Review: Why Grindhouse Empowers Women

My mother believed the first movie I ever saw in a theater was Herbie the Love Bug. Technically the first movie I really saw was Barbarella with Jane Fonda. I was 5 and snuggled up with a load of pillows, blankets and sleeping younger siblings in the back of our station wagon. I was supposed to be asleep and was by the time the drive-in showed the second feature. But my movie tastes were forever molded by the time I saw a room full of dolls with sharp teeth attack Jane Fonda.

So I guess this explains why my best friend and I were in a theater with only about 15 other people to watch Grind House. There is no way I could take my husband as Pulp Fiction was a little much for him. Although he handled The Rocky Horror Picture pretty well. The pictures in the album will help the person to identify the sindarin names in the drama. The interest of the person is growing with the watching of the movies of the drama. 

Grind House, written by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodiguez is fun. It isn’t deep, and the cinematography will make you gasp, not in a Lord of the Rings way but more in a Jeffery Dahmer kind of way. If you can handle a one legged stripper with a machine gun leg then this is your kind of movie. I know exactly which scene I would use for my desktop if I weren’t a mommy and in charge of not scarring my kids for life.

The one thing I always take away from a Tarantino movie is, that he really shouldn’t be in his own movies. Really, really. I don’t think he can act and he looks like the Jack-o-lantern in my back garden I left there last Halloween. Thankfully he just plays a couple of irritating characters that have little screen time.

Grind House is over 3 hours long, so plan accordingly. We bought regular size pop and visited the bathroom right before the movie started. Save some snacks if you like, if not there is a perfect place in the film to leave and take care of business.

The style of the movie is paying homage to 70’s grind house flicks, the type of movie with lots of action, cleavage and little dialog. Well except for the fact that Tarantino doesn’t know what little dialog means. We will come back to that later.

Planet Terror was awesome. It was exactly like a movie I would have watched back in the day. Or I guess a movie I would watch today, since I just did. You get to watch Rose McGowan dance around a stripper pole as Go Go dancer Cherry Darling. She is gorgeous but used to date Marilyn Manson so you have to wonder about her childhood.

Stripping apparently makes her sad because she cries when she grinds. Aww. Strippers are always misunderstood and have hearts of gold and never take your husband away from you and well lets get on with the review.

Cherry is so sad that she gives the finger to her boss and quits. We follow her on her journey and begin to meet the other victi…um characters. Fergie, Bruce Willis, Kurt Russel, Freddy Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson and her Rent friend Tracie Thoms and way too many other yummy people to list. Just to see how good you are, try to spot Tom Savini, special effects wizard.

Somehow the military got a hold of some zombie juice and let it loose on the world, let the screaming begin.

Planet Terror is a fun, loud horror movie. But it is still a satire of a genre, don’t go expecting perfection or polish. Missing reels are deliberately planned into the movie and scratches and flaws have been added digitally.

After Planet Terror don’t leave yet for your potty break. Trailers for nonexistent movies are shown during the intermission and are worth watching. Wait until the second movie, Death Proof starts.

I love Kurt Russell, I mean how can you hate him after Big Trouble in Little China, and he really wasn’t the one responsible for Kate Hudson.

The movie starts out slowly. Very slowly. You know the kind of night when you go out with the girls but get to the bar too early for anyone to even be there, including the band? You wait for something to happen, talk about nothing and drink and are bored, well that’s what this part of the movie is like. Exactly.

We open with a group of girls celebrating and they just talk and drink. They talk a lot. Go the the bathroom. Get nachos. Play air hockey. You won’t miss anything. I promise. Then Kurt Russel comes in. He is a bad guy. You kinda know that from the start because his car is so growly, and has a skull on the hood. He is also the oldest person in the bar. But not the ugliest because darn it all if Tarantino didn’t cast himself as the bartender.

So now the bartender is talking to the young lovelys and talking and honestly I don’t know what he said because I had to make a nacho run. But 5 minutes later he was still jabbering so I guess I didn’t miss much. I am not against talkie movies, I loved The Royal Tennenbaums and all of that Emma, Jane Austin hooha. It’s just that this dialog was so random. And boring.

So the gist of Death Proof is there is a horny old man (Russell) who likes young women, especially in pieces. Legs fly, well a leg, cars chase, there’s blond hair, bouncing boobies and a lot of blood.

