How to Host Your Own At-Home Spa Party

Do you want to have a get-together with your friends, but you’ve done movie night, cocktail parties, and girl’s night out over and over? Here’s a new idea that is sure to please! Think about planning your own spa party. First, you need to think over a few things. Get out a notebook and a pen and start making some notes, and jot down some ideas you may have. You want to think about who you’re inviting, and how you’re going to invite them. Before handing out the invitation you should check out medical spa South Jersey that will help you with the preparations of your party. You will learn about the things that you are going to need along with the time and overall cost for hosting the party.

You can make your own invitations. You can get blank cards and envelopes from the craft store. You can print up invitations on your computer, or hand-write them yourself.

You can also send e-invites. A great site is, and it’s free. Next, you need to decide where you will host the spa party. If it’s in your house, what room do you think will best for you to use for the party? Choose somewhere roomy enough to fit the number of guests attending. Decorate! After you chose what room to have your spa party in, you are going to need to make a spa-like ambiance! This is easy. Chose a color theme for your party. Drape the chairs with white or light, solid-colored sheets. You can use ribbon in the color of your choice to tie around the chairs to keep the sheets in place. Keep in mind you will be doing treatments, so you will need tables. Even if they’re old, who cares! You can drape them with sheets as well, so no one will know! You can get bouquets of flowers to beautifully place throughout the room.

Choose the flowers according to the colors you wish to have. If you have one of those at-home relaxing waterfall tranquility things that were so popular a few years back, break it out of the box, and plug it in! Get different sized candles in your color theme to light around the room and add a calming atmosphere. Food: You can choose to have a full-on meal or a variety of light snacks for your party. Basic easy appetizers can be crackers and cheese, fruit platter, veggie platter, or your favorite recipe. Even ask your guests to each bring a light snack. You can have sparkling water with fresh fruit wedges, or even have champagne with strawberries. Pick whatever you and your group would like. Things to make it a spa party! You will also need robes, slippers, towels, cotton hair bands, for your guests to change into when they arrive. This sounds extremely expensive, so you can even ask your guests to bring their own robes, slippers, and hair bands, and just supply the towels.

Chose if you will all be performing treatments on yourselves and/or each other, or will you hire someone? You can also combine the two. Perhaps hire a massage therapist to do the massages, and while you are taking turns, you can do the manicures and pedicures on one another. This can be expensive. But you can hire someone to do 15-minute massages, or even look at local massage schools and see if you can post a sign up for students. This would be less expensive, and you will be helping someone gain experience. Thinking about the treatments you choose to have, you will need the essentials. For facials: Make-up remover, cleanser, exfoliator, toner, mask, moisturizer, cotton pads, cotton balls, q-tips (to remove mascara), tissue, individual bowls with fresh water for each guest. For manicures and pedicures: Nail polish remover, nail polish, cotton balls and pads, tissues, nail files, cuticle nippers, nail clippers, alcohol to sanitize, orangewood stick (a stick that pushes the cuticles back), exfoliator, lotion, individual bowls with fresh water for each guest. Mini Makeovers: The perfect way to finish off the night.

Have your guests bring their own makeup and do makeovers on each other. Don’t forget extra tissues, cotton, and makeup remover. Also, provide a squirt bottle with alcohol to sanitize your hands! Party favor ideas: What’s a party without leaving with a small gift? Some ideas to get you thinking: Gift bags with lotion, candles, or makeup. You can also just chose one thing, and that will keep your cost down. It’s very nice to give your attendees a little something to go away with. All in all, this is a great girls night in! This is supposed to be fun so don’t stress yourself out. Remember to relax; after all, it is a spa party!

Top 5 Trends That Are Going to Impact the Healthcare Industry in 2020

The elements of our healthcare system are always changing. A combination of self-made decisions and the use of latest technology has clearly benefitted in increasing the quality of life of people all over the world. We are living in the future we envisioned. Here are some of the latest trends that are going to make it big in 2020-

  • The millennial audience

Social media is a big platform for any industry to make it big these days. Social media brings people from all around the world together and can bridge the gap that has been there between the decision makers, staff and the users or consumers. Social media provides an interactive forum for a better implementation of healthcare trends as well. Doctors say that their services and patient relations have become better after using social media.

  • Digitization

Digitization of patient records is something that’s taking over as well. Imagine having all your medical records and data in one place, easily accessible to any doctor or specialist, when need be. No need to hoard piles of papers and folders, haphazardly tracking your medical records over the years. Also, the problems of a page being lost or destroyed is completely eliminated. Many hospitals and practitioners are going digital.

