Marco Island- Make Your Naples Trip Memorable


There is nothing like a good vacation to give your mind and heart the respite that it deserves after slogging it out in the office for a long time. The holidays are just around the corner and everyone is planning out a get together, be it with friends or family, for a trip down the countryside or one abroad.

But the question that pops up next is where to go because there are so many beautiful countries in the world so it becomes difficult to decide the destination as everyone has their own individual choice based on preference.

However, the ones that are the most preferred are the European countries like france, germany, Italy, Switzerland and others. Today, we are here to discuss about an Italian city and its very famous hotel that has been grabbing eyeballs since its inception.

The topic of discussion for today a combined trip to naples, marco island and everglades and how the jaunt can give you the thrilling experience that you rarely get to witness in the busy city life.

An excursion to the states is always a welcome proposition and if it is florida then the josh is at an all time high with the beaches proving to be a relaxant plan out in the city of Miami.


A Wonderful Paradise

Its not everyday (read year) that you get to visit everglades, marco island and naples in the same trip so you grab on to this once in a bluemoon opportunity with open arms lest it should slip out of your hands.

While its next to impossible to visit all the exotic locations in all 3 planned destinations, it is always good to try out the best hangout spots that you get and make your trip memorable. What with beaches, bars, amusement parks, restaurants with the most delicious cuisines, etc.

Trust me, if you plan out everything in a systematic and pre planned manner, the experience won’t be anything short of paradise on earth. While you’re at it, you can also reconnect with old school friends with whom you have lost contact after graduation and enliven the best time of your life with them that is sure to send you down a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

An Extra Day Never Goes Waste

After selecting the chosen destination, you will need to decide the duration of your trip, which entirely depends on your budget and this is where there is the twist in the tale but if your quite thrifty with your income and are not a lavish spender, you can always try out for atleast 15-20 days.

In fact, an extended time period (atleast 24 hours) will act as an added bonus and since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it encourages you to take this call and the last day is the one well spend before this paradise period comes to an end, eventually.


Therefore, we have 5 solid reasons for you to spend that extra day in naples, marco island and the everglades which are as follows:

  1. A day out at the five star spa is quite a welcome oasis to a long and tiring week and makes your muscles relaxant from strain
  2. Mother nature always beckons its children and the beautiful scenery with greenery all round makes your heart skip several beats
  3. Florida can be wild and domestic at the same time with naples a must for art lovers
  4. The kids can roam out free while you can relax on your hammock
  5. Unleash the selfie king inside you and cover the entire family album