Planet Terror was definitly the stronger movie, it had more action and Rose McGowan in these really bitchin’ boots. I would totally love a pair. Death Proof had a strong start with Kurt Russel and the pretty death car. The movie should have been cut by at least 40 minutes of boring dialog and we wouldn’t have missed anything.

I left this movie feeling empowered. Even though women in this movie were victimized, objectified and persecuted,they also were strong and fought back. We are strong we are proud and we are able to stomp in the head of perverts with the heels of our bitchin’ boots.

The 411 on Wireless Routers

A wireless router is a very convenient option for many people that use the Internet. Many households today have more than one computer and they would like to be able to share Internet access between all of them along with a home VPN for better results. However, in some cases, it may just not be possible, or it may just be too much bother to physically install Ethernet cable throughout your home. This is where the wireless router comes in to play. However, are you really getting what you pay for? What kind of data transfer speeds are you going to get? These are some of the questions the average person does not consider because they believe that all routers are created equal.

The speed of the router is an issue which everybody should be concerned with. Most wireless routers use what is known as the 802.11g technology standard, which can deliver up to 54 Megabits per second. However, it is likely that you will never see this speed achieved in an actual home environment. Nevertheless, it is much faster than the old 802.11b technology some people are still using today. By the way, if you are using the 802.11b routers, it may be a good idea to upgrade and break that 11 Megabit per second threshold.

Of course, there are a lot of factors that can affect the actual speed of your router. The network traffic over your router is one factor, which will greatly reduce the speed reached. If everybody in the home is downloading large files, playing MMOGs, (Massive Multiplayer Online Games), or watching videos, you can be sure that someone’s connection will be suffering greatly, no matter how good the router is.

Your Internet connection is a big contributing factor as to how fast your connection will be. If you do purchase a wireless router that does claim to give you a very high speed, you may wind up a little disappointed. You see, the speed of the router only pertains to how fast the data transfers between your PC and the router itself. However, it does not relate to how fast the Internet connection is that you are getting through your ISP, (Internet Service Provider).

Another factor is the physical distance from your computer to the router itself. Many people believe that if they buy a router that it will automatically solve all of their Internet connection troubles. Not so, Internet connectivity and speeds are greatly affected by distance. The wireless router sends a signal through the air which is received by an antenna attached to the NIC card installed on your computer. The speed and quality of your connection are greatly reduced as the distance increases.

The physical layout of your home is another factor that can greatly hinder the speed of your wireless router. There are certain homes that are designed in such a way that they are not conducive to wireless signal transmissions. It may be the way that the house is wired electrically or just the way that the house is physically laid out which can be the determining factors.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all wireless routers are created equally. Always, and I stress always, look on the box to check what distances the router can cover. Wireless router manufactures have not been consistent in making sure that all routers can cover equal distances. While some may say that they can reach up to 420 feet, some may reach only as far as 150 feet. This is a big difference, and as you would expect, it is always wise to choose the router with the farthest distance. A good rule of thumb to apply to wireless routers is that whatever distance and speed they claim to be able to perform at, reduce that by half, and that is most likely the performance you will actually receive.

Wireless routers are very convenient, and for the most part, they perform very well. You and your family can enjoy the Internet from multiple PCs no matter where they are located in your home, without the need to install Ethernet cables. One final note, I have always believed, and it has always been my experience that, “You get what you pay for.” If you do pay for a generic or even inexpensive wireless router, you will most likely get one that will not perform the way you like, and it will become more of a frustration than anything else. However, sometimes going cheap is good enough, but that choice is ultimately in your hands.

How to Maximize Your Work Day as a Remote Employee

With today’s rapidly growing technologies and online workspaces, it’s become easier for many to work from a remote location – whether it’s a home office, the beachfront, or the comforts of a hotel. Business Week reports that remote employees are almost 16% more productive than in-office employees, and the trend is spreading across both corporate America and the average startup (Source: With the rich tasting coffee, the employee can perform extra work for the upliftment in the career. With the amazing taste, it will increase the potential of the person to do work. 

