Bowling Alley Review: Cloverleaf Family Bowl in Fremont, California

Bowling is a recreational sport in which anyone with 2 legs and 2 arms can participate. It is a sport which brings families together, it can server as a bonding experience between son and father, mother and daughter so on and so forth. For any of these things to happen, you first need a quality bowling center. For those living in the 510, Fremont area, Cloverleaf is the place to go.

One of the best things about Cloverleaf is that they only hire those with sunny dispositions and very kind sweet, fun loving people. In all my time of going to Cloverleaf I haven’t in my mind had one single complaint about their staff. They are helpful in anyway possible. If you can’t get your name into the system, they will do it for you with out any backlashing additude that makes you wish you never asked for help. If your ball gets stuck somewhere in the gutter they will gladly retrieve it. Cloverleaf Bowl has 3 main parts or sections if you will. The actual Lanes and Scoring system, the Snack Bar, and the Pro Shop.

Lanes and Scoring System: There are 44 lanes, and the lanes are in very good condition considering that alley was opened more than 35 years ago. This alone tells you two things about the alley. Number one is that they value their property. Number two, they maintain the lanes well and in turn maintain the alley clean and always looking good. If I remember correctly, they oil the lanes twice a day. Once before opening up shop and again sometime in the afternoon. The scoring system the have in place is brand new. It is a very simple, easy to use system, shown on a huge flat screen TV, which are installed on every lane. (Its almost like going from the 20th century to the 21st, back when computers used CRT Moniter and now most people use flat screen LCDs). The system was a bit difficult to get used to after having the old system for so long but for people that are new it doesn’t really matter either way. The most important thing is, every lane comes fully equipped with automatic bumpers! According to, bowling alley is full of fun and a lot of crazy things to do that your family will surely enjoy.

The Snack Bar: The snack bar comes in handy those days when all you want to do is bowl, and you really do not want to go out and buy food somewhere else or wait until you get home. The snack bar sells all kind of food and snacks for every time. Breakfast lunch and dinner are served. Relatively fast service depending on what you order. The staff at the snack bar are very professional as well, after a while they know your name and make it a point to greet you on a first name basis.

Pro Shop: The pro shop… Technically its not really a part of Cloverleaf. It is its own business but Cloverleaf works together with them. The pro shop has everything a beginner, or expert could ever need. Their prices are reasonable and are not over inflated. This part of the alley might be the only thing that i ever had a complaint about. Just something about the drilling on one of the balls but it wasn’t a big deal. If you go there you should go see the old man that works there. He is very nice and listens to your needs and what you want the ball to do.

League Play: They have a very wide variety of leagues available for all ages. Their leagues include handicap leagues for beginners and scratch for the pros. There are some very short leagues that are only 13 weeks. Some are 32. It all depends. There are many that offer prizes, and rewards just for being in the league. Such as the summer A’s League which gives 16 Oakland A Baseball tickets throughout the course of 14 weeks.Discounts are usually offered for league players who want to practice in open play.

Open Play: Usually open play is very full and limited due to the fact that all the league play takes the vast majority of lanes. Most of the open play goes from $3-5, depending on what day you go and the time. The cheapest time to go is Sunday morning from 7-12.

Tutoring: Lessons From The Real World

Ordinarily, tutoring is pretty dry business. The tutee and I are quite absorbed in the process, so I would never say it’s boring, but as a rule, we are concerned with making sure the student’s work comes somewhere in the neighborhood of satisfying the instructor’s requirements. We consider such things as whether or not there’s a thesis, a body (with several pertinent paragraphs containing details analyzed and contextualized in a way that reveals critical thinking by the student), and a satisfactory conclusion. 

We don’t need happy endings, just endings that relate to the introduction in some comprehensible way. When we’re dealing with papers for English classes, the topics tend to be a little on the academic side. The focus is on the mechanics of the work; amusing or interesting content is considered a bonus. All this can be a little intimidating to some people and which is why it can be a little difficult for them to cope up with their teaching schedule. This is the reason why you would not see that many tutor or tuition jobs out there. 

However, last week, Wednesday morning I believe it was, a young woman who came in with an essay for her sociology class. We’ve seen quite a few from this class lately: papers detailing the students’ experiments with breaking social norms. They write a little introduction explaining which norm they decided to break, a few paragraphs about the actual experiment, and a nice little conclusion telling the reader what they’ve learned, not only about themselves but about the people they’ve exposed themselves to.