  • Artificial intelligence tools

AI is the future; AI is our present. These days, things like smartwatches and smart bands can be worn by the consumer. This can be connected to the person’s phone or computer and all necessary data can be put in. you can keep an eye on your daily calorie intake, calorie burn, distance run, number of steps you’ve taken, heartrate, etc. with the help of such devices. They remain in sync with your movements and vitals and keep updating, giving you the required results. These results can help you plan your diets, meals workouts and daily schedule more efficiently.

  • Alternative foods and sugars

Reduce alcohol and sugar intake. Replace that with natural sugars and juices. You can also switch from sugar to honey in your tea and cereal and make a difference in your diet. Alternative plant-based sources like soy milk instead of animal milk can make a great impact.


  • Working in the medical field itself

Choosing a career in medical billing and coding is a great idea, these days. It’s a booming industry, they keep recruiting and its not a very complicated job. Medical billing and coding jobs are fast-paced and they are in abundance. The best part is that you get to work in the health care industry and that’s pretty rewarding in itself. There are many people working remotely in these jobs so there is the flexibility of choosing the location that you want. Some jobs are even a “work from home” type jobs. While doing all this, once you catch errors, you will also be saving lives in the process. That’s reason enough to go for it. You also don’t need to attend years of medical school to be working in this field. The basic requirements and qualifications are minimum and a bit of training, you’ll be good to start.

What To Know About Laser Treatment

Below is some information you need to know about the hair pulling disorder known as trichotillomania, or TTM for short. This disorder is unique and each person with it may or may not have the same symptoms, reactions or benefits from treatments as others with the same condition. Below is a compilation of some of the intrestesting facts about tricholtillomania and can serve as a stepping stone to learning more about this interesting condition.

Does Pulling out Hair in TTM Painful?

This is probably one of the most asked questions from people who do not have the hair pulling disorder. Different patients report different sensations when pulling their hair but the majority will tell you that it isn’t painful as it would seem. In fact, many people with TTM report that when they get the urge to pull their hair and do pull it that it can be similiarized as scratching an annoying itch. Some others find it soothing and relaxing to pull their own hair.

What Causes Trichotillomania?

This is another million dollar question that numerous doctors, psychologists, scientists, and researchers have been tryin to answer for many years now. With all of the research being done they have still yet to pinpoint an exact cause of why a person pulls out their own hair. They have; however, narrowed it down to neuro-biological reasons, perhaps genetics or enviornmental causes and emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression,

How is TTM Treated?

Most mental health care professionals will agree that the best initial approach to treating people who pull out their hair is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, habit reversal therapy, and medication. The CBT will help teach the people with TTM how to overcome their urges or triggers to pull out their hair, habit reversal therapy will teach the patient other things they can do when the urge to pull hair begins, and medications will help deal with any anxieties or depression the patient may be feeling. According to Brampton laser clinic, hair pulling may be a sign of mental issue. Hence, it is always advisable to consult with a doctor if you have such problem.

How Common is Hair Pulling?

Research has found that trichotillomania isn’t as rare as you would think. Just because you may have never heard about it before does not make it a rare condition. In fact it is reported that 90% of those with TTM are women, children come in second place. Men do have the conditon as well but it isn’t as prevalant as with women and children.

Is Pulling Out Your Hair Dangerous?

Trichotillomania can become dangerous for several different reasons. The main reason is that having bald spots on the scalp from pulling hair can be depressing because it is likely to lower the self esteem of the person pulling the hair. Another danger lurks if the hair pulling or skin picking leaves open wounds that can become infected. It is important to monitor the areas to ensure there is no open areas of skin and if so that the areas are treated as you would treat any other wound.

There is a wealth of information about trichotillomania out there whether online or in the library. Speak to your doctor to obtain any literature about the disorder as well. Knowledge truly is power and the more you know about trichotillomania the more able you will be to help yourself or a loved one who is experiencing this condition.

Lack of Hygiene Prevalent in First Person Shooter Video Games

First-person shooters are amongst the most popular genres of video games today. Titles such as Halo, Hal-Life, Call of Duty and many others are playing, and loved, by millions of fans. With such a pervasive influence on today’s culture, it’s important that these games promote healthy lifestyles and clean living. Unfortunately, most of these games have ignored one of the most basic tenets of personal hygiene. An overview of several popular shooter games shows just how true this is.