Still, working independently without the office environment requires self-discipline and motivation to stay on task. Here are some simple way stop maximize your work day if you’re a remote employee:

  1. Prepare for a ‘real’ office day. Shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast before you attend your online office. Getting into a consistent routine will make it easier to get into the flow of work so it really feels like you’re working. Do you really feel confident talking to clients when you’re dressed in your pajamas? Are you productive without a healthy breakfast? A morning routine is a self-motivation trick that makes it easier to maintain perspective for your day ‘at work’ from afar.
  2. Make a running to-do list. Creating a list of priorities either first thing in the morning or the night before can help you tackle both large and small projects with a fresh perspective. Outlining your goals for each day makes it easier to just check off each item as you move through the day’s projects; this is also a great way to stay on track if you’re constantly interrupted with IM’s from coworkers, telephone calls and e-mails throughout the day.
  3. Leave the chores for after-work hours. If you’re working from home, it’s tempting to multitask with that basket of laundry, get some cooking done or run a few errands between projects. Unfortunately, these activities running in the back of your mind – and interrupting your day – can make your actual working hours much less productive. Stay focused and on track, as if you were still at the office and you’ll maintain a steady work flow pace with ease.
  4. Steer clear of personal e-mails and phone calls. Working independently gives you the freedom to catch up on personal e-mails and phone calls throughout the day, but this can also sabotage your efforts to stay on track with that to-do list. Schedule time into your day for breaks where you can tend to personal items, and you’ll free yourself up for more important objectives during your working hours.
  5. Take breaks. Zoning out in front of the computer for hours on end without human contact can take its toll on your productivity. Take brief 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day, or make a conscious decision to take a lunch break in the middle of the day where you’re away from the screen and any forms of communication. If you can enjoy a change of scenery for a few minutes, even better.
  6. Work on your communication skills. Not being able to have face-to-face communication with supervisors and coworkers leaves you vulnerable to communication mishaps and challenges for getting the right message across. Keep in touch with e-mail, instant messaging and telephone calls on a regular basis, and make yourself available throughout the day in at least one medium.

Working from home is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs and independent business owners, but those who choose to stick with the corporate environment are also picking up on telecommute trends. If you’re a member of the virtual workforce, look forward to a productive and rewarding day with these simple habits.

How to Keep Your Under Sink Storage Area Clean and Organized

Just about every home has that large under sink cabinet area. Many of us often find it pretty difficult to keep this space clean and organized. Some even have a difficult time trying to figure out exactly what to do with this space. Below you will find several ideas and suggestions on how you can keep the under sink storage area clean and organized with the help of d5.

First, you will want to purchase a nice roll of contact paper. In my experience, I have found that putting contact paper on the bottom of the cabinet located under the sink helps with the cleaning process. You will want to roll out the contact paper until it reaches each corner of the cabinet. Smooth out the contact paper with your hand. Once this is complete you will then need to determine what you are going to store in this area. If you plan on storing chemicals in this location, which may be convenient to do, make sure that there is a lock if you have children. 

This area is very easy for children to reach and get into. A child safety lock will be a must for this cabinet. Or perhaps you see this as a good location for your baking items or for your pots and pans. Whatever you plan to put in this area you will want to place it in there in an organized way.

I would recommend that items you will not be used often should be placed towards the back of the cabinet. For cleaning products and chemicals, why not purchase a small clear bin with a top and place the bin in the cabinet. This way when you need something you can simply pull out the bin and put it back when you are all finished. This is also an extra added protection against little hands getting into the cleaning products.

Once a week you will want to go to the cabinet and wipe it out. Since this is where all the pipes are for the sink, you will find that there is often a lot of gunk that tends to collect into this area. Pull everything out of the cabinet, and use a simple disinfectant spray and a cleaning cloth.

Then put all of the items back. The reason why you will want to use the disinfectant spray is to get rid of any little bugs that may try to nest in this area. That may not sound too pleasant but it is a fact. Under the kitchen sink is the area where little flies, and little bugs, even spiders tend to make a nest. They will usually walk in on the pipes from under the sink. Remember that the pipes enter in through a small hole in the wall. In most homes, this hole is not tightly sealed, so little bugs can find their way in. By wiping it out you will be helping to deter this. When you put all of the items back under the sink, try to do so in a neat and organized way. Taking the time to do this once a week is really worth the extra effort in keeping your kitchen clean and bug-free.

Zero Turn Mower- Essential Part of Gardening

The current situation throughout the world is an atmosphere of panic and tension, given the corona virus outbreak and the way news channels are propagating fake news is and creating fear mongering among the general public is disgusting to say the least.

The citizens have been confined to their house since the past few weeks and can move out only to buy food and other basic essentials for the house otherwise it is a complete lockdown everywhere.

In such circumstances, there is little that anyone can do except sit at home and simply bide their time but in a fruitful way. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out your other talents lying dormant inside you.