I’ve seen papers from students who have, for instance, held hands with others of the same gender in public, interrupted people “working” on their laptops in coffee shops, cut into line in the market, and that sort of thing. But in this case, the student, who was attractive enough to provoke a second or even a third look, (or, better yet, a discrete glance, if one passed her on the street) decided to test the social norm which requires appropriate attire in the workplace. She works in a state office, a place thick with lawyers, litigants, and parties concerned with the proper and efficient administration of justice.

Her experiment consisted of dressing as if she was going out to a nightclub: low-cut blouse (in her case, nearly impossible to overlook), short skirt, high heels, the works. Then, to sweeten the deal, she determined to overload herself with burdens, pushing a cart full of books, folders and papers, and carrying in her arms a load of more of the same. As a finishing touch, she pulled her panties down. I couldn’t bring myself to ask exactly how far down these delicacies were placed, but I think it’s safe to assume that they were visible. Since she’s not only attractive but tall, this meant that she was struggling down corridors on long, well-tapered legs, with her underwear somewhere in the vicinity of half-mast, highly visible, and, as it turned out, low enough to constitute an attractive nuisance, but high enough that she was able to walk.

As I read her paper, which was quite well-written and contained much relevant detail, I began to feel the need for either a nice glass of water or, perhaps, a cold shower.

But it really got interesting when she started to explain the reactions people had to her behavior. The women were either sympathetic, offering to help by relieving her of her armload of documents long enough to make the critical sartorial adjustments, or snarky, offering trenchant observations along the lines of: “It looks like you dropped your panties, girl,” or sarcastic but ostensibly helpful advice, such as, “You better pull up your drawers.”

But the men, good solid professional types, were another matter. She had expected that they would reach for her documents, offering her the chance to regain some dignity by pulling her own panties up. But, in a development I consider remarkable, they all reacted by reaching for her panties, helpfully pulling them up for her. It wasn’t just one or two perverts, but closer to 30 men, each of them apparently unable to resist her state of vulnerability.

Reading the paper, I was dumbfounded. I tried to imagine what I would have done. Obviously, I would have wanted to cop the quick feel in the name of good samaritans, but private space is private space. So I like to think I would have done the polite, rather than the expedient thing. Just because I might have wanted to get a grip on her underwear, (and, in the process, on the parts of her body the garment is meant to conceal), it obviously wouldn’t have been the right thing to do.

The conclusion to her paper was the rather obvious one: when a woman dresses seductively, she is asking for, or at least subliminally inviting, contact on a level that would ordinarily be considered out of bounds between strangers. Maybe she doesn’t mean to send that message, but it’s the one that men receive. She, and most of the women I know, and I myself, fully believe that a woman should have the implicit right to dress as she pleases without fear that men will interpret a scanty costume as an invitation to unwanted sexual contact.

But I have to consider my reaction to reading about this activity. Just the thought of her wobbling down the hallowed corridors of state business with her boobs peeking out above and her panties winking from below gave me something to think about for the rest of the day. It got my imagination going. But I’d like to think the veneer of civilization, the same social contract that prevents open warfare during the evening commute, is strong enough to ensure that we all respect one another’s personal boundaries.

Much as I might like to grab the opportunity to help a young lady up with her panties, the proper response is obviously to offer to help only by relieving her of the burden in such a way that she can pull up her own panties.

So gentlemen, be advised. When you find yourself in a situation that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be a gentleman, not a lower primate, and act accordingly. If you can’t manage that, be warned. Unwanted sexual contact is not just impolite, it’s a crime, and rightfully so. Put yourself in her place. But keep your hands to yourself.

Essential Things Beginners Must Know About Rise Of Kingdoms

“Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade” is an epic real-time strategy game available for mobile. It features fantastic gameplay, cool characters, as well as a massive yet fabulous world. Although these make ROK truly fascinating, it also make the game complex enough for beginners. That is why newbies must learn about the game and its world first, or read guides shared by today.

But what are the essential things beginners must remember before playing ROK?

