MMORPG: L.A.W- Living After War Preview

Living after war…

L.A.W- Living After War Online is a real time strategy, player vs. player style Massive multiplayer online game, but we like to call it a “RTS, PVP, MMO” game for short. The game is similar to Alaplaya’s other RTS and PVP game Argo online.

L.A.W takes place after a global nuclear war that leaves the Earth in a 200 year long ice age. The human survivors fled the planet on a spaceship called ‘Tomorrow,’ but for those that were left behind and didn’t escape; they were mutated by the nuclear pollution and turned into the advanced race called the ‘Nak’. After the ice age, the humans returned to create the new capital city of Delka, where they met their mutant brethren. Due to their mutation, the Nak were considered outcast and freaks, and decided to flee the city to have a place of their own. But a new enemy is rising, one that threatens both the humans of Delka and the outcast Nak; they are known as the blood thirsty Shamak, and their goal is to enslave all of mankind.

Game features

L.A.W is currently still in closed beta, and there is currently no word on when the game will be released to the public. However, a small handful of people were chosen to help test the game while it was in closed beta, so here we are with a hands on preview.

Living After War offers large scale battlefields, air vehicles, tanks, trucks, jeeps, and hover bikes, which we were allowed to use right away in the starting tutorial zone. Players can choose to play as either the Nak or the humans, both with their own unique weapons, armor, vehicles, and cities. The game only has three classes that you can play and further customize. The three main classes are: The melee Warrior tank; the DPS assassin that uses both machine guns and can duel wield swords; and the psychic Esper which serves as the basic magic class. After choosing your race and class, players can then further customize their appearance by choosing facial features, skin color, and their hair color and style. You can also further customize your skills by purchasing advanced skills from NPCs, to let’s say turn your mage into a healer.

The game also has a unique crafting and resource system for building items. Every player in the game has a ‘Station’, which you use to craft items. Upon opening the Station menu you will see a large field where you can purchase land to build research facilities. You can then upgrade and use these facilities to build guns, swords, armor, or even healing supplies. Think of the Station as your basic RTS base for crafting and upgrading your army, except you will be using this for personal reasons to gain better equipment and items for yourself. You will also be able to sell your crafted equipment and trade it with other players for extra money. I was actually pretty impressed with the crafting system to build custom weapons and armor, and actually found that items you build yourself are about 2x stronger then normal store bought items.

The Battlefield

L.A.W has a unique battlefield system that resembles a real time strategy game. Based on the hands on preview that I was able to participate in, it seems that there will be the Nak vs. the human’s vs the NPC Shamak in a three way battle royale for rare resources. These resources can be used to build bases, turret guns, upgrade your equipment to help aid you in battle, as well as affect the game’s overall internal stock market. You will also be able to summon player controlled tanks and air vehicles to help defend your bases and conquer enemy foot soldiers.

The PVP battlefield will take place on a dedicated server that can hold up to 1,000 players simultaneously, and will be completely persistent in a nonstop 24/7 war zone that is always accessible to players. Developers say that the battles will not be divided into timed sessions, nor will they be planned fights, and that there will be no winners of these battles. The war zones will be just that, constant warzones. You will need to set up defenses and do your best to keep out hostile enemies to keep peace inside of your controlled battle areas. For players that love RTS and PVP games, this might be exactly what you are looking for.

The game offers fun and unique features to the MMO world, and surprisingly implements them rather well. The controls were easy to use, the combat was fast paced and exciting, and the best part was the vehicles that you could use to destroy powerful enemies. All of the major bugs that did pop up in the game the developers quickly fixed, so not much complaint there. I am looking forward to seeing what the game developers will do for the final version of the game when they release the rest of the major content. L.A.W- Living After War is currently still in its closed beta phase, but expect it to open up for the public soon, I recommend that you give it a try.

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