The most essential thing to do in the present situation is to maintain social distance from outsiders and keep your surroundings clean. Why not begin with your own house? It is a good place to start.

As the old saying goes that charity begins from home and the lawn and garden outside is dirty so you can begin by clearing up all the mess in the place and keep it neat and clean.

Lawn Mower

The most important things that you would need are tools such as shovel, pick, garden knife and water. You can begin by first cleaning the garden and then water the plants one by one.

But due to so many days of gross negligence, the lawn has overgrown with grass so it would require cultivation to make it neat and worthy to look at. Therefore, you can use the lawn mower and cut off all the unnecessary grass that acts as the discordant note in the musical harmony.

If they are too rough and harsh, then you can use the zero turn mower to do the honors and it will fix things quicker than a regular lawn mower but first let’s get to know a little about it.

It is basically a lawn mower of standard size with a turning radius, which means that it is capable of taking the smallest circular term in the shortest possible time in comparison to other lawn mowers.


Its history dates back to the 1940s when the first zero lawn mower was invented to use by Max Roper, who was so impressed with its speed and technique that he nicknamed it as ‘Ride King’.

It was a three wheeled machine when it first came out and had two drivers to manage it properly, one each at the front and back, and in the initial stages it was quite successful after a few test runs.

Realizing the efficacy of his invention, Roper quickly patented the design and model so that no one could steal his work and one unique feature that it had was the front wheel was used for driving and had the capacity of turning at a full 360 degrees without doing any damage.

This mower is perfect for lawn maintenance that can be utilized for both personal and professional uses but at first glance, it gives the impression of a bumper car found in amusement parks.

An interesting fact about zero lawn mowers is that unlike regular vehicles, the engine is located at the backend of each model.


Unlike other lawn mowers, a zero model has two levers on either ends instead of a steering wheel and it is their job to control the motors that power up the engine and it is this facet that allows the vehicle to maneuver around the field at greater speed that finishes the task quickly.

Due to the advanced technique that these mowers possess, people are gradually shifting towards zero lawn mowers at a quicker pace than perhaps the mowers themselves.

You can look up the zero turn mowers reviews online and decide which model to buy but given below are certain reasons on why to do so:

  1. Advanced maneuvering- Due to the speed, the machine can maneuver itself by the levers without the need of any person to do it as the rear wheel can move in any direction
  2. Its efficiency is topnotch as they have a horsepower of 6-50 HP which would even put real horses to shame
  3. It is highly versatile as it can also spread seeds on the ground and has sprayers for the crops

Pet Peeve- Nose Cleaning Drive Made Easy

It is the innate human desire to have everything in the world that they can lay their hands on and grab it with both hands wide open and never rest until it is completely in their grasp.

This is something that needs to be highlighted for all the desperate souls in the world who are like that but for now we are going to focus on harmless desires that in fact everyone should have in current times.

Everyone wants to have pets and only one obvious candidate is head and shoulders above all when you say pets and that is dog. Is there any other animal in existence that can match the faith and loyalty that dogs have for their masters.

Pug Breed

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and for good reason as they are the most reliable and trustworthy of the entire lot and don’t think twice before putting their lives on the line for the sake of their owner.

We are already aware of breeds like Labrador, German shepherd, Chihuahua, etc. and how they relate to different types of people but today we are going to discuss about the pug breed.

They are the smallest and sadly, the most underrated and overlooked of all breeds as they are not quite seen in the same league as others despite the age old saying that size is no guarantee of power.

Apart from being cute and adorable, they are quite helpful in doing household chores right from cleaning to fetching regular items from here and there aside from being good playmates for children.

Pugs are quite distinct looking and the exact opposite of Pomeranian in looks despite being the same size as their face is full of wrinkles, the tail is curled up and the nose and face are both muzzled, making it look as though they are wearing an oxygen mask.


It is difficult to say where this breed was originated but reports and articles state that they were first seen in the 16th century by a group of dog experts in China and some European countries like France, Spain, Germany, etc. who were quite fascinated by its features.

Soon, they were brought back to Western Europe and became quite popular in Switzerland and the Netherlands. However, it was not until much later in the 19th century that they were spotted in the United Kingdom, from where they moved on to North and South American countries, including US, Canada, Mexico among the well known ones.

Today they can be found all over the world and one of the most popular breeds that you can find and were found to the third most popular breed among house owners behind only Labrador and German shepherd.

Temperamental Nature

In stark contrast to their size, pugs have been found to be quite strong and not quite aggressive compared to other breeds and are quite safe to be with families that have children.

