Pioneer Valley Performing Arts: An Article About the School that Changed South Hadley, MA

Imagine yourself walking into a school. Once you walk in, your vision is filled with works of art on the walls. Walking close to you are groups of students, dressed in different styles of clothing, and who come from different backgrounds, religions, and ways of life. Yet you feel as if they are from the same family. You start to feel accepted among these students as they pass you by (little do you know some of those students are actually teachers). With a sense of success, you take your first step forward…

… and hit the wall that you’ve just walked into. (But that’s OK, because it happens to the best of us!) Laughing at this incident, you step away from the wall and enter into your first class. It looks like it’s going to be another fun filled day at PVPA.

PVPA (Pioneer Valley Performing Arts) is located in South Hadley, MA. Students spend time focusing on music, dance, theatre, or visual arts. Students are not only required to take their regular academic course, but also to take performing arts classes as well. The school hours run from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm, almost every day. Though these hours are long and tiring, many enjoy going to a school where they can grow academically and artistically.

“This school has made me better at acting,” says Emily (a freshmen), “I used to be really shy, but after taking Peggy’s Acting Improvisation class, I can say now that I’m one of the most outspoken people here! It’s fun!”

The school builds confidence among the artists, those that are there to learn, and those are there to teach… especially with the classes offered. The school’s board members are actually artists themselves, and were able to create electives that merged academics with performing arts.

“I never thought that I could take a playwriting class and get language arts credit for it,” chirped Josh (a junior), “and I didn’t expect to learn so much from taking the class either. Thanks, Brian!”

Even the graduates look back and are proud of what they have learned at the school. As many people may think it’s easy, but one senior, who recently graduated during the 2008 school year, disagreed entirely.

“Many times, people believe that PVPA is all fun and no play, just because it’s a performing arts school. In all truth, it isn’t.”

These were the words quoted from a senior at the school, who recently graduated. When one looks at academics and standards and benchmarks the students are required to pass with a minimum of a B+. And the work isn’t easy either… the average amount of time each student spends on homework or independent projects is 2 hours per day. As a result, some students end up staying back, or unfortunately drop out. A lot of people wonder why students don’t give up and keep attending.

“The answer is simple. If you are truly passionate about what you do, then you will succeed. If you aren’t… well… let’s not go there.” (Manuel, a junior)

One can believe at least this much is true: to go to a school like PVPA requires discipline, endurance, but most of all, it requires passion. If you strive for success, then you will achieve it. And, of course, you will have fun doing it.

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