Washing one’s hands after engaging in any sort of dirty, unclean behavior in which harmful bacteria and/or viruses may be spread is a basic, common task that most people in the United States know how to do. Little children are taught from an early age about the importance of being ‘clean’ and washing up before eating, after using the restroom, and other things. This is a fairly basic task, and it is horrifying that today’s FPS games are ignoring it. Many political figures are outraged over the content of some FPS games, and healthy gamers should be pressing their representatives in Congress to express consternation over this tragedy.

The Halo series is one of the most shooters on the Xbox consoles today. It’s arguably the best FPS for consoles, ever. Legions of eager fans have followed it since the release of Halo 1, spending hours blasting aliens and opponents online. Yet, Halo still lacks basic sanitation education. When Master Chief blasts an alien in the face, close up, spraying gore everywhere, does he pause to spray on a little disinfectant or antibacterial hand sanitizer? Nope! Does he even attempt to clean some of the goop, which may very well contain all sorts of unknown alien diseases, from his gun or shoes? Nope! Instead, he crusades forth, killing nonstop, without even sparing a second to follow basic hygiene procedures. Imagine the impact this has on the many young children playing Halo!

STALKER, the popular sci-fi, post-apocalyptic shooter set around Chernobyl, has gamers tracking through radioactive wastelands, fighting all kinds of horrifying mutants. Players assume the role of a lone mercenary-type and struggle to discover their character’s identity while fighting to stay alive. Pretty epic stuff, right? WRONG! It’s hard to be healthy when you are slowly killing your body with radioactive exposure, and living off of medical wraps and vodka. Even more importantly, players that complete the long nuclear saga will find that their character never once paused to use the restroom. Constipation is a problem for young children that may have a fear of releasing their bodily wastes, and any that are exposed to STALKER may find further reinforcement for their excretory/digestive habits. Glorifying the life of a sci-fi mercenary while ignoring the obvious health risks posed by long term radioactive poisoning and prolonged avoidance of bowel movements may have disastrous effects on its viewers.

Half-Life also suffers from many of the above problems, alien contamination, radioactive exposure, constipation, etc. However, props may be given to Valve, the creators of Half-Life, for giving the protagonist Gordon Freeman a protective suit. Of course, critics may consider this a cop-out to avoid having to deal with sanitation issues, and for good reason.

It’s quite possible that future games may include hand sanitizer as a useful in-game item or mini-windshield wipers on the visors of soldiers (like Master Chief). Many games already carry in-game advertising, and this would be a perfect place for antibacterial soap companies to plug their products. Moreover, there are games like Minecraft that are addressing this issue seriously. You get a life-like experience with minecraft shaders 1.14 that you can add to your game for enhanced and colorful graphics in the game. 

Imagine wading through a vicious firefight, with blood and alien matter splattered all-around a spaceship command deck. Your character pauses, pulls out a can of hand sanitizer, and sprays it over himself, remarking Duke Nukem-style, “Now that’s what I call a ‘clean’ kill.”

How to Find a Reputable Insurance Agent

Many business owners do not give much thought to risk management until they or one of their friends encounters a disaster. You need to have business insurance to cover unexpected and unpreventable events, fire, theft, lawsuits, severe weather conditions, and so on, whether you operate out of your home or in a separate location. You can work with either an independent agent who represents many different insurers or an agent who represents one company. As these companies claim, “We provide specialist insurance with a personalised touch” your insurance agent is going to help you in choosing an insurance policy according to your needs so that you can keep yourself safe and get a smooth insurance claim process in case you go through one. 

To begin, contact your personal insurance agent or company and ask about the types of business insurance available and the costs. Describe your business needs and determine the best form of coverage. Then shop around for both the best price and the best level of service. Select an agent or broker who fits your needs and specializes in your industry or a particular type of business. An alterations business has very different needs from a restaurant or construction business.

Ask other business owners who have similar needs to recommend an agent. Contact your local or national trade or professional association for recommendations. Find out if the organization has group insurance arrangements with specialty brokers or insurers. Call your local chamber of commerce as well as your banker, lawyer, and accountant for additional recommendations of agents with experience in your industry.

Interview several agents and ask for their opinion on the kinds of insurance your business needs. Ask what you should do if you need to file a claim. If they respond by giving you the insurance company’s telephone number, be wary. The correct response is, “Call me first.” Request a list of customers you can call and then contact these references.