It can be said that they are the animal equivalent of the strong and silent macho man but that does not mean that they are not prone to temper tantrums. In fact, their anger sometimes goes beyond the standard poodle temperament.

You don’t really want to make a pug angry and it takes a lot to do it but once it does lose its temper, it becomes quite aggressive and dangerous but thankfully, it is mostly towards unwelcome and suspicious people that it knows is going to cause harm. With that being said, its anger is as easily pacified as it is difficult to arouse.

Nose Job

It has a strong nose and is capable of smelling people that are many miles away through mere sniffing but pet owners need to regularly clean it because it is quite prone to sneezing.

Some tips on how to do it:

  • Wash a small cloth and moisten it and wipe the outer part of the nose in a gentle manner but never do it with hot water
  • Try a balm in case of dry nose
  • In case of mucus, wipe it out with a clean cloth and give them a warm shower to clear it off
  • Gently massage its face and check the nose at regular intervals for dirt

Making Wii Fitness Work for You

You’ve seen the latest game system craze with Fortnite that completely changed the dynamics of the online gaming world that features today’s item shop that offers you amazing deals with in-games purchase. And with it, a revolutionary development in how we could potentially lose weight. The pros and cons of Wii Fitness® have been put forth in so many different ways that we, as consumers, are torn between whether this product will actually help us to lose weight or not. Bottom line? Wii Fitness® will not effectively work for anyone if they don’t work for it.

The idea behind Wii Fit® is simple. Hop on the Wii Balance Board® with guided instruction from a woman’s voice issuing from the game. You can then choose to go into Training. When you enter into Training, you have different categories loaded with different games, each one designed to target key areas of your body. The “Balance” category has games that will specifically focus on your body’s core (which controls weight distribution in your body, stance, posture, and alignment) and is actually one of the key areas of the game to initially focus on. Focusing more on how your core is will set you up to effectively use the muscles in your body during exercises. Other areas for actual workouts, muscle toning, and strength training can be found through different categories.

It’s easy enough to go through the motions while using Wii Fit®. Admittedly, you can lose some weight without putting any other effort into your daily routine. The results, in comparison to an effective regimen that includes Wii Fit® (and doesn’t center around the game system), will be profoundly smaller than if you take the time to step back and look at what has caused you to weigh what you do.

I originally purchased the Wii Fitness® system with the hopes that it would be enough to melt the pounds away. Most certainly, I wasn’t ready to make a lifestyle change. Mountain Dew® was my life source, and food was my addiction. My every waking thought was about food. How to prepare it, how to change it up, how to serve it with flair. I was merely a housewife obsessed with bringing it to the table and making it taste great. Certainly, there had to be something out there that would take the weight off without making me lose two of my loves.

Not so, as I found out. For two weeks, I worked out with my Wii Fitness® religiously for an hour at a time. I familiarized myself with every category and made sure to use the two that would be most effective at weight loss (Aerobics and Balance). I shed three pounds. Sure, it was three pounds less than what I weighed before, and I hadn’t, as of that point, had to sacrifice my soda or my food.

But logging in every day to do my Body Test was a real downer. Not just something that I could push into a corner. It’s one thing to see your weight in numbers. We look at our weight that way every day of our lives. Having to look at my weight as a character (known as a Mii) on the Wii Fit® was enough to crush me. Each day I would start off with a nice slim version of Mii (aka ME). Then it was time to want to run and hide as the system spewed out my weight in numbers. The numbers were no biggie. What those numbers did to my Mii had the biggest impact on my life since I was 16 and started to gain weight.

Next to your Mii on the game during the Body Test is a bar that is color-coded and stamped with different “stages” of your weight. You have Underweight, Average, Overweight, and Obese. After weighing you, your numbers for BMI (Body Mass Index), and actual weight are ticked off, your BMI going first. As your BMI shoots upward, your Mii gains weight. That’s right. My Mii got fat. Disgustingly fat, in my opinion, did not reflect the body type that I have as a real person. But, for me, it was more than enough to kick me into gear. Oh, especially when the woman’s voice that instructs you throughout the game blatantly calls out “That’s OBESE!”. It didn’t take long for me to get tired of hearing that, and to respond back “That’s ENOUGH!”

