Not All Promotional Products Companies Are Created Equal

Sifting through thousands of promotional products was not what you had in mind when you started to plan for your event. You have workers, caterers, decorators, and arrangements to coordinate. Or maybe you own you’re an entrepreneur and already wear too many hats. That’s where a promotional products consultant firm can help.

With countless on-line stores selling imprinted items and local shops shoving catalogs in your hands, the options are overwhelming. But you got deadlines and no time to fuss. If this sounds like you, then you are a perfect candidate for a promotional products consultant.

What’s the difference between a promotional products consultant firm and a promotional products store? Both will deliver pens, magnets, clocks, and much more with your logo branded. But only the promotional products consultant firm offers service. When you go on-line to order your goods, you will sort through the products that the company wants to sell to you. More products are available with more imprint options, and some of them may suit your needs better! On-line promotional products sites are like department stores with lots of generic options to appeal to the masses. But you are not like everyone else and you want something unique. A qualified promotional products consultant will get to know your company, your needs, and your style. When working with a promotional products consultant, you will receive tailor made presentations, be kept up to date on trends and new items, and get creative solutions to your marketing needs.

For example, I had a financial advisor who was looking for gifts for clients who have given referrals. Problem? The client has been giving chocolates for years. Although she knew that she wanted something more sophisticated, she also did not want to lose that personal touch. Solution? A modern wine bottle stopper that could be etched with her logo. Sophisticated and striking, the stopper mirrored the image that the client wanted to project yet was a personal gift that could be used in the home. The promotion captured much attention, and I have been receiving requests from her associates who want to do similar items.

So, how can you find a consultant who can give you this kind of service? Referrals are the best way. Ask friends and colleagues what vendors they use for promotional products and whether these vendors aid in product and imprint selection. Do they have a personal sales representative at these companies? Do these sales reps stay on top of their promotions and often come up with new and interesting ideas? You want to make sure that these companies work with their clients and are not just taking orders.

If this step results in no good leads, then you’ll want to hit the Internet and the phone book. Preferably, you will want to find a local company and for this company provides their View our portfolio of Medical website design clients option which impacts customers mind in great sense. So that you can easily maintain a personal relationship with your consultant. I have, however, maintained some great relationships with clients who I have never met in person. Finding a good consultant is much more important than finding someone close. On-line, use terms like promotional products, ad specialties, imprinted items, and business gifts teamed with your city and state. Also, some promotional products consultant firms have niches. They may specialize in the health care industry or in trade show promotions. So, you may be able to find someone who deals only with your type of organization. On the vendor’s website can you easily find contact information? If you can’t, it’s a tell tale sign that they don’t want to be contacted personally. Are you invited to call for ideas or to schedule a meeting? You will want to stay away from sites that encourage you to just place an on-line order.

Once you find a few who seem promising, call the companies and talk to the sales representatives. A good promotional products consultant will ask you questions about your event or promotions. They should want to know about your company, to whom you’re giving the items, and what you want to accomplish. If a sales rep says to you, “just tell me what you need” or “what do you want,” move on! A promotional products consultant will be more interested in helping you than transcribing an order.

You should meet with the candidate face-to-face if possible or at least schedule a phone meeting. If you take the time choose a good consultant, you will save yourself much time and frustration later. Because you will want to continue to deal with the person on a regular basis, establishing a great rapport is a must. Once you find someone who meets your needs and with whom you feel comfortable, don’t forget to take full advantage of their services. Some of my new clients will, out of habit, start browsing for product ideas before getting me involved. Most of the time, I end up coming back with a presentation of ideas that they like better. If you just pass the project to your consultant in the beginning, you’ll save yourself time and come out with better results.