Make sure the chemistry is right. It’s important that you feel comfortable with an agent and confident that he or she will be there to assist and represent you if a claim must be filed. Ask about the various coverages available and seek out advice in reducing your exposure to potential losses. Effective agents are experienced in risk management. Check to see if your candidates recommend any particular safety devices for theft protection or fire detection, and find out if you can receive credit for installing them.

Before making a final selection, call your state’s insurance department to determine if any complaints have been filed against the agent or company you are considering using. Don’t make your decision solely on price. Balance that important criterion against the agent’s expertise and, once again, the chemistry.

If you determine that your business needs several policies, you might end up with several different agents, one for property or liability insurance, another for benefits coverage, and so on. An excellent resource on this subject is Sean Mooney’s Insuring Your Business. The book covers property insurance, liability insurance, boiler and machinery coverage, workers’ compensation, and other critical areas that business owners need to consider.

Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule & Predictions

The 2011 Cricket World Cup is scheduled for February 19 through April 2 at 13 different venues in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. A total of 14 cricket nations will compete in the event’s championship round. The teams will be evenly divided into two groups of 7, with the top 4 of each group advancing to the quarterfinals. Australia is the defending champion of the ICC Cricket World Cup; the country is also the most successful at this event, with 4 titles in total. This article previews the 2011 Cricket World Cup as well as offers predictions  amp; schedule information.

As cricket is enormously popular in South Asia, it is only appropriate that Cricket World Cup 2011 will be hosted by a conglomerate of South Asian countries. India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are set to host the 10th edition of the sport’s most important competition. Pakistan was originally scheduled to co-host the event, but was stripped of this right following a major security incident in 2009. With matches planned in three different months, the ICC Cricket World Cup is undoubtedly the longest of all major sporting competitions (non-club).

No other team at the 2011 Cricket World Cup has achieved more success in the quadrennial event than Australia. The defending champion has comprehensively dominated this competition, winning it a record 4 times (out of 9 contested World Cups.) The Land Down Under also finished second on two different occasions. Australia comes into the ICC Cricket World Cup in good form, after having downed a determined English team at home in one-day international. The team also enjoyed a fine 2009-10 season, winning a number of important contests and tournaments. Barring major injuries to its players, Australia is definitely the odds-on favorite to win the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

South Asian countries are also among the favorites to triumph at this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup. With the exception of Bangladesh, each of the participants from South Asia has won this prestigious event at least once. Playing on home turf, these teams will be particularly dangerous. It should not be a surprise, if the championship game is to be between two of the three hosts. The four South Asian countries (Pakistan included) come in the 2011 Cricket World Cup in solid form. India was the winner of the 2010 Asia Cup. Sri Lanka, the runner-up at the last Cricket World Cup, reached the semifinals of the 2010 World Twenty20 tournament. Finally, Bangladesh grabbed the gold medal in men’s cricket at the 2010 Asian Games. The only question mark at this year’s competition is Pakistan, which is currently marred by a match-fixing controversy.

The dark horse at the 2011 Cricket World Cup is England. The originator of the cricket game has never won this important event. The team’s best performance to date was a runner-up finish (on three different occasions.) However, England has slowly regained its grounds in recent years, becoming increasingly competitive against cricket’s best ipl 2020 schedule bcci which has selected the teams for bating and those who won the man of the match and trophies has been given an huge amount for playing in such a good manner and made their team win; not only that they also receive some gifts from sponsors. Case in point, the team defeated powerhouse Australia on the road in the 2010-11 Ashes series and tied with the same team in the Twenty20 series. If the team could earn a high seed from the group stage, England has a very decent shot at winning the ICC Cricket World Cup for the first time ever.

My prediction for the 2011 Cricket World Cup: the championship game will be a rematch of the 2007 final, with Sri Lanka defeating Australia to win its second Cup. The event will be played in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The first match will be contested on February 19; the knockout stage begins March 23, with the final match scheduled for April 2nd. Viewers in the U.S. can watch this competition through DirecTV pay coverage. Group A includes Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Canada, New Zealand, and Kenya. Group B includes India, West Indies, England, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Microblading Your Eyebrows: The Do’s and Don’ts

It is every woman’s dream to wake up with an amazing and natural looking brows every morning. It is not diamonds or gold that most women would desire, its their eye brows. This dream can now be possible through the help of technology. Yes, there may be some tools like powders, gels, eyebrow pencils and tattooing that will allow you to get your brows done and for it to look good. But through a new technology called microblading, you now have the freedom and chance to have a more natural looking hair strokes with the semi permanent result. Microblading has been getting a lot of popularity since it was introduced to the market. It is a form of embroidery of precise and small strokes that mimic the hair’s effect and utilizes a unique pen to draw on the strokes of your brows. While the benefits of this new technology are quite impressive and enticing, it is important that you know how the procedures work. Microblading, if not done correctly, may cause some serious damage to your brows. No one wants such unfortunate thing to happen. So to help you out, this article will provide you with the do’s and don’ts of microblading your eyebrows.