I wasn’t satisfied with the ratio of working out vs. weight loss. It wasn’t happening for me. What was happening for me was that somewhere in my brain the “that’s obese” mantra was repeating itself, and making an impact on my life? Without realizing it, I completely stopped drinking soda. I started looking at what I was eating, and cutting it in half. All bread in my current diet regimen (which was none) were replaced with whole grains or wheat. I no longer drank anything but water. Salads? Incorporating them into my new food outlook was easier than I thought. Fruits, veggies, no sweets? Easier said than done, but I did it. Normal activities that I went through on a daily basis were now done with a purpose. To burn calories. For most activities, if I wasn’t sweating, I was cheating myself. So I pushed harder.

The Wii Fit® became the center of everything I did or didn’t do on a daily basis. Logging in to find that I had dropped x amount of pounds in x amount of days thrilled me to no end. I finally had a goal, something visual to look at, and it was working for me. It took a month to drop 23 pounds.

Since then, I have signed up for many websites that track the food I eat each day for calories, log my activities to show how many calories I’m burning, and to help me reach my goal. My goal is not in pounds or BMI. My goal is to hit that color-coded bar stamped with Overweight, then blow right through it to Average.

So, will the Wii Fit® work for everyone? Most certainly not. It will work for those who need a fresh look at themselves (even if they really don’t look like that) and will be driven towards a new goal. For those who are willing to make the changes needed in their lives in order for the Wii Fit® to give them just enough to keep their metabolism going. For those, like me, who needed that extra special incentive to do what needs to be done.

I do recommend Wii Fit® even if losing weight isn’t a goal. The games are fun and competitive. With so many different things to choose from, it’s not easy to get bored with the system. And for those who live in colder climates, as I do, it’s a great way to get exercise during the storms and blizzards that winter brings.

How To Use Myspace To Market Affiliate Products

In any kind of sales, whether it’s in Cyberspace or in the “Brick and Mortar” world, you must have two things to be successful:  Something to sell, and    Someone to sell it to.  MySpace and other social networking sites give the Internet marketer a built-in audience for products and services. Clickbank and other digital product sites give the Internet marketer something to sell. Digital products have the advantage over other products in that there are no shipping charges and hassles. The file- an e-book, or software- is sent to the buyer over the Internet, either by a download link or by email once payment is made.

Step One- If you don’t already have a MySpace account, go to and start one. You will not be using this profile in your marketing efforts- this is for you personally, to show you how MySpace works. This is a free service.

Step Two- Go to Clickbank , and familiarize yourself with the product offerings. There are other sites that offer digital products, but Clickbank is the most popular and the easiest to get started with. Opening an Affiliate account with Clickbank is free- a Publisher account will cost you around $50. You will see that the products are divided into categories.

Think for a minute about the three universal human needs:

Love    Money    Health  Pick out some products that offer solutions to each of these needs, or that fit what we call “niches”. Go to the pitch page, and familiarize yourself with three products for each of the three human needs. Pick out one product in particular for each of these three needs that you would buy yourself, and would feel good about promoting.

Once you are familiar with Clickbank, another useful site is Clickbank trends, This gives you a performance report on all Clickbank products, a report on the new products recently released, and many other useful reports. Now, you are ready to get going on your marketing campaign.

Step Three- Sign up for ten free email accounts. Use Yahoo! Mail, hotmail, gmail, etc. You will need a separate email account for each MySpace profile that you create. Think of each profile as an actor or actress.


Step Four- Create profiles for each of these email accounts based on the niche products that you identified on Clickbank. You can find images to use on, under Google Images. What you are doing is creating ten actors and actresses.

In addition, you can also create other accounts like Instagram and kink your followers there to your MySpace. To grow your profile in Instagram, you can look for the best site to buy instagram views and you can easily grow your following. Gone are the days when you had to exert so much effort in getting followers.

Here are some points to consider when choosing images and profile information for your characters:

Demographics: Most MySpace users are young adults. Your actors should be under 30 years old, unless you have a product that you plan to market to older people.    Gender: People have done marketing studies and have found that females are more popular to work with than males. So, most of your profiles should be actresses. I would say to work with seven actresses and three actors.    Build the profiles to match the Clickbank products. Make a profile of an overweight person looking for something to solve that problem. MySpace allows you to sort for overweight people. Make a profile of a person who is a single parent with money problems. They should have an income of less than $30,000 a year. This is the perfect person who would benefit from products that would allow them to earn money from home or start an online business. You can have a person who is a smoker and who wants to quit smoking and needs an e-book or other digital product to get them started down the smoke-free road. Again- choose products that you feel good about promoting, and build profiles of people (actors/actresses) who have a need for those products.  Step Five- Pimp that profile! If you Google “MySpace Layouts”, you will find hundreds of sites offering free MySpace Layouts, glitter graphics, etc. The idea here is to make the profile look like a real person. Find a profile that fits the actor/actress, and pimp it out with a sports layout for an athletic person, a frilly “girlie-girl” look for a feminine actress, etc. Add some more pictures, interests- flesh out the profile to make it look like a real person.