Most Important Elements in the Rise of Kingdoms you must know

To keep yourself on the right track in the Rise of Kingdom world, here are few important points to remember:

  • Main Objectives and Gameplay

In a nutshell, you’re a governor in a nation, and you must build and run your nation properly. You must economically sustain it, while boosting military strength to fight enemies. Resources, commanders and your own strategies would make that possible.

  • In-Game Resources

There are many resources available in the game. Think of wood, stone and food as basic example of resources your people cannot live without. For example, you need stones for buildings, while wood for villages and for archery sets. Food is self-explanatory as your people needs nourishment as well.

Now, you can get these items from resource areas, as well as from opponents after battle. For example, you can get wood from lumber and stone from quarries. Your troops can get resources from opponent nations as well.

Lastly, there’s gem. It’s a special resource to speed up your training or use for VIP purposes. And you can get these gems from completing certain tasks.

  • Civilizations or Nations

In ROK, beginners must choose from 11 civilizations available. Options include Rome, Germany, France, Japan and China among many other nations. Now, each of these civilizations come with skill bonuses such as 5% group march speed, 5% resource gathering skills, 10% gold gathering skills and 5% healing among other specialties. You can see such bonuses upon checking the list of civilizations in ROK guides.

Such bonuses indicates each civilization specialize on certain aspects over others. Although, it’s not a huge difference of advantage, it’s helpful in determining the main strategies applicable for a civilization. Meaning, it’s essential to choose the right one which favors your gaming strategy.

  • Commanders

Each commanders in ROK has a set of four skills, and they can specialize on any three of it depending on your choice. Skills includes defender, archer, support or healer, disabler, leader, nuker, jungler and gatherer among other capabilities. So, each commander also possess unique traits than the rest, and they are suitable for specified strategies.

When you begin, the civilization you choose already has one starter commander. But you can unlock more as you progress in the game. And to specialize on certain skills, you can train commanders properly.

Then, you can designate them to certain task. Some are best in the battle field such as the disabler, archer and support, whereas others are best to protect and keep the civilization progressing such as the defender and gatherer.

  • Troops

You must prepare your troops to go to war properly. Be sure to train them enough, and designate the right commanders to rule them. You can select one primary commander and few secondary commanders. A primary commander, however, should have more than 3-stars, whereas secondary commanders can have any number of stars.

Once ready, you can use barbarians to search for enemies. After which, order your troop to march towards certain destination for battle. Alternatively, you can also go on expedition mode, wherein you must complete certain missions for more stars.

  • Gems

Gems are the primary currency in the game, and they’re the most valuable resource as well. You can use gems to boost troop production, get upgrades or upgrade to VIP level.

To acquire gems, you can buy them using actual money. Alternatively, it’s possible to search for piles of gems in the game by ordering your troops towards certain destination. Moreover, free gems are available when you complete specific quests and join alliances as well.

These are only the basic things you must know before playing Rise of Kingdoms today. Be sure to check out intensive guides for more information, so you won’t end up in large defeats soon after starting. Enjoy!

Buying Your First Bird-Watching Binoculars

For birders, the first binocular purchase is a milestone. No longer will you have to squint to see that bright shaped blur at the very top of the tree. No longer will you have to use your powers of deduction to guess what that was that just flew by. You will actually be able to see your bird.

But buying binoculars is so confusing. And some binoculars cost $1,000 or more. How can you pick a pair that will make you happy? Just go by the numbers. All binoculars are marked with two different numbers. The first is the “Power” of the lens. How much does it magnify? The second number gives the field of vision, the larger the field, the more you will see.

Also, the problem is you just can’t choose the best with so many brands in the market as some may have good quality but are out of budget while others may be cheap but quality is compromised, though does maintain a balance.

Well, that sounds easy, sign me up for the most powerful pair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Like everything else in life there are trade-offs and the most important trade off in binoculars is the one between the power of the lens and the amount you will see.

As the lens becomes more powerful, the field of vision narrows. For binoculars of the same weight and size, this fact of life may render the most powerful binoculars useless. After all, the bird is hiding in a thicket or moving. You don’t want to spend so much time trying to frame him in your lens that he flies away.

You can get also get excellent magnification and a reasonably wide field of vision and find that your binoculars are just too heavy. Try carrying the Sherman Tank of binoculars on a long walk through rough terrain. For heavy binoculars you may wish to add a harness of some type to help you support the weight, but carrying heavy objects through thickets and up and down hills grows old fast.

