Tips To Increase Tiktok Followers

Tiktok is certainly the hype today. With millions of people using, it is no doubt that this mobile app is a game changer in the realm of social media. Hence, if you are one of the Tiktok users who want to grow your followers, you are in the right place. This article will give you some essential and effective tips on how you can increase Tiktok followers.

Be Original

Definitely, if you really want to increase your followers on Tiktok, you must be able to post original content. If you just keep on posting the same type of content just like what everyone else is posting, the chances are you won’t get a lot of followers. You need to look for ways on how you can make yourself stand out among the crowd. Millions of people are using Tiktok. Hence, the competition is quite fierce and firm. Also, if you post the same content, there will always be comparison. So it is always better to be original.

Upload videos regularly

The mere fact that Tiktok is the hype today should give you an idea that you should never keep your followers waiting. Thus, you must be able to upload videos regularly. Simply explained, if you don’t upload your videos regularly, how would people know that you exist on Tiktok. As a beginner in Tiktok, posting every other day or once a week is a good way to get started. Also, when people follow your account, you should know that they are expecting to see more of your content.

Incorporate Trendy Music

Music is the foundation of Tiktok. The app provides you the whole library of songs that you desire. But if you really want to increase your followers on Tiktok, then you should disregard your old fashioned music style but go to modern and popular ones instead. Tiktok thrives on trends and so you should use the latest and trendy msuci in your videos. You should be updated of the current positions of popular musics. You can see some of the popular songs online and even in other platforms such as Spotify, Youtube and among others.

Do Duets

If you check on some of the videos on Tiktok, you’ll see that most of the videos include teaming up with other Tiktok users. Hence, these videos are also some of the most viewed content on the app. In addition, teaming up with other Toktok users will allow you to expand your followers. As you can see, the Tiktok user you teamed up with has his or her followers. So if you get to be included on his or her content, chances are you will also get some followers from his or her base. This will grow your following on Tiktok.

Check some highly and mostly viewed content for your reference

If you are a beginner and don’t know how and where to start, you can watch some of the most viewed videos on Tiktok so you can have an idea. You can also check on some of the content of experts. This will give you an idea to formulate some strategies on how you can expand your network. You should ask questions like – why is this video popular? Why do people like it? Generally, these questions will help you improvise and create awesome content on your Tiktok account.

Use Hashtags

Just like twitter and Instagram, Tiktok also uses hashtag. Tiktok users use this system in order to attract viewers. But the battleground would depend on how creative you are. So when making hashtags in your videos, make sure that you make enticing, unique and creative. You should also try to brainstorm ways on how you can make trending topic different from the rest. This will make you standout from the crowd. You should also take risk when posting it. The trends are constantly changing on Tiktok so it is very important to make sure that you post the right video at the right time.

Enhance Your Photography skills

As mentioned earlier, creativity is an essential skill that will help you get more followers on Tiktok. In relation, your creativity in photography would also be helpful in expanding your network and following.  You need to learn the basics of photography and improve your skills in camera as well. Before filming yourself, you have to ensure that there are no distractions in your place. This means you have to clean up your room or proceed to a quieter place. Make sure you are also using the right tools and equipment.

Buy followers

Last but not the least, you can also buy some followers or Tiktok fans. Why buying Tiktok fans is so important? Well, it will just make your life easier. However, you still have to do the above tips so that you will be able to keep your followers.

My Cloud Storage Tips for Small Business Owners

I’ve been using cloud storage for a couple years now. I started out with Dropbox, a fairly popular service that creates a drive on the computer desktop and can be synced to multiple devices. I’ve also used Flip Drive, and now I’m thinking about giving Google Drive, the newest cloud storage solution, a try.

The purpose of cloud storage is to create affordable, accessible storage for digital files online. Because it is stored on the Internet (in the “cloud”) rather than on a physical device, there are fewer risks associated with data loss, such as fires and other sources of damage, that might destroy an external hard drive, thumb drive, or other gadget. For the small business, essential model tips of development will be available at site. The charges of the development will be under the funds of the small businesses. 

As a small business owner, I collect a lot of files. Not only do I have drafts of everything I’ve ever written, but I’ve also got second and third drafts of certain documents, client contracts, photos, videos, invoices, and dozens of other types of files that I don’t ever want to lose. Cloud storage is a simple solution for me because I work on several different computers. When I need to access files in storage, I don’t have to lug around any additional equipment.

