Rooftop Gardening- The New Age Gardening

We are all aware of the alarming rate at which global warming is engulfing our planet and the drastically fatal effects it is having on our climate. There is a positively notable increase in the awareness about these burning issues. We can see people around us talking about the ways in which we must deal with them.

The most doable and popular way to contribute to the betterment of our planet is by planting trees. This and only this is a measure that will have both long term and immediate benefits for our environment.

Everywhere forests are being cut for building sky-high buildings. With new problems come new solutions and for this problem too we have a highly innovative solution.

The new way of planting trees is by planting them on the terrace instead of on the floor. This increases forest cover without really stopping the building of residents for all. There are much new age and developing companies that have taken it upon themselves to make rooftop gardening better and more popular. Leedon Green condos are one such name.

Other than the very important environmental benefits, rooftop gardening has other advantages as well. Through this article, we will look at them one by one.

  1. Clean Air

There can be no better way of getting clean air other than planting trees on your roof. These trees will filter the polluted air in and around your house and ensure that the residents of the house inhale pure air only. They also reduce the deposition of dust on buildings.

  1. Picturesque View

Planting trees on your house makes your house look attractive both from above and below. The trees make the roof look breathtakingly beautiful and healthy.

  1. Mental Peace and Recreation

Humans are believed to find eternal peace in the lap of nature. When coming home tired, after a long day at work, you will not have to go far away from your house to spend time with some green trees and feel a comfortable sense of peace and refreshment.

  1. Reduced Noise Pollution

Along with solving the problem of air pollution, rooftop gardens also reduce noise pollution. The soil, plants, and trees absorb a good amount of noise and decrease the overall collective noise. This keeps your mind free of unwanted sounds and helps you concentrate more on your task.

  1. Rainwater Harvesting

Not only does rooftop gardening reduce noise and air pollution, but it also helps you harvest rainwater. The trees and soil absorb the rainwater and make it travel through pipes to the groundwater tank. The water can then be used later.


The above mentioned are some of the benefits of rooftop gardening. There are many more. It is high time that we understand that it is our responsibility as individuals to do the little that we can to save and protect our planet. With measures like this, where the solution the problem coincides with our luxurious lifestyle, there are little reasons not to make this contribution.

In a personal house, developing a rooftop garden might require an immense amount of dedication and commitment. However, in community living areas like Leedon Green, this task is taken up by the HOA. By revising to stay with environmentally concerned companies like such, we must do the little that we can.