You may also prefer not to carry an item worth big bucks into an isolated natural area where it may draw unwanted attention when no one is around to help.

For this reason you will face a trade-off between power, field of vision, weight and price. I often bird in different environments and find that it pays to have at least two binoculars. The first binocular is a 7×35 binocular, that is it magnifies 7 times and it has a fairly wide field of vision. This is a good specification for a binocular that will be used to see songbirds from an average distance in a wooded area where you may approach within a reasonable distance.

Since I am afflicted with jelly arms, I need a light piece of optics. I picked up my nondescript jobbie in a local thrift store, and I recommend that you try such a source before heading out to the best store in town to pick up their latest jewel. The reason? I don’t want to put myself in hand to hand combat with a thief. Remember, by definition birds typically are out in the wee hours of the morning and birders hike in wilderness areas alone. This makes you easy pickings. And your needs may change as you become more skilled. What worked for you as a tyro may not work later.

For birds in marsh areas such as the Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge, you will need a higher power lens and may have to content yourself with a much narrower field of vision. Don’t despair, however. In this environment slow moving stealth hunters abound. Herons, rails, egrets, and others can stand still in place for hours and they tend to be quite big. Since you cannot approach closely due to the water and mud, and since the birds will stand around until you can train your binocular on them, you won’t need a fancy piece of optics with a wide field of vision. I like to use a lightweight 10×25 binocular here. Jelly arms, you know.

If price is no object and you have arms like Hercules, you may also want to use a spotter scope in a marsh environment. This instrument is more telescope than binocular and quite costly, but it features the Rolls Royce of vision, combining high magnification and wide field of view. But they are costly, big as a house and rarely found in thrift stores.

What you like is a matter of taste. I find that you can pre-shop by participating in hikes and simply asking other participants to let you momentarily borrow theirs so that you can heft it and check out the optics. Park rangers are also a good source of expertise. In New York City, the rangers even keep a few binoculars around for participants in Urban Park Ranger walks.

Like I said, my priority is weight, price and fitness for locating birds in the types of environments where I normally bird. Everyone is different. You may be physically stronger and be willing to carry binoculars that I find too tedious. You may never bird alone and may be willing to take a chance buying expensive lenses. There is no one right answer.

But ask yourself these questions:

1.Where do I bird? marsh, woodland, manicured park?

2.What kind of birds am I looking for, fast movers or slow, big or tiny?

3.Do I bird alone or with small groups?

4.How serious am I about the hobby?

5.Will I be birding in physically demanding wilderness areas where weight is an issue or where I may fall?

6.Am I willing to buy more than one binocular? How about a spotting scope?

RC Planes: Basics For Beginners

Have you ever travelled around the world? How many of you remember your very first plane ride? Was it thrilling or scary? 

These are some of the most inane questions for which answers may vary from person to person depending on their experience. It was the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who are believed to have invented the very first aircraft in 1903, although historical accounts proclaim it to be an invention of Ancient India. 

Leaving that argument aside, there is no denying the fact that it has made traveling a lot easier as long distance, that would normally take days in a bus, car or train, can now be covered in a couple of hours. 

There is no other convenient mode of transport to match it in current times because it helps to save valuable time. When you talk about planes, the first thing that comes to mind for first timers is that whether they will be able to manage the trip. 

Due to there being many people who are acrophobic and cannot stand heights, this has got to be nothing short of a nightmare. But again, this is nothing more than a phobia that has to be overcome as running away from the problem will only help in aggravating it rather than solving. 

RC Model 

The next thing that comes to mind regarding planes is their various models as well as shape and size. Everyone aspires to own their personal private aircraft but only the rich class business man and celebrities can have the good fortune of seeing their dream materialize before their very eyes. 

While we are on the subject of planes, let us now talk about the machines that are of great use in war missions and defending the country from terrorist elements across the border. 

This is where RC planes come into the picture, which stands for radio controlled aircraft. This is a machine that can take off high, in a literal sense, and be utilized to the hilt in the right hands. 


It is said to be remote controlled by the main operator, who is on the ground, with the help of a radio transmitter held in hand. It is this transmitter through which he can communicate with the pilot onboard and also send and receive signals from the aircraft. 