That said, it takes time to get used to a cloud storage system.

Folder Mimicry

My cloud storage file structure is set up exactly the same as it is on my hard drive. I keep folder and file names consistent so I don’t get confused when I need to find something.

I use cloud storage for back-ups as well as for primary storage in my small business. Therefore, folder mimicry keeps everything organized and allows me to easily replace documents that have been changed or updated.

Multiple Users

My wife and I are both self-employed, but it doesn’t make sense for us to use two different cloud storage accounts. We keep everything under one umbrella, so to speak, but we have separate folders, designated by our names, so files don’t get mixed up.

I’d imagine this would be necessary for small businesses with multiple employees who will need access to cloud storage. Giving each team member a separate folder will help avoid confusion in file searches.

Storage Needs

Each of the cloud storage solutions I’ve used has offered several different levels of service, each with different file size limits. On my Dropbox account, for example, I could get 2 GB of free storage, or 50 GB for $9.99 per month. I chose the latter. There are higher storage limits for higher prices as well.

I recommend starting at the lower end until you know what your storage needs will be. I’ve since scaled down on my cloud storage, opting to store photos and videos (larger files) on external hard drives instead. This also keeps my cloud storage account from getting too cluttered, which I prefer.

Google Drive

I’m particularly intrigued by Google Drive, a new cloud storage solution. According to the features list, not only will you be able to save documents and files, but you’ll also be able to look back at previous incarnations of files after changes or updates are made.

Why Am I Not Making Money Writing Online?

Why am I not making money writing online? Is that a question that you ask yourself on a daily basis? Most online writers read about others making a living online, but we have yet to determine what they are doing to earn the income that they discuss. I have been one of those individuals that read about other writers success but could not get the correct formula to make the income that they discuss. After studying what others have done to reach their success goals, I want to share what I have learned.

Write what you Have Knowledge of:

Anyone can write an article that people want to read, but not all online writers can get readers to return to read all of their work. When you have knowledge of the topic you write about the readers feel the experience in your writing. When they enjoy your writings they will continue reading your other published articles. They may even return to read your newly published articles. You want to have return readers. It is just like having returning customers if you own a business, they increase your profits.

Increase Your Online Writing Power by Improving Your Writing Skills:

Online Writing is powerful when it is done properly. There are a lot of individuals that jump into writing online, and I was one of them. I began writing online, and threw articles together without considering how my writing was coming across to others. In the last few months I have read a few of my first articles that I contributed, and they were riddled with errors. To make money writing online you have to learn to write properly. This can be accomplished practicing using proper grammar or maybe even taking a writing class. Everyone will make mistakes in their writing, but you want to make the least amount of mistakes to ensure that your readers are not pointing out mistakes when they should be reading the article that you worked so hard on.

Quantity does Matter When you are Trying to Earn Money Writing Online:

The more articles that you write, means more readers. You want to contribute a numerous articles each week, on a continuous basis. This will give your readers fresh articles as well as giving you a bigger chance of being found on the search engines.

Learn to use SEO (Search Engine Optimizing):

Why am I not making money writing online? Have you learned search engine optimizing? SEO is the use of keywords in your articles. Most search engines use a system of searching articles for keywords to determine where they should be placed in the rankings. Take the time to learn proper keyword usage. Using too many or too few keywords could crash your articles earnings.

Diversify Your Writing so you will not be asking “Why am I not Making Money Writing Online”?

Diversifying your earnings is the best way to get a steady online income. Find a few different sites that have the reputation of paying Sites that I have knowledge of are; Squidoo, Yahoo, Bukisa, Xomba, Hubpages, Firehow , and having your own blog. Take a couple of these, or other sites that you have knowledge of, and contribute well written articles.

Make Online Writing Earning Goals:

Goals seem to be one of the biggest motivators for people, and each of us has different online earning goals. Decide today that you will succeed, then sit down and determine what goals you have. You will want to make short term and long term goals. Once you have those goals, make a plan of action to reach each of your goals.

Promote each of the Articles that you Write Online:

Some people that do not make money with their online writing tends to write articles, then never do anything to promote those articles. Articles will never reach their potential if you do not promote them. There are many ways to promote; blogs, article linking, submitting to search engines, social networking, or cross promoting with other online writers. There are other ways as well, so make sure that you do your research and promote each article.

