Pet Peeve- Nose Cleaning Drive Made Easy

It is the innate human desire to have everything in the world that they can lay their hands on and grab it with both hands wide open and never rest until it is completely in their grasp.

This is something that needs to be highlighted for all the desperate souls in the world who are like that but for now we are going to focus on harmless desires that in fact everyone should have in current times.

Everyone wants to have pets and only one obvious candidate is head and shoulders above all when you say pets and that is dog. Is there any other animal in existence that can match the faith and loyalty that dogs have for their masters.

Pug Breed

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and for good reason as they are the most reliable and trustworthy of the entire lot and don’t think twice before putting their lives on the line for the sake of their owner.

We are already aware of breeds like Labrador, German shepherd, Chihuahua, etc. and how they relate to different types of people but today we are going to discuss about the pug breed.

They are the smallest and sadly, the most underrated and overlooked of all breeds as they are not quite seen in the same league as others despite the age old saying that size is no guarantee of power.

Apart from being cute and adorable, they are quite helpful in doing household chores right from cleaning to fetching regular items from here and there aside from being good playmates for children.

Pugs are quite distinct looking and the exact opposite of Pomeranian in looks despite being the same size as their face is full of wrinkles, the tail is curled up and the nose and face are both muzzled, making it look as though they are wearing an oxygen mask.


It is difficult to say where this breed was originated but reports and articles state that they were first seen in the 16th century by a group of dog experts in China and some European countries like France, Spain, Germany, etc. who were quite fascinated by its features.

Soon, they were brought back to Western Europe and became quite popular in Switzerland and the Netherlands. However, it was not until much later in the 19th century that they were spotted in the United Kingdom, from where they moved on to North and South American countries, including US, Canada, Mexico among the well known ones.

Today they can be found all over the world and one of the most popular breeds that you can find and were found to the third most popular breed among house owners behind only Labrador and German shepherd.

Temperamental Nature

In stark contrast to their size, pugs have been found to be quite strong and not quite aggressive compared to other breeds and are quite safe to be with families that have children.

It can be said that they are the animal equivalent of the strong and silent macho man but that does not mean that they are not prone to temper tantrums. In fact, their anger sometimes goes beyond the standard poodle temperament.

You don’t really want to make a pug angry and it takes a lot to do it but once it does lose its temper, it becomes quite aggressive and dangerous but thankfully, it is mostly towards unwelcome and suspicious people that it knows is going to cause harm. With that being said, its anger is as easily pacified as it is difficult to arouse.

Nose Job

It has a strong nose and is capable of smelling people that are many miles away through mere sniffing but pet owners need to regularly clean it because it is quite prone to sneezing.

Some tips on how to do it:

  • Wash a small cloth and moisten it and wipe the outer part of the nose in a gentle manner but never do it with hot water
  • Try a balm in case of dry nose
  • In case of mucus, wipe it out with a clean cloth and give them a warm shower to clear it off
  • Gently massage its face and check the nose at regular intervals for dirt