Reliable Safe Data Backups For Home Computer Users

There comes a time in all computer users lives when they realize that they need to start getting serious about protecting their data. While computers have become much more reliable and easy to use over the years, there still lies an inherrent rick in hard drive technology.

Most of the time, the only component of a personal computer that has moving parts is its hard disk drive. This hard disk drive (often known as a hard drive) is what the computer uses to store ALL of your information, your programs, and its operating system. As you can imagine, this one piece is extreamly important. Without your hard drive, your computer essentially becomes a very expensive paper weight!

Data backup does not come up with just sitting idle and saying data room but through planning and organizing with the entire team.

So how do we protect our hard drives and therefore protect our information? We do this with an effective backup mechanism and policy. Backups are only as good as where they’re kept. If you’re keeping your backups next to your personal computer, then some of the risks your computer faces are still risks your backups will face. For instance, what if your home or apartment are broken in to? Your computer and backup media could easily be stolen. Now you had a backup, but since it’s been stolen, it’s useless to you! Another risk is power surges. If your computer is being backed up to a secondard hard drive (not necessarily a bad backup mechanism) and there is a strong power surge, both your computers hard drive and your secondary backup hard drive could easily be destroyed.

Now that you understand the importance of “off site” backups, we can explore a few possibilities. No home users are backing up to tape these days. Tape is too expensive, complicated and risky. Home users, for the most part are either backing up to a secondary hard disk drive or to an online “cloud” service (more on this later). So lets assume you’re backing up to a secondary hard disk drive. Now you need to get this drive “off-site” or our of your home, so that’s in a safe location. This way if your home is burglarized, your secondary copy is safe. But where are we going to keep this secondary copy? A friend or relatives house works, but now we have to ensure that we’re “rotating” the off site backups on a timely basis. Once a week shall do. You can have a rotation of two backup hard drives in service. One will be used to back up your data, and the other will be stored at your off site facility, we’ll say grandmas house for now. Once a week, you’ll swap the two drives. This way, the drive at grandmas is no more than one week out of date. Much better than we were before when the backup hard drive was just kept next to the computer.

Many of the headaches and risk involved with traditional offsite storage can be eliminated by utilizing an online backup service such as or For a nominal monthly fee, these services (there are other too, but these are the most popular) will back up an unlimited amount of data on your computers hard drive(s) and store it in the ‘cloud’. Gone is the need to manuall switch tapes or rotate hard drives between your off site location and your home. Additionally, there is no risk of fire, flood, theft..etc. All of your data is encrypted before it leaves your PC, so even the folks working for these companies won’t be able to access your files.