Schedule Your Online Writing Work Week:

You will never earn money with online writing if you are not consistent with your work. Take the time at the beginning of each week to schedule each of your work days. You will want to include the amount of writing, research, and promotional time. Each of these is key roles to making money with your online writing, so never leave them out.

Socialize on Writing Sites:

Take the time to read other contributors articles and comment on articles you enjoy. You want to be known in the writing community, and doing this will get them interested in reading your articles. Having a backing of great writers can help you to enhance your writing, give you more readers, and they may even help you to promote. Writing communities are helpful in many different ways.

Stay Focused on Your Online Writing Goals:

Still asking yourself “Why am I not making money writing online? Well; have you found yourself losing focus, or even giving up? Making money writing online takes time, and patience. If you want to be successful you will have to work hard, and stay focused. What helps me is to focus on my accomplishments each week or even each month. According to, the ranking of the website should be enhanced. All the tasks will be completed at online sites and the services will be under the budget of the companies.

Diy How To Repair An Rv Roof

Road debris, trees, rocks, and the UV rays of the sun all take their toll on RV roofs. The one thing your RV roof should never do is leak.

With a few tools and materials, you’ll be able to repair your RV’s roof no matter where you are or what your roof is made of.

There are three basic types of RV roofs: metal, rubber or vinyl.

Vinyl isn’t used as much as it was in the 1970’s. It was cheap, so many manufacturers jumped on it. However, it pits and deteriorates in the sun.

Metal roofs are fantastic- unless something falls on them, caulking at a seam gives way, or you happen to climb on it while the sun’s out.

Rubber roofs are the industry standard at the moment.

Let’s look at each of the roofing materials and what it takes to fix a leak. You can coat the entire roof with some materials, thereby sealing the roof. Some materials come with a 10 year warranty, but you have to follow the manufacturer’s conditions exactly.

There are materials available for repairing all roof types, so


Vinyl, so popular in days gone by, was used for RV roofs from Class C motorhomes to pop up campers. With time, the UV rays of the sun break it down, leaving it brittle and pitted. The best solution is to replace it with a rubber roof, preferably EPDM.

If replacing a vinyl roof is out of the budget for now, don’t despair. Check it carefully for cracks, small holes or other leaks.

Patch it with a product called Eternabond, available online or at RV repair shops. Follow the directions carefully. The product will last longer if coated with a UV protectant.

I am not advocating an entire roof covered with this patching tape, just patching the leaks until you can save enough to have the vinyl roof replaced.


Metal, particularly aluminum is still used for RV roofs. Many vintage RV’s still have beautiful and functional aluminum roofing. Unfortunately, over time, screws or nails can pull out, rocks, tree limbs or other debris can knock holes in it.

Eternabond works with metal to seal leaks, although coating the roof with an elastomeric coating will create a UV reflective roof and help your roof last for many years to come.


There are several types of rubber roofs in the RV industry, the most common being EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It can withstand freezing temperatures and up to 300-degrees F. without becoming brittle. It holds up better than almost any other synthetic roofing material in UV exposure. It lasts about 10-15 years.

Many different repair kits are available for rubber RV roofs, at varying prices. You can decide which is best for your rig and your wallet. Make certain the product you choose will work on your roof. To help you out, you can check out some of the best impact drivers on this website: This is one of the most reliable websites about impact drivers


On the road, using Eternabond tape gives a fast repair to cracks and holes. However, fiberglass isn’t like the other materials. It must have a proper repair in order to remain serviceable.

Once the RV is home, remove the patch and make a proper fiberglass repair. Follow this link to learn how.


Many home built RV’s are built of wood. While the sun won’t burn a hole through solid wood, over time plywood used in construction can delaminate and cause a ceiling, wall or floor to fail.

For small holes caused by a roadway stone or popped nail, sand the spot, fill with wood putty and apply a water sealant. Make a note to effect proper repairs when you get home. For larger damage, consider a trip to the nearest lumber yard or DIY store to build a wood patch.

I have seen outdoor tarps taped in place over home built RV’s that allowed campers to complete a weekend vacation. You really have to decide on the size of the damage and your trip.