RC planes are never too easy to deal with and can be dangerous at the hands of inexperienced or reckless pilots, which is why they are specifically for courageous individuals. 

Glider Aircraft 

They are some of popular forms of aircrafts that are used for guilty pleasure by individuals who are on the lookout for a bit of adventure with lots of thrills and life threatening experiences. 

They hope to replicate the more aircraft designs at a complete scale in the near future, which would be a breakthrough in aviation history as gliders don’t have anything to propel them into flight and have to be done manually. 

It can soar high up into the skies and through dynamic mechanism which injects energy and has become a common practice these days. 


They are found on the wing at the inboard trailing and their job is to increase the curvature of the wing through which it can take off from the ground with ease. The slower the speed of the flaps will lift off, lesser will be the speed of the plane and with no chance of stalling. 

Best RC Planes for Beginners 

Finally, we come to the point about which are the best ones for beginners who have just ventured out on this journey. RC Models might seem a bit difficult when starting out in the initial stages, but once you get the handy of it everything will become just fine. 

Thrust Engine is the source that propels the plane into action and makes it move forward, one where even an electrical duct fan would do the job. 

Next we come to the shape and size of the aircraft, which pulls it back to the ground due to force of gravity. 

Another important point is the lift on the wing that allows the plane to rise and soar high up into the sky. 

Lastly, there is the drag that makes the plane wobble in the air due to immense weight of the aircraft. The shaking of the plane is due to turbulence. 

Veterinary Students Financially Bushwhacked

For those of us entering the veterinary field, with soaring tuition and paltry starting salaries, the current Presidential candidates’ lack of attention towards postgraduate education is alarming. Undergraduate college credits? Extended Pell grants? Great, wonderful. But for those of us going past college into veterinary school, where average four-year loans for tuition and bare-minimum living expenses is anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000…what are you going to do about us? 

After graduation with a loan amount of $120,000 (the average – out of state students pay double that), the average 10 year repayment plan requires about a $1,700 per month. 

Now, let’s consider the salary of a newly graduated veterinarian: around 50-60k a year. 

Tack on over 20k a year in loan repayments and you’re earning 30k for a four year professional medical degree. This is no where close to the kind of expenses that you have to incur during college, including the cost for History tuition in Singapore and other expenses.  



Are you serious? Why is no one doing anything about this? 

It is no wonder that veterinarians are inexorably drawn to only the most lucrative areas such as urban and suburban small animal medicine. Equine medicine is struggling to remain stable. Food animal medicine has plummeted, and we can only imagine how that will eventually affect the food supply. The James Herriot days are over friends – you’ll be scraping by pulling that trick. Graduating veterinarians are realizing that the amount of debt we are in because of excessive tuition is dramatically affecting our job choices. 

It is actually combination of tuition inflation and starting salaries that don’t reflect what we did to get this degree. We are doctors./ We aren’t technicians, we aren’t assistants. We spent 40 hours a week in class and 30 hours outside of it studying and working. We are surgeons, anesthetists, dentists, counselors, general practitioners, pediatricians, obstetrician/gynecologists, optometrists, researchers, educators, safety inspectors and just about everything in between. 



Whenever people complain about how much it costs at the vet, I grind my teeth. First of all, nitwits, it is because you have health insurance – that’s why you don’t have to pay for much. A blood panel for a person costs hundreds of dollars – for an animal, we’re talking double digits. It IS cheaper than yours – but all you see is the numbers. You know why we need to charge for things at these prices? Because we need to make out payments for our X- ray and anesthesia machines. We need to pay our technicians, assistants, receptionists, and assistant veterinarians. We need to be able to afford all of the medical equipment like instruments, needles, cages, vaccines, suture, disinfectants, medications, all the things that allows us to perform quality medicine so that YOUR animal, be it a horse, dog, cat, goat, rabbit, or bird gets the care it needs. We don’t do it to line our pockets. We do it to keep the clinic afloat. Look at the average salaries for veterinarians. Starting salaries average around 50 to 60k. Most established veterinarians are in the 70-80 K dollar range, minus the huge chunk (as much as 20K) that is deducted to pay back loans. 

So: general public, presidential candidates, education boards: stop ignoring us! We aren’t just the puppy and kitten docs. We inspect your dairy and meat cattle to make sure you don’t get sick. We participate heavily in the reduction of animal-to-human transmissible diseases. We are involved in laboratory animal research to use animals as models for human disease. And we treat such a huge variety of conditions for every species of companion animal that it blows my mind, and I’m not even technically done with school yet. 