Step Six- Invite friends to your profile. This is where you will need to make a small investment in some software. There are several products on the market that automate the process of inviting friends to your profile, along with other functions such as making comments, etc. Two of these are Badder Adder and Adder Robot. Personally, I like Adder Robot better, even though it is more limited in the number of friend invites allowed each day. Adder Robot is easier to use. MySpace currently limits the number of friend invites permitted each day to 400. Once you hit 50 friends invited during the course of a day, you will start to get boxes that require you to fill in letters and numbers (alphanumeric code), called CAPTCHA boxes, which weeds out non-human users. These friend-adding “bot programs” will figure out how to bypass the CAPTCHA boxes, and them MySpace will advance their technology to get around the bots bypass technology. It’s a never-ending duel.

When you do your friend invites, keep the product in mind that the actress/actor is promoting. If you are promoting weight loss e-books, sort for those people who say they have “excess baggage”. Sort for smokers to sell the “stop Smoking” software. Sort for those who don’t make much money (income under $30,000 a year) and who are “proud parents” and “single” to find the audience most receptive to money-making products, especially “get rich quick” type offerings. Build up your friend base gradually, over a week or two. One of the red flags that MySpace looks for is profiles that get hundreds of friends within a few days. Also, make sure that all of your actors and actresses are added to each other’s profiles as friends, setting the stage for a network.

Step Seven- Post to your blogs. Make a starter post such as “Hello, how is everyone! It’s great to be on MySpace.” Tell a little about your character. The second or third posts should discuss an event in the news, or an event in the “person’s” life, such as a new baby, new job, new house, etc. Don’t jump in too quickly and try to sell something on the very first post.

After three or four general posts, your character should start talking about the main problem in their life- being overweight, needing to quit smoking, a broken romance (or no romance at all), needing to earn more money. Post bulletins advertising your new blog posts to your friend/audience.

This is where the rest of your cast of actors and actresses come in. At different times of the day, have these other characters post responses to the blog. One or two should post a “Yes, I know what you mean, I have the same problem, too” type response. Then, along comes the actress/actor with the solution to the problem at hand- a great e-book, piece of software, etc. that solved that very same problem for them. “Yes, I was overweight all my life until I discovered a great book called “Fat Loss for Dummies”. Take a look at it right HERE. Of course, insert the appropriate html code for your affiliate link for the product and make the word “HERE” a clickable link. Follow up a few days later with more of your acting crew extolling the virtues of the products- “Yes, I went to the site and bought the product and it seems to be working for me”. Of course, make your language more specific to the problem and product in question.

Tips To Increase Tiktok Followers

Tiktok is certainly the hype today. With millions of people using, it is no doubt that this mobile app is a game changer in the realm of social media. Hence, if you are one of the Tiktok users who want to grow your followers, you are in the right place. This article will give you some essential and effective tips on how you can increase Tiktok followers.

Be Original

Definitely, if you really want to increase your followers on Tiktok, you must be able to post original content. If you just keep on posting the same type of content just like what everyone else is posting, the chances are you won’t get a lot of followers. You need to look for ways on how you can make yourself stand out among the crowd. Millions of people are using Tiktok. Hence, the competition is quite fierce and firm. Also, if you post the same content, there will always be comparison. So it is always better to be original.

Upload videos regularly

The mere fact that Tiktok is the hype today should give you an idea that you should never keep your followers waiting. Thus, you must be able to upload videos regularly. Simply explained, if you don’t upload your videos regularly, how would people know that you exist on Tiktok. As a beginner in Tiktok, posting every other day or once a week is a good way to get started. Also, when people follow your account, you should know that they are expecting to see more of your content.

Incorporate Trendy Music

Music is the foundation of Tiktok. The app provides you the whole library of songs that you desire. But if you really want to increase your followers on Tiktok, then you should disregard your old fashioned music style but go to modern and popular ones instead. Tiktok thrives on trends and so you should use the latest and trendy msuci in your videos. You should be updated of the current positions of popular musics. You can see some of the popular songs online and even in other platforms such as Spotify, Youtube and among others.

