Monday Night Combat Video Game is an Impressive Third-person Shooter for Xbox Live Arcade

I have just been playing Monday Night Combat (hereafter: MNC) for the past several hours and I must say that I’m impressed. MNC is a third-person shooter for the Xbox Live Arcade that is reminiscent of both Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament. You can use a fast sr boost in overwatch for a better gaming experience. You get to chat with other professional players as well. This is a really great tool designed to improve your gaming experience. It also takes some of its gameplay concepts from Defense of the Ancients. Furthermore, It features six distinct character classes and two gameplay modes that add depth to this remarkable game. It is set in the future when fighting another team to death is considered a sport. This futuristic game is a nice addition to the Xbox Live Arcade and a fun time-waster.


MNC makes full use of the Xbox 360 graphics processor. It is a three-dimensional third-person shooter, but visually, MNC looks cartoonish and brightly colored. I have no complaints about how the game looks, everything looks crisp and clean. In this game, you’ll see things like explosions, scantily-clad women, robots and jetpacks which are all rendered surprisingly well. The graphics look pleasing and stylized which is fantastic.


The sound is decent in this game and I wouldn’t say that sound plays an important role in MNC because, due to the playful nature of this game, there is no attempt to create an eerie atmosphere with audio. The main criticism is that the commentator’s voice can get annoying after playing for a few hours, he just says the same things over and over. The entire game is underscored by the crowd cheering in the background and with explosions every few seconds. The audio, although repetitive does not detract from the gameplay at all in my opinion, although it can be annoying at times.


Not much else matters if the game isn’t fun to play, right? MNC can be played in singleplayer, co-op, or multiplayer with up to twelve players. The main game mode is Crossfire. In this mode, you must destroy your opponents’ Moneyball without letting them destroy yours. This is where the Defense of the Ancients gameplay comes in. If you have ever played Defense of the Ancients you know that there are two teams with an equal number of players, each trying to get to the opposite side of the map while destroying creeps and the other team. MNC’s gameplay is exactly like that, except instead of creeps there are robots. Overall, I’ve found this to be an addictive and fun third-person shooter game.

In Closing

MNC is a mischievous little game that will give you hours of enjoyment. It costs 1200 points on Xbox Live Arcade and in my humble opinion, that is well worth the fun you are going to experience. If you like fast-paced shooters then give this game a try, you’ll like it.