Overcome Your Caffeine Addiction and Boost Your Energy


Contrary to popular belief, coffee doesn’t really boost your energy level at all. When you first start drinking it or if you drink it occasionally, it may give you a little temporary feeling of increased energy but like chocolate it drops your energy and sugar levels to the basement. You feel elated for about an hour or so then you are so tired because your energy level has dropped lower than it was before you drank the coffee or ate the chocolate. Unfortunately, this happens to many who become addicted to caffeine by drinking too much coffee, mocha, tea, soda pop, or eating too much chocolate.caffeine2

Caffeine is like cocaine or amphetamines, in fact, cocaine and caffeine are both derivatives of coca and all are stimulants. Stimulants give you a load of temporary energy, releasing tons of adrenaline but eventually it drops your energy levels to all time lows, leaving you physically and mentally fatigued. Like those addicted to cocaine and amphetamines, many people addicted to caffeine suffer from nervousness, irritability, and insomnia. And if the body is not given any caffeine, it can actually experience withdrawal symptoms. Of course, caffeine is no where near as dangerous as cocaine or amphetamines so don’t take the comparisons out of context, but caffeine can be, and is, just as addicting – just ask the author.

The best way to overcome your caffeine addiction and boost your energy level, albeit the most difficult way, is to gradually kick the habit. You will find many people practicing sober living in new jersey and improving their lifestyle. I say gradually because those wicked withdrawal symptoms will quickly overcome you. However, once you kick the addiction, you will notice your body is more energized, alert, and you will probably get a good night’s sleep for a change. The next few ways are using some alternative remedies to help overcome caffeine addiction and boost energy levels. To help stop your caffeine cravings try Tyrosine. You will undoubtedly go through some serious withdrawal cravings for caffeine when you try to overcome the addiction, taking a daily dosage of tyrosine can help you get through the tough times. Follow the directions but be sure to take under the supervision of a doctor.

In Indian medicine the solution in overcoming caffeine addiction is Cardamom. Sucking on some cardamom seeds throughout the day will help keep your mind off of caffeine, well, actually it tricks the brain into thinking it is getting caffeine but this will help reduce the need for caffeine. Cardamom is available in most stores. A few massage treatments will work to help overcome some of the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine addiction. Headaches are another withdrawal symptom of caffeine but to get some relief from these tension headaches try rubbing drops of lavender essential oil on your temples. Lavender essential oil helps to calm the nerves and the pain and ease the tension. Simply put a drop on your temples and massage the oil gently for a couple of minutes. You can also try peppermint oil, which may work better for some people.


You can also massage the headache point, which is actually located in the web of your hand between the thumb and the forefinger, to help overcome tension headaches. A scalp massage can also help relieve headache tension. And in the morning, try rubbing your ears and earlobes for a couple of minutes to help boost your energy levels throughout the day. To help overcome insomnia, take a warm bath for 30 minutes before you go to bed.