Notes to Consider:

If a leak occurred because the zinc screws supplied by the RV manufacturer rusted out, there could be water damage inside the rig’s frame. This must be addressed also.   Eternabond is a repair tape that will work on all surfaces- metal, fiberglass, rubber and vinyl. It is not a substitute for a sound roof.

No matter what type of roof your RV has, you can make repairs on the road. Coating the roof with UV protectant, giving your RV roof proper maintenance and the proper coatings will allow you to enjoy a leak-free and sound roof for many years to come.

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Monthly Horoscopes for July for All Zodiac Signs

During July the Sun will be moving through the sign Cancer until the last few days when it starts through the first degrees of Leo.  With the essential information, there will be availability of ابراج اليوم knowledge for the person. Along with the year information, there will be provided information of the monthly horoscope. Here’s a look at trends for the month of July for all the astrology signs:

Aries in July

No matter how brilliant your talent if you have to rely on tools and these aren’t perfect, you can only manage as well as they allow. People like the way you do things, they enjoy your enthusiasm and spontaneous personality. Don’t ever change. Keep trying.

Taurus in July

You might enjoy circulating within your social scene and getting out and about in your neighbourhood. Any little disappointments that occur at this time will be quickly forgotten. You will prefer to focus on the positives and you will make the most of all opportunities coming your way.

Gemini in July

Either your attitude towards money or a partner’s excessive spending could be a bone of contention and this will cause a few arguments. Keep an eye on accounts as a large expenditure could drain resources.

Cancer in July

A positive month ahead when plans start coming together and you feel you are moving forward. Friends and family will be cheerful and helpful and this inspiring aura will keep you feeling positive.

Leo in July

There are matters you must get on with that keep you out of the limelight. Anyone who trusts you with a secret this month can rely on you to keep everything confidential. You might beso very tempted to pass on this information to a friend or relative. Bu you won’t!

Virgo in July

People around you are inspiring! You’re learning a lot through mixing with friends and indeed with strangers. You could be introduced to some interesting people many of whom will be an important part of your future.

Libra in July

There’s a competitive spirit in the air and you feel motivated to work towards some very special goals. You want to succeed and you want to show other people what you can do. Challenges that face you will drive you up the ladder of success.

Scorpio in July

All those in your life who are usually supportive and helpful will be even more affable this July. Travel plans you had thought would never be agreed on are possible now because a friend or colleague’s happy to take over some of your responsibilities for a wee while, at home.

Sagittarius in July

You have some high hopes and big intentions. There are bound to be some that don’t come off very well, but those arrangements that turn out as you had hoped, will give you plenty to celebrate now!

Capricorn in July

Consider the views of your partner and other loved ones before making important decisions. As far as you can, discuss important matters with those you live and work with. Anyone who feels they’re being left in the dark could cause trouble for you later in the month.

Aquarius in July

There’s a strong chemical interaction between you and someone you’ve recently met. Almost everyone can sense the chemistry between you! Work will be an uphill challenge but because you are working so hard to get results, you will have achievements you can be proud of as July ends.

Pisces in July

Enjoy using your imagination and get involved in new creative past-times. Pleasure will come through reading your favourite novelist, writing poetry and prose and expressing your feelings through art work.

The Sun in Cancer encourages us all to be grateful for our families and closest relationships while as the Sun moves into Leo later in the month, we should value our creativity and the need to balance work with play.

Debt Settlement Scams And The New Ftc Rules

Are you buried under huge credit card debt? If yes, then debt settlement can be a perfect option for you. Credit card debt settlement has helped millions of people to avoid bankruptcy. However, debt settlement scams have become a menace. A lot of companies cheat the debt-stricken people with a “huge fees no service” strategy.

Under the circumstance, the Federal Trade Commission has come to the rescue of the helpless debtors. The FTC has come up with a set of new rules which would defang the fraud debt settlement companies and protect the consumers. Let’s have a quick look at the new rules. The client can check the no 1 on yelp for bankruptcy attorney san diego with reasonable charges. Proper assistance will be provided to the helpless debtors to fight  the case.