Conduct Your Research

As a first timer, it is a given that you have little knowledge about the process of microblading. Thus, it is advisable that you do your research. One of the most important things that you need to know is the entire procedure, the benefits, and of course, the best technician for your first microblading experience. With the high demand of this service, there are several technicians that you can find in the market. The challenge now is how to choose the right one. Well, this part will no longer be difficult because you have the Internet where you can visit helpful websites like The first thing that you need to do is to look for a reliable and experienced technician. In doing so, you need to carefully consider all factors such as the license and certificate to operate. It is also advisable to choose a technician with long years of experience. The price or rate should also be considered.

Prepare Accordingly

Now that you have chosen the right technician for you, the next step that you need to do is to prepare accordingly. This means that you have to refrain from plucking your eyebrows or from waxing it. It is important that the technician would create the new eyebrow through microblading by taking measurements about your current eyebrow.

Communicate with your technician

It is also advisable to communicate with your technician in regards  to all the factors that you need to consider and all the preparations that you need to do. Communicating with your technician will also allow you to have the best possible results. If you fail to communicate with your technician, there is a tendency that you may not achieve your desired results and so you won’t be happy and feel disappointed.


Take proper care post application

After you get the final eyebrows from the process of microblading. It is necessary to get the need to show them off. However, extra care should always be observed and you should not use any skincare products or makeup. Such products may cause scratching, peeling or picking of the surface area and others.

While those are the things that you need to do before and after getting microblading, there are also some things that you should not do. These include the following:

  • Do  not sweat or workout
  • Do not go tanning
  • Do not go to a sauna
  • Do not consume any magnesium
  • Do not drink alcohol, nicotine or caffeine
  • Do not stay in direct sunlight
  • Do not get your eyebrows wet
  • Do not use any topicals or acidic lotion
  • Do not consume any over the counter herbs
  • Do not use benzoyl peroxide or retinoids

Overall, microblading is really helpful for women who want to achieve a natural looking and amazing brows. But for it to be more effective and to have better results, it is important to be informed about the things that need to do and not.

Add Value And Comfort To a New Home Using These Tips

When you decide to buy a new house, it does not involve only the expenses on the house. To make it worth living and comfortable one has to purchase many household items for the house. Some accessories to be fixed installed are everlasting use, whereas others may be replaceable or can be changed or removed when needed. The replaceable items mostly include dismantled furniture, rugs, carpets, lamps, and similar items. Moreover, as you click on this, you will be directed to the website where you can buy all this stuff at really affordable prices. This way you can make your home more beautiful and comfortable without digging a hole in your pocket.

You have to carefully think about all these items to be bought for the home to get finance and in terms of their costs. When you purchase anything by getting it financed from somewhere you will actually pay more for this item compared to that bought with cash. The main reason is that you will pay high interest on these items increasing their actual cost. So they should be worth the actual expenditure involved in them, thus making it necessary to consider which really should be purchased.

Therefore, when you need to fix things around the house, be sure of your financing costs that are associated with each one. As such it may be a useless idea to include items such as a sofa in your home finance. You may end up paying twice its price including the interest over the loan period. The sofa that you got financed does not earn you any money. Also, it does not add to the resale value of your house. Such an item like a couch should never be added in the personal loans

Other items like wardrobes, cabinets, flooring and roofing material are absolutely correct to add in the home loan. All these items practically add to the actual physical structure of households. When doing so, the worth of the home is actually gaining in value. This inclusion is really sensible. If you resell the house, it will make again for you. It may not only pay for itself but also get you more profit.

For example, here are a few home improvements, which, if done, can definitely enhance the real market value of your home:

  1. New roof: Replacing the old roof of a house with the new one provides it good protection. In the case of a resale of the house, a new roof to get a higher price is a big advantage.
  2. Cabinets: Renovated cabinets are a better investment in a house. Often people do not pay any attention to improve the storage cabinets. It makes a huge difference between the two adjacent houses with the quality and the style of cabinets. A remolded kitchen will substantially increase the value of your home.
  3. Remodeling Bathroom: Improving your bathroom to be better looking and more useful is probably one of the easiest, the fastest and the biggest payoff.
  4. Better Flooring: Gives a great feel to any home at a reasonable cost and adds to its value.