6 Tips To Hire The Right Airport Shuttle In Vail

Airport shuttles are a convenient, fairly affordable and a common mode of transportation for people seeking an easy way to get in or out from the airport. Generally, shuttles are used by individuals, single travelers, business groups, travel companies etc. However, finding a vail shuttle service in particular can be confounding as there are a number of companies offering the same airport shuttle service. Nevertheless, you can choose the right airport shuttle service following the pointers listed below.

Explore multiple companies

Before selecting the one, you should take comparison study on multiple companies providing the same service through the internet. It’s advisable to take a virtual tour of their website to know the list of services as well as the packages they are offering. This research in turn will help you to choose the right one as per your requirement.

Pay attention to the Reputation

There is no dearth of airport shuttle firms across Vail. However, all shuttle services are certainly not equal regarding  prompt pickups or drop-offs, professional chauffeurs as well as spacious vehicles that can properly handle your group and your baggage.

Akin to any business out there, credibility matters in choosing the right shuttle service. The easiest way to check the reliability quotient of a shuttle firm is to go through online reviews of the company . Furthermore, verify that your shuttle service holds the appropriate credentials and permits required to provide transportation services at your specific location. It is always important to zero in on shuttle centers that specifically work with highly experienced cab drivers backed by proper license. The chosen company should also promise licensed as well as insured shuttle vehicles. Make sure your chosen firm is backed by rave reviews and long list of happy clients. 

Types of vehicles available

While choosing the right airport shuttle, the vehicle becomes an obvious factor of concern. In any tour, the vehicle size really matters especially while traveling in big groups. There are several different sizes of shuttles available, you can decide as per your comfort. Look for a company that boasts a versatile inventory with plush sedans for limited group of travelers, SUV vehicles for bigger groups- and also sharing trip shuttle vans to cater to large groups as well as several small groups traveling together. 

If you’re traveling to a particular destination from airport, you will need a SUV or sedan, depending on number of members in your group. However, you will have clients traveling with you, something more plush would be required. So, check out beforehand your chosen airport shuttle firm is well-equipped to meet versatile vehicle needs.

Avoid procrastination

While hiring a professional airport shuttle service for the next trip or any particular journey, do not wait too long.  The most trusted services might book up early or you may not get the type of vehicle that will meet your needs.

Highly professional 

Travel plans often alter and that’s common. It could be due to poor weather or any other unexpected circumstance which might get the flight off-track. But you should always make sure that your shuttle service is extremely professional and always waiting to reach you just when you need it, under any circumstances. Some services can track your flight to make sure they’re waiting for you before you arrive, be it earlier, or later than expected. Hence an important factor to consider. 

Be sure about the budget

Pricing is a crucial quotient and you need to know as to how much you have to spend on your shuttle. A smart way to calculate the expenditure is to evaluate how many passengers you can ride with. It will also help you to decide on the right type of vehicle for traveling.  Check out the quotes online and run a comparative survey on them to find out the most competitive deal for you. If you are on budget, find a company that usually offers discounts, especially discounts for new customers. You might contact the shuttle company personally and check on deals or offers that could help you to enjoy handy savings on your shuttle service.

Hope, these tips above will help you to land up with a credible and truly professional airport shuttle firm for your next trip.

First Steps In Ethics: Standards And Definitions

There are people who claim it is time to talk about and establish ethical standards in the recruiting industry. They seem to forget a small but very essential first step. That first step is determining what is ethical and what the industry standards are. We need to determine what the normal and usual practice is. Once identified, we then need to talk about whether or not it is ethical.

Then we need to come to some consensus on what is ethical and what is not. That may need to be done on a case by case basis. Or it may be necessary to look at our Business and Professions Code and use it as our Code of Conduct (“COC”). It is, after all, the law of our jurisdictions.

That’s another essential distinction. There are Codes of Ethics. Those are essentially codes or pledges to do what is right according to the standards of an organization. There are also COC. The COC is a set of rules that dictate what is done and how it is done in order for it to be correct and proper. It’s the rule book. The COC also delineates who has governance duties over the body or organization and enforces the rules.

