Protect Your Neopets Account: What to Do Before Taking a Hiatus

Many players get temporarily bored of playing Neopets and ache for a nice gaming change. Often times they plan on coming back when a new plot or other site activity surfaces. On a few sad occasions the inactive player comes back to a frozen account that has been scammed. I recently went on a week long road trip from west to east coast and felt at ease due to a few precautions on my part. There are a few quick and easy steps you can make to lessen the chances of your account being stolen while on hiatus.

Document your Neopets Account before going on Hiatus

When you are gone from a game for a while it is easy to forget your username and password. It is also a good idea to have a record of various things you have accomplished on your account such as trophies, stamps, and avatars. The Neopets Team asks for a ton of information to prove an account belongs to you. Who in their right mind knows every item in their safe deposit box? Not me apparently! With 100,000 items in mine, that did prove difficult in getting my account back after it was stolen. Thank goodness I had written down a lot of other useful details that helped my case. The more insider information you have, the better your chances of getting back your prized account. Should anything happen it would be handy to have it copied into a journal or saved to your hard drive in an easy to find folder.

Your Neofriends can help Protect your Neopets Account

Let your close Neofriends and guild members know what time you are starting your Hiatus and when you plan on being back. Ask them if they can please report your account as stolen if they see you on before you are scheduled to return. If you are a Premium member, like myself, make sure to take yourself off of Stealth! This way your Neofriends can spot if someone is on your account. It is better that your account be frozen for your own protection before all your treasured items and Neopoints are stolen. You can always show The Neopets Team proof that the account is yours and get it back later.

Item Investing while on a Neopets Hiatus

When you are gone from Neopets you don’t get to collect daily interest on Neopoints in the bank. If you are planning to be gone for a long time it is often better to make some wise item investments to increase your overall wealth while you are gone. Some great items to invest in are retired, plot items, or code items. Consumables such as food and books are great investments and will increase in value over time. Unwearable clothing that can be made wearable later is also a good choice. You can resell the items you invest in upon your return to Neopets and will often be much wealthier then when you left. Moreover, using a real-time stats checker will give you an idea about your current game ranks and stats.

Pins can be an Account Saver

The Neopets Team really does give us help in protecting our accounts. You can attach your own personal pin number to various features of your user account. Many people use them on their shops and safe deposit boxes but did you know you can attach a pin to your gallery and stocks? The Neopets Team is often adding new areas for you to protect with your pin but you have to manually select them. Two of the new uses for pins are to protect your unconverted pet from being converted and any pet from being pounded. Yes, on occasion cruel scammers will steal an account and ruin prized pets. You can even protect equipped battledome items!