Introducing a Great Touchscreen Digicam With Stellar Performance

Sony has made a vast number of excellent products. Many of it are available at for purchase. The Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 will take beautiful photos at a remarkably fast speed. It’s touch screen interface and stunning image results will quickly make it a must have gadget. You will be Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 able to review your images on a large 3.5 inch display for easy and convenient viewing. It’s large icons and menu system are extremely user friendly and free from any major complications. Professional and amateur photographers will enjoy using this full featured digital camera with a large display.

Most of the controls for the Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 can be easily accessed from the main screen. There are several large icons that can be selected using your finger. The other device settings are located in simple to find sub menu. With just a few taps on the device screen, you will be able to program this digital camera with your preferred settings. You will not have to be a tech guru in order to produce some beautiful shots.

The large touchscreen takes up most of the Sony Cybershot DSC-T200. Some digital camera lovers may not like this feature, but it prevents you from selecting functions blindly. You will be able to easily read text and get a better view of the images you are taking. There are several buttons on the back of the camera to control the shutter release, zoom function, and playback. Each button can comfortably adjust your desired settings without much effort.

The Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 has a Smile Shutter mode that gives a little extra pizazz to its face detection feature. Once you select this special mode, the digital camera will takeover the complete process. Instead of you manually pressing the shutter release button to take your desired photo, the camera will do all the work for you. In less than a second, it will easily detect the subject’s smile and then snap the photo. This is an awesome feature that other digital cameras will not have access to.

The picture quality of the Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 is stunningly beautiful. The colors are vibrant and full of detail. Your photos will not look washed up or faded, like some digital cameras. Another benefit of this digital camera is that photos are free from noise. Your favorite photos will look stunning without hard work. Even amateur photographers will look like professionals with this digital camera.

The Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 is a wonderful digital camera that will produce excellent photos. Photo taking can be completed in a short amount of time without having to work very hard. The colors and details displayed in photos are very impressive. The gigantic touchscreen makes viewing images pleasurable. Navigating through all of the camera functions is an easy task because of the user friendly interface. Adding this digital camera to your gadget collection would be a smart buy.

Fired Because Of Myspace – Digital Working At The Social Sites

In the technological age we are living in it, is no surprise to anyone that the main form of communication is based on computers. The Internet has made it easier to communicate back and forth than ever before, and the speed that it allows us to do so has practically put all previous forms of communication at a standstill. With all of this new technology came Web sites that allowed for friends to find each other and create their own Web pages. This allows for even quicker communication and creates a forum for pictures, comments and other information to be shared. The most popular of these are MySpace, YouTube and Facebook.

MySpace is for a variety of ages that allows people to create their own web page which lists favorite bands, movies, books, and television shows. It also allows you to add friends and share pictures. Facebook is more limited. It is for college students only and the only way you can set up an account is by having a valid college email address. This page also allows you to join groups, share pictures, and post comments and messages to people. YouTube varies in the aspect that you post videos of yourself of whatever you wish. It is then viewed by other subscribers and a general audience.

These three pages also bring with them their share of controversy. Here is a hypothetical situation. You have been working at your job for about a year now and, for recreation, you drink or use drugs on the weekend. You posted pictures of this on one of the above websites. You go into work one Monday and you are fired on the spot. You demand an explanation from your boss. He simply replies that some incriminating photographs of yourself participating in actions that were not supported by the company had been brought to his attention and he could no longer support you working under him any longer. For the life of you, you cannot figure out why you were fired. How could your boss even know what you did on the weekends? And even if he did what did that have to do with your performance while you were at work?

These questions are playing over and over in the minds of many young Americans across the United States that have recently been fired. Why? Because thousands of companies across the nation have started to research the actions of their younger employees while they are not on the clock. How? They monitor their on line websites to monitor what they are doing. This seems radical, especially being that everyone is adults and have long since past the years of parental supervision of their actions. But still it is happening.


So does this mean that we should be thinking of work all the time? Absolutely not, but it does mean to watch what you put on line. You never know who could be looking at it. It could be your friends, or your girlfriend, or your boss. And yes, you could lose your job over it.

So next time you go out and party one your day off, remember one thing, don’t post it on line. Your boss could be looking at it the next day. Proper research should be made at online sites to buy cheap instagram likes on the account of the person. The budget will be under the control of the business person for expelling and recruitment of the employees at instagram and Myspace.