RC Planes: Basics For Beginners

Have you ever travelled around the world? How many of you remember your very first plane ride? Was it thrilling or scary? 

These are some of the most inane questions for which answers may vary from person to person depending on their experience. It was the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who are believed to have invented the very first aircraft in 1903, although historical accounts proclaim it to be an invention of Ancient India. 

Leaving that argument aside, there is no denying the fact that it has made traveling a lot easier as long distance, that would normally take days in a bus, car or train, can now be covered in a couple of hours. 

There is no other convenient mode of transport to match it in current times because it helps to save valuable time. When you talk about planes, the first thing that comes to mind for first timers is that whether they will be able to manage the trip. 

Due to there being many people who are acrophobic and cannot stand heights, this has got to be nothing short of a nightmare. But again, this is nothing more than a phobia that has to be overcome as running away from the problem will only help in aggravating it rather than solving. 

RC Model 

The next thing that comes to mind regarding planes is their various models as well as shape and size. Everyone aspires to own their personal private aircraft but only the rich class business man and celebrities can have the good fortune of seeing their dream materialize before their very eyes. 

While we are on the subject of planes, let us now talk about the machines that are of great use in war missions and defending the country from terrorist elements across the border. 

This is where RC planes come into the picture, which stands for radio controlled aircraft. This is a machine that can take off high, in a literal sense, and be utilized to the hilt in the right hands. 


It is said to be remote controlled by the main operator, who is on the ground, with the help of a radio transmitter held in hand. It is this transmitter through which he can communicate with the pilot onboard and also send and receive signals from the aircraft. 

RC planes are never too easy to deal with and can be dangerous at the hands of inexperienced or reckless pilots, which is why they are specifically for courageous individuals. 

Glider Aircraft 

They are some of popular forms of aircrafts that are used for guilty pleasure by individuals who are on the lookout for a bit of adventure with lots of thrills and life threatening experiences. 

They hope to replicate the more aircraft designs at a complete scale in the near future, which would be a breakthrough in aviation history as gliders don’t have anything to propel them into flight and have to be done manually. 

It can soar high up into the skies and through dynamic mechanism which injects energy and has become a common practice these days. 


They are found on the wing at the inboard trailing and their job is to increase the curvature of the wing through which it can take off from the ground with ease. The slower the speed of the flaps will lift off, lesser will be the speed of the plane and with no chance of stalling. 

Best RC Planes for Beginners 

Finally, we come to the point about which are the best ones for beginners who have just ventured out on this journey. RC Models might seem a bit difficult when starting out in the initial stages, but once you get the handy of it everything will become just fine. 

Thrust Engine is the source that propels the plane into action and makes it move forward, one where even an electrical duct fan would do the job. 

Next we come to the shape and size of the aircraft, which pulls it back to the ground due to force of gravity. 

Another important point is the lift on the wing that allows the plane to rise and soar high up into the sky. 

Lastly, there is the drag that makes the plane wobble in the air due to immense weight of the aircraft. The shaking of the plane is due to turbulence.