We have lots of codes of ethics — pledges to do things honestly according to the rules of the organization. We have all sorts of organizations that have Codes of Ethics – ASA, NAPS, CSP, AESC, SHRM, PIHRA and so on. None of these U.S. organizations have a common COC. None have formulated one. They are autonomous; that is to say, they rely entirely on their own Code of Ethics for guidance and project the appearance that they stand alone in the industry and look to no other organizations nor any similar rules.

It needs to be asked of those associated with these organizations what or where the rules are, the COC. How would anyone just entering the industry know what the practice should be and what the practice is?

Further, there needs to be a means of determining who enforces the rules, makes certain that people are operating in an ethical fashion. None of the existing codes of ethics have provisions for reporting wrongful acts. It isn’t clear whether each organization has jurisdiction over just itself or over all of the industry. It isn’t clear if there is some umbrella organization that’s involved with oversight and enforcement. If not, then who has responsibility to make certain some penalty is exacted on the one who does not conform.

To the extent we have someone who is a member of the organization but not conforming to the COC, and they are mimicking the behavior of others in the organization, can it truly be said that the organization is responsible enough to govern itself? Perhaps it needs outside governance, a distant third party, who suffers no consequence for enforcing the rules and making certain that there is adherence to them.

There’s another issue that needs to be addressed in our concerns about ethics in the recruiting industry. There are certain phrases and terms that are flung about in the industry all of the time. A few organizations have endeavored to define some of those terms and phrases, but only a few. To the extent that newcomers know about these organizations and the special glossaries that have been created, they have resources to guide them and make them aware of what the terms are as well as their definitions. To the extent these newcomers are unaware of these resources, we have a group of individuals who are talking to one another but not communicating because there is no consistency to the terms being used. They’re simply spouting a lot of hot air with absolutely no substance except hearsay.

There was an interesting conversation that came up around the end of December 2006. Someone proposed that in order to get things rolling on starting to carve out a uniform COC, rules that would apply not just to employment industry organizations in the United States but a global set of rules, was to just take a stab at a particular practice and say this is the rule.

Actually, that sounded like a very sane thing to do. There needs to be some starting point. And before the start is cemented as gospel, it needs to be discussed in order to make certain all of the ramifications (or as many as possible) are considered in order to make it conform to various situations, to give life to the instrument that governs. Then it will make sense to take Step 2 in order to form the next rule and work through things.

In the Ethics in Recruiting Think Tank, we now have several U.S. Codes of Ethics to compare as well as a COC from New Zealand. We have yet to discuss which is more stringent and what was done to determine that those rules prevail. We have yet to discuss whether standards differ from one country to another and whether uniformity is feasible. Those conversations are on the horizon.

And it’s time to take those steps.

The days of running fake ads, posting phony job descriptions in order to gain new customers, the ploy of getting people to apply for non-existent jobs in order to find out which firms they’re working with and what jobs they’re being sent to interview for need to end. Rationalizing these practices as market research falls on its face; it’s ludicrous. These practices give the industry a black eye of construction recruitment agencies that sometimes provides the better assistance for the persons that are indulging with the company for the job concerns and it also gives them native support of staff welfare policy of an company. To the extent you turn people away from you and your company because you cannot be trusted, because your trust threshold is so low that you fall into Hell, then reform is mandatory. If you and your tactics cannot be relied upon except for nefarious ploys, then it is better to shut down the engine that powers the practices. They have no right to exist.

Several first steps are outlined here. Which shall we as a social community that is told it needs these service endeavor to address first? I recommend we start with respect for one another as a global, consuming group. Then I recommend we step into defining what is ethical and where we should look for guidance in that regard.

Tips of How to Screenwrite a Movie

Well this is how it goes, you can submit a screenplay to the writers guild of America.The secret of it is is that you have to have a movie idea, because it is very important to have all of that information.First when you are writing you have to save it to the hard drive of your computer,you have to have an unaddressed email and that is how you save it to the hard drive.You have to pay the writers guild of America 20.00 for registering the idea.I think that it is well worth it,because I have seen a person that made 350,000 dollars for submitting the idea to the writers guild of America. That was when a lady did the legally blonde screenplay.You can do a movie on someone famous like Vince Lombardi which would be called the dynasty years or you could do a script called the money man.