The new FTC rules

The recent FTC rules include the following points:

The debt settlement companies are prohibited from charging fees to the clients before the debt has been settled. This means that the consumers would pay the company only if their debt has been reduced or a favorable agreement has been reached with the creditor. Also, the consumer must make payments according to the new agreement before paying the fees. In short, upfront fees cannot be charged anymore.    The new rules explicitly prohibit the debt settlement companies from making any false claim or misinterpreting any information over telephone. Moreover, they need to disclose all the relevant facts to the consumers. This includes pros and cons of the debt settlement programs, length of the program, fee structure, chances of success etc.    Finally, the debt settlement companies may require you to set up an account for payments and savings. But they should follow the FTC rules regarding the withdrawal of funds and maintenance of the account.

Watch out for scam debt settlement companies

Fraud debt settlement companies can push you further in debt. Therefore, you should do proper homework before choosing a debt settlement company. Remember the following points to avoid scams:

Unscrupulous debt settlement companies try to sign up everyone with credit card debt. However, it is a fact that credit card debt settlement is essentially for people who are facing serious economic trouble. A legitimate debt settlement company would not recommend you this option, if your debts are under control.    Ask for references and testimonials. A reputable debt settlement company would be happy to give you the names of some of their previous clients. This would increase their credibility. Scam companies, on the other hand, lack satisfied clients. Therefore, they won’t offer you any video testimonial.    Ask a lot of questions to the debt settlement companies. If they do not clear your doubts properly or are annoyed with your questions, then avoid the company. Also, ask them to clearly state their fee structure. If their questions are evasive, then you are probably dealing with a fraud company    Check the reputation of the debt settlement companies online. There are many review sites, which offer you valuable information about debt settlement companies. Also, visit to check the customer feedbacks for the companies you are considering.    It is very important to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of the companies. BBB is an authority site which evaluates the services of the debt relief companies and gives them a rating. A high rating from the BBB assures you that the company is not a scam and provides high standard services to the consumers.

Thousands of people are falling prey to scam debt settlement companies. The FTC is trying to stop the unscrupulous practices but that might not be enough. You need to be smart and aware of your rights as a consumer to protect yourself.

How to Rearrange Your Apartment Post-Breakup – Ten Things You Can Do with Your New Apartment

Yes, it’s true what they say: Breaking up really is hard to do. Boo hoo. Pass me a tissue, please. Ok, enough of that. Clear some space before you with all of those old tissues, and let’s start rejoicing. So, the man is gone… oh well. Now it’s time to think positively. It’s time to think about YOU. It would be best for you to simply move to a new apartment and pretend you never lived in this one with the Guy Who Has Moved On, but if that’s just not financially or otherwise possible then it’s time that you make this place all about YOU. (Notice the theme here… YOU, YOU, YOU!) Read on for some ideas on how to creatively make this a more fun, relaxing and more YOU, less him type of place. Well, if nothing fits for you, you can always put down the place for rent on some of the best rated investment properties in Singapore portal. 

  1. Paint one wall in the apartment a totally random color, just for the hell of it. Hey, why not? Nobody’s stopping you.
  1. Play girlie music, watch girlie movies, display girlie flowers and candles and knick knacks that are just plain girlie. Why, you ask? Well, because girls rule and guys drool! So there.
  1. Rearrange the furniture in every room, but especially in your bedroom. Move things in a totally different shape and pattern than before. In fact, if there are two rooms, move OUT of the one you shared with him and into the other one. Make it your own!
  1. Buy a new shower curtain. This is just for fun, but also to help make the bathroom look different. Get a curtain that makes you feel relaxed while in the shower.
  1. Get a subscription to a girl magazine – Cosmo, Glamour, something along those lines. One, it’s girlie and you can totally display it on the coffee table and not worry what guys would think of it. Two, you can catch up on all the girl reading you need to do. Three, it’ll be something fun to receive in the mail at this apartment.
  1. Get a couch cover, new window curtains, table place mats, pillows, etc. It’ll just help you to make things look different in there. Make it your own. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. Check out yard sales, consignment shops or Craig’s List.
  1. Buy new, comfy, soft, lovely, beautiful sheets. This is a must. Seriously. Go to TJ Maxx. They’re cheap and cute there. Buy two pairs of sheets if you can get a good deal. This one is a no brainer. You don’t need old-filled-with-memories-sheets lying around. Oh and this goes for towels also. Get new ones!
  1. Put away some of the “stuff.” You know what I’m talking about…. Do not throw it away. That stuff has meaning and memories. And that’s good. BUT. It’s time to put away the things that make you cry or tear up when you see them. Those things that are “his” or “ours.” The cards, letters, pictures on the fridge, framed photos, gifts, clothes he gave you, etc. Anything that makes you immediately associate it with him, put it away. Not forever. Not far… stick it under your bed or high on a shelf in a closet. So you can go to those things any time you want… but so they are not staring you in the face every day. I know this is a really hard one, but do it… for you, and for your new girlie apartment. It’ll be tough, but I swear it’ll help.
  1. Buy a new outfit. Nope, this has nothing to do with your apartment… but hey, you gotta look cute in that apartment right? So get something cute. Something that will make you feel so hot and sweet and pretty and dressed up and girlie all in one. Perhaps these are sweatpants. Who knows. But make it something cute. Get every part of the outfit- down to the earrings and shoes! Hang it in your newly organized closet.
  1. Get relaxing, comforting things for the apartment. These include candles, blankets or pillows for the couch, books, coffee table books, pictures on the walls, smelly spray stuff for the bathroom, soaps, etc. Whatever makes it feel nice, relaxing and easygoing in there.

