blindfold, and a water bowl for it.

Eating race

It is a highly fun game, but things can get a bit messy in this game, so you better set it up outdoors. In this game, you need to hang any snack item form a thread on a tree. The participants or players will have to eat that hanging snack, but their hands will be tied on their back. You need to jump and bite the snack, and the first one to do this will win the game. It is an immensely exciting game, and your guests will surely love it.

Hold costume contest

Halloween costume is the most exciting and interesting part of Halloween, and people wear unique, scary,  and funny costumes. You can take it a step further by holding a contest for your guests and giving an uncommon reward or prize to the winner. You must inform your guests about it beforehand so that they can get ready for it. You can set a fashion parade sort of thing to showcase the costumes of all the guests, and the guests will vote for their favorite costume, and the costume who will get the most votes will win the competition. You must have a good prize which you can give to the winner.

Scary story competition

It is a fantastic game to boost the creativity of your guests. You can put different pieces of paper in a bowl, and all guests will pick one out of them. There will be some instructions on the paper, and the guest has to follow the instruction and create a scary story form it. The best story will be the winner.