Mifi 2200 – The Instant Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator

It is awful to be without broadband. It is as if something is missing, something that can not be satisfied by anything else. Once you have transitioned from dial-up to broadband, nothing can take its place … unless it is faster. For me, broadband is a necessity, sort of like electricity (take away both of these from my life, and all I’d probably do is just sleep). When I decided to remove myself off the hectic path and vacate city life to settle in to my own “green acres,” it had not dawn upon me I would be also giving up my precious broadband connection also.

Nooooo! I can’t go back to dial up. What am I going to do? Novatel MiFi 2200 to the rescues. MiFi 2200 grabs any available Verizon or Sprint 3G network signal and broadcasts it via Wi-Fi to any Wi-Fi capable device within a 30 foot radius. It becomes its own Wi-Fi hot spot, and that’s not all. It is portable. It occupies an extremely small foot print, yet packs one heck of a chunk of wireless access. How small of a foot print does it access? It fits in your pocket.

You can take it anywhere. It is battery operated. The replacement battery last up to four hours per charge and can be recharged through either an usb connection or from a household wall socket. My MiFi 2200 has accompanied me to coffee shops, airports, client office visits, hotel stays, trips, all over the place and has worked perfectly everywhere I have used it. As long as there was an available Verizon or Sprint 3G network signal (I am a Verizon customer) I was in Wi-Fi hot-spot heaven. As far as my patch of “green acres,” it solved my lack of a wall based broadband connection. You may also consider using the best wifi booster so your connection can be stronger and more convenient for you to do anything you want on the Internet.

The MiFi 2200 internal antenna receives a steady powerful network signal with narrowly a drop in strength. It does not require any special software installation or extra hardware connections for activation. It provided a reliable signal all over my house and even in my yard. It is really a cool device and a dramatic improvement over a number of the available dongle devices. The MiFi 2200 ability to maintain multiple Wi-Fi connections during collaboration meetings at my home cemented my relationship with it even more.

The MiFi 2200 is not the perfect solution for lack of broadband access, but it is a massive improvement over what was previously available. It is not as fast as direct connect broadband access, clocking in at speeds at the lower range of broadband speed. It solves my needs for reading and answering email and browsing the Internet but is not good for watching streaming video. Also its monthly cost is bit steep with a monthly bandwidth limit. But I still love it. It is my broadband solution in the back 40. Maybe it can do the same for you.