None of this is easy. Some of it sounds stupid and like it won’t help. Trust me. If you get excited about YOUR new apartment, you’ll start to forget the bad memories there, the sad stuff about it. You’ll also realize that this is the one time in your life where it’s totally cool if you’re selfish and doing YOUR own thing and taking care of yourself. Focusing on the apartment will also take your mind off of other things.

So, get out there. Go shopping. Start rearranging, organizing, and being creative. You deserve to live in a place where you have more girlie and fun decorative items than old used tissues!

Is The Customer Still Right, Even When He’s Wrong?

Recently, I was reviewing a new advertising campaign from Airbnb cleaning service chicago for a friend who has a small chain of dry cleaners. His dry cleaners are the new, environmentally friendly type that uses CO2 rather than the chemical mixture used by traditional cleaners. As I was reading his materials, he casually mentioned that the most common remark his customers made when picking up their clothes was; “I like that there is no smell in my clothes. I hate that chemical smell.”

That was surprising admission, since it was nowhere in the copy of his ads. The written copy he was showing me emphasized the environmental aspect with a secondary message that the CO2 technique was gentler on clothes than the traditional method. I asked him why he was ignoring what his customers were saying.

“Because that’s not the most important feature of our method; the real value of CO2 cleaning is that your clothes last longer and it’s better for the environment,” he said.

I remember when Scope mouthwash took a large chunk of market share away from Listerine by the simple assertion that Scope mouthwash tasted better. They scored a marketing victory without any claims about their effectiveness. It just tasted better, and that was enough for consumers. Listerine, which had dominated the category for decades, never imagined how easily their market lead could be taken away.

My friend was acting very rationally. He’s probably right, too. The gentleness of the CO2 process and it’s ability to extend the life of clothes is a very valuable feature of this type of dry cleaning. When you know your business well, you have a good idea of what features makes it valuable. Your customers may not know your business at all. They may be making irrational purchasing decisions.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for a retail store owner is to balance his or her expertise in their chosen business and consistently bow to the collective wisdom of the business’ customers. Customers select products and services based on a wide range of criteria: convenience, habit, personal relationships, personal inertia, and personal, unscientific measurements of product quality. The customer is an idiosyncric animal.

In the history of business, there have been visionary leaders who have seen an opportunity that was unseen by anyone else. They succeed in spite of the prevailing wisdom of the times. These types of business tycoons are small in number.

The overwhelming majority of all successful retail business owners succeed by simply asking the customer what they want and provide that product or service at a reasonable profit. This simple transaction model is what drives most economies around the world. It’s the surest path to success.

Scope didn’t worry about the rationality of consumers – they just listened and followed their lead. An old maxim lives a long life because it is based on a solid foundation of truth. In this case it still holds true – the customer is always right.

Testing a Paint Color Before Buying

The time has arrived – it is time to select the paint colors that will complete each of the rooms in your house. The first step in the painting process is deciding on the color(s) that will complement your home’s décor. But with literally thousands of paint colors to choose from, how will you know if this is the color?

First of all, when deciding on a color family to work with, consider the atmosphere you would like to create within each of the rooms and within the house as a whole. How would you like to feel when you are in this particular room? Do you want to feel warm and cozy, calm and relaxed? Cheerful…energized?