Here is the secret,you have to come up with a movie title,you have to come up with a location,you next have to name yourself as the screenwriter,then you have to give the plot which is what the movie is about,then you have to get a summary going,last but not least you have to give a conclusion which is how the movie will end.I will give you an example at a later date.So that is the secret that many do not know about,because they do not understand what it takes to write a movie.I will give an example of a movie,but i have to be compensated for giving the information out to you. If you decide to write the movie that I  suggest. This is the idea that many people fail to realize is that they do not have to work hard at all.

No, I am not saying that it is child’s play but it is no rocket science either as apart from a flair for writing, you also need to have a fair amount of knowledge regarding the story and characters so as to give them a unique distinction so that audience can relate to them, thereby making the film a hit and with repeated turnout at free 123 Movies Online, it will definitely be regarded as a classic in the years to come.

In fact if they just learn how to study smart,then they will be much better off. The reason as to why i have to be compensated is because i don’t give ideas out for free,I would probably ask to be compensated for 20,000 or 30,000 if you were to make 350,000 off my idea.I am glad to do this,but you have to keep in mind that Todd parks gave you the idea.So I hope that this article has made a difference in your life. This is not a scam,but it is something that will positively work out in your favor.That is how Sylvester Stallone got his start,by writing simple movie scripts.Feel free to contact me by email at because i want to make you some serious money.Writing screenplays is definitely the way to do it.I am looking for someone who can assist me in writing screenplays and i am looking for someone who is dedicated to the cause.

I am a person who is very renown anyways,so i would like the viewers of this article to take my advice.It is important that i do have the compensation because I want to help out and i don’t get paid until you guys get paid.Which is fair because alot of agents want to have people to pay them up front.I just want the money when the deal is landed.I will talk more about this soon because i have about 34 possible movie scripts that i can give out,but you have to be patient and you have to be willing to spend 20.00 to the writers guild of America.

Why Cryptocurrencies Keep Falling?

If you are one who wants to invest money in the Bitcoin then it always requires proper mental discipline. You will have to always avoid while making a stupid decision. One needs to pay close attention on the strategies. Becoming a proficient crypto trader isn’t easy for a person because it requires proper analyzation and efforts.

  Cryptocurrency market is fairly more volatile than others.  It is little bit complicated task that requires proper knowledge of the market. If you don’t want to create a pinch in the pocket then one should read everything.  You will have to check the volume of last 12 months. It is highly recommended that one must remove the emotion from trading. It would be quite difficult to remain calm when price of Bitcoin is falling and risen. If possible then one should create your own portfolio. Here are some reasons why price of the cryptocurrencies keep rising and falling.

  • Sell the coins wisely

If you are one who wants to earn the profit in Cryptocurrency then it is your responsibility to sell the coins on a right time. If you don’t want to make worst decision in the trading then you should lookout a perfect trading platform where you will have to check the price movement of the Cryptocurrency. Make sure that you are considering a secure platform where one can easily invest the money. Try to study Cryptocurrency trading chart for a while. You will have to take the decision according to the sense of logic.  If you don’t want to lose the money then a person should take the assistance of proficient crypto trader who will suggest a right time when you can invest money in the cryptocurrencies.

  • Learn from mistakes

You will have to visit where a person can get latest information related to the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  It is your responsibility to supervise the holdings like a hawk. If you don’t want to take any risk then it would be better to set the limit order. You will find a lot of proficient traders are already learning from their mistakes. If you are one who isn’t trading with proper strategy then you are a gambler.

  • Volatile currency

According to the professionals Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin market has suddenly experience movement. Price of the Bitcoin is loose by $200. Professional investor already has lost billions of dollars in the Cryptocurrency.  

  • Is Bitcoin Good option?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies that have been created 10 years ago. Now, it has become one of the most expensive currencies. If you are one who wants to invest money in the Bitcoin then one need to consider so many important things. You should find out a proficient investor who will able to tell each and everything about such volatile currency. It is best ever currency that is accepted by the multinational companies and lenders. It is considered as stronger sector in the Cryptocurrency world.

Moving Further, Bitcoin is most expensive coin in the market that cost $20000. To become a proficient Cryptocurrency investor then a person need to consider so many things. You will have to monitor the movements in the market carefully. A person should invest Money in Bitcoin on a right time. 

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