Do Duets

If you check on some of the videos on Tiktok, you’ll see that most of the videos include teaming up with other Tiktok users. Hence, these videos are also some of the most viewed content on the app. In addition, teaming up with other Toktok users will allow you to expand your followers. As you can see, the Tiktok user you teamed up with has his or her followers. So if you get to be included on his or her content, chances are you will also get some followers from his or her base. This will grow your following on Tiktok.

Check some highly and mostly viewed content for your reference

If you are a beginner and don’t know how and where to start, you can watch some of the most viewed videos on Tiktok so you can have an idea. You can also check on some of the content of experts. This will give you an idea to formulate some strategies on how you can expand your network. You should ask questions like – why is this video popular? Why do people like it? Generally, these questions will help you improvise and create awesome content on your Tiktok account.

Use Hashtags

Just like twitter and Instagram, Tiktok also uses hashtag. Tiktok users use this system in order to attract viewers. But the battleground would depend on how creative you are. So when making hashtags in your videos, make sure that you make enticing, unique and creative. You should also try to brainstorm ways on how you can make trending topic different from the rest. This will make you standout from the crowd. You should also take risk when posting it. The trends are constantly changing on Tiktok so it is very important to make sure that you post the right video at the right time.

Enhance Your Photography skills

As mentioned earlier, creativity is an essential skill that will help you get more followers on Tiktok. In relation, your creativity in photography would also be helpful in expanding your network and following.  You need to learn the basics of photography and improve your skills in camera as well. Before filming yourself, you have to ensure that there are no distractions in your place. This means you have to clean up your room or proceed to a quieter place. Make sure you are also using the right tools and equipment.

Buy followers

Last but not the least, you can also buy some followers or Tiktok fans. Why buying Tiktok fans is so important? Well, it will just make your life easier. However, you still have to do the above tips so that you will be able to keep your followers.

My Cloud Storage Tips for Small Business Owners

I’ve been using cloud storage for a couple years now. I started out with Dropbox, a fairly popular service that creates a drive on the computer desktop and can be synced to multiple devices. I’ve also used Flip Drive, and now I’m thinking about giving Google Drive, the newest cloud storage solution, a try.

The purpose of cloud storage is to create affordable, accessible storage for digital files online. Because it is stored on the Internet (in the “cloud”) rather than on a physical device, there are fewer risks associated with data loss, such as fires and other sources of damage, that might destroy an external hard drive, thumb drive, or other gadget. For the small business, essential model tips of development will be available at site. The charges of the development will be under the funds of the small businesses. 

As a small business owner, I collect a lot of files. Not only do I have drafts of everything I’ve ever written, but I’ve also got second and third drafts of certain documents, client contracts, photos, videos, invoices, and dozens of other types of files that I don’t ever want to lose. Cloud storage is a simple solution for me because I work on several different computers. When I need to access files in storage, I don’t have to lug around any additional equipment.

That said, it takes time to get used to a cloud storage system.

Folder Mimicry

My cloud storage file structure is set up exactly the same as it is on my hard drive. I keep folder and file names consistent so I don’t get confused when I need to find something.

I use cloud storage for back-ups as well as for primary storage in my small business. Therefore, folder mimicry keeps everything organized and allows me to easily replace documents that have been changed or updated.

Multiple Users

My wife and I are both self-employed, but it doesn’t make sense for us to use two different cloud storage accounts. We keep everything under one umbrella, so to speak, but we have separate folders, designated by our names, so files don’t get mixed up.

I’d imagine this would be necessary for small businesses with multiple employees who will need access to cloud storage. Giving each team member a separate folder will help avoid confusion in file searches.

Storage Needs

Each of the cloud storage solutions I’ve used has offered several different levels of service, each with different file size limits. On my Dropbox account, for example, I could get 2 GB of free storage, or 50 GB for $9.99 per month. I chose the latter. There are higher storage limits for higher prices as well.

I recommend starting at the lower end until you know what your storage needs will be. I’ve since scaled down on my cloud storage, opting to store photos and videos (larger files) on external hard drives instead. This also keeps my cloud storage account from getting too cluttered, which I prefer.

Google Drive

I’m particularly intrigued by Google Drive, a new cloud storage solution. According to the features list, not only will you be able to save documents and files, but you’ll also be able to look back at previous incarnations of files after changes or updates are made.