If you want to get away from white once and for all, do something daring: go to the paint store and take home some fun color chips. Colors you would never have even considered before. After all, you will be able to test the colors out before making such a major change.

For an instant burst of energy, look into the yellow-oranges. If you prefer a calmer, relaxed feel, check out the blue and green hues. Do not be afraid of these colors. Narrow your choices down until you cannot even think anymore. Now it is time to test the paint colors out.

Before moving the furniture around or draping drop cloths all over the place, treat yourself to a preview of the colors you are considering. The first step in this process is to create sample boards of each of the colors using the technique you have chosen.

Rather than buying gallons of paint only to realize you hate the color, purchase a smaller sample of the product you will be using. A quart will be sufficient if your paint store doesn’t offer smaller samples. Since you are already out and about, buy a piece of poster board or foam core, as well.

Paint the colors you have chosen on each of the sample boards with the technique you have decided on (rolling, brushing, etc.). Wait until the colors are dry. Then take a day or two to live with them, one color at a time if that makes it any easier. See how they look at different times of the day, both in natural as well as artificial light, to see how they change. Move the boards around the room. Look at the paint colors and furnishings in the room as a whole.

Do not waste precious time and money painting the entire room before deciding that you truly love the color. Take a little time to test out a few paint colors first. You will not regret it – this is a cheap and easy way to make a color mistake. If the person will check out for the colors, then extra colors will be provided to the person. The experience of painting will be excellent through the use of the colors. Information about rolling and brushing with the colors will be provided to the person. 

Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Before Spring

Spring will be here soon. Just hang in there. Old Man Winter will start to fade away before much longer. But you know what comes with Spring. That’s right. Spring cleaning and the annual spruce-up of our homes comes right along with all that warm weather and sunny skies. The spring cleaning bug usually bites us all around those first pretty days in late March. But you can get a head start on all that cleaning by starting right now.

While the weather outside is frightful, and you’ve no place to go, except stir crazy, why not go ahead and start on that cleaning and sprucing up. Start on Saturday morning and see how much you can get done by Sunday afternoon. You can start on the easiest room you have to do. For some people that may be the dining room or maybe a guest bedroom. With the home, the cleaning of the best handheld vacuum for car will be important in the spring season. The use of the cleaner will be easy and simple for the person. 

If you’ve been thinking about painting, now is the perfect time to go pick out the colors you want. And yes, you can go ahead and paint in the winter. Here’s a little tip on how to keep the fresh paint smell down. Just add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your paint. It won’t affect the color and it will help disguise the smell.

When you’ve picked a room to start with, get as much stuff out of it as possible. It’s so much easier to work with an empty room. Of course, there may be some things you can’t move out, but at least move them to the center of the room and cover them up.

If you are doing a bedroom, empty the closet out. Take it to another room if possible. That way you will have time to think about whether or not you want to put it back in the closet. Tip: if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably never will. Box it up and take it to Goodwill. Donations are deductible. Try to empty out at least a fourth of the stuff in the closet.

Take all window treatments down and clean them or take them to be cleaned.

Start with the ceiling. Now’s a good time for a fresh coat of paint if needed. If it still looks good, just sweep it down and continue on down the walls. Take any globes or covers off overhead lights and clean them. Paint the walls if you’ve decided you want a fresh new look.

Finish off the painting by painting the woodwork or cleaning it. A fresh coat of paint on woodwork can make it look brand new.

Clean the inside of the windows so you can put your window treatments back up. And last, clean the floor. If it is carpeted, and needs cleaning, now is the time to get it cleaned. The cleaning companies are seldom busy this early in the year, so they should be able to accommodate your schedule.

Before anything goes back in, make sure it is clean and dust free. All furniture should be dusted and given a good polishing. Now is a great time to let go of all those little knick knacks that just sit around collecting dust. Only put things that are really special or important back in your nice clean room.

Once you’ve finished one room, step back and admire it. Doesn’t it feel good to have one room already cleaned and ready for spring? Don’t you feel that adrenalin flowing, pushing you toward the next room?

You’ve got a few more weekends before you can really start enjoying the outdoors, so why not tackle another room? And maybe another one. Who knows? By Spring you may be completely finished with your inside work and can spend your days outside, enjoying the beautiful warm weather. You might even get to spend your spring days playing golf or fishing. After all, your spring cleaning is already done.