Product Review: Mindsole High Heel Insoles

High heels are about to get comfortable, all-day wear comfortable. Instead of just providing more cushioning, like every other shoe insert out there, Mindinsole high heel inserts are created to change the way you put pressure on your feet

Standing in high heels all day can cause pain in your legs and lower back. The pain is caused by the uneven pressure to the balls of your feet, a result of the change in balance and in the way you carry your weight while wearing heels. Midsole high heel insoles reduce the pressure on the balls of your feet by shifting your weight back onto your heels, which is more natural. Other shoe insoles just add cushioning, which does nothing for your balance or the pressure you are feeling in your feet.

As someone who loves high heels but wears them on a less than daily basis because of pain in the lower back and sore feet, I rushed to purchase Mindsoles as soon as I heard about them. I don’t use any insoles when I normally wear high heels, so I decided to purchase both Mindsoles and a popular shoe insole to compare the difference.

When I normally wear high heels I do not wear them for the day, instead, I wear them for parts of my day- to go dancing or to a meeting. If I am wearing high heels for a long period of time they will come off at one point or another, even for just a couple minutes of relief. To test both pairs of insoles I chose the heels I am most comfortable wearing and went dancing on both nights, making sure I was on my feet for about the same amount of time.

To begin, the regular insoles had to be trimmed down since I wore strappy heels and the bright colored insoles peeked out from underneath my feet. Five hours of dancing left me with tired legs and an achy back at the end of the night. The inserts were comfy though, my feet themselves were not sore but I did still feel some pain. In the end, I sat out a few dances throughout the night because my legs were tired and the sore legs and back were still there after using the inserts. Six dollars spent for no relief isn’t impressive.

Three days later I used Mindsoles, the first thing I noticed was the contoured shape of the insole and size. Mindsoles do not take up the entire sole of the shoe, instead, the insoles are very slim and fit around your heel and then decrease in size to sit under the very beginning of the balls of your feet. Mindsoles are contoured in shape to fit your foot, they are semi-malleable so they retain their shape but also offer a customized fit.

I noticed a difference almost immediately in the way I was standing in my shoes, almost felt like I was being pushed back into the heels. The Mindsole’s served as an absent reminder to stand up straight and restored a balance I never have when wearing heels alone. Six hours dancing and I was still not feeling any pain in my lower back, the only time I needed to stop was to catch my breath or grab a drink.

At the end of the night, I did have sore feet but it wasn’t because of my heels- it was from too much dancing and a clumsy partner. I have continued to wear Mindsoles and will wear them with every pair of heels, even kitten heels because they offer me the pain relief I never had before. All-day wear is also possible now, I have been wearing my heels out in the morning and staying in them till I get home. If you experience lower back pain due to wearing high heels, Mindsoles are definitely an option you need to look into.