Man-O-Pause and Other Traffic Notes

I was checking out my traffic stats this morning – which I haven’t done in some time – and noticed a few new sites that linked over to various articles. It is always interesting to me to see which articles receive the most traffic and which end up getting linked to. The results may or may not surprise you.

By far the most popular topic searched for is Baggy Pants or Saggin’. That article rivals and often surpasses the traffic even to the home page! When I wrote that piece I had no idea there were so many people that agreed with the gripe.

Coming in a close second this week and often high in the polls is taking Taking Responsibility For Your Own Actions. Apparently, there are also a lot of other people tired of seeing our society relying on blaming others for their own shortcomings and wrong choices.

Third in the current rankings and one of my personal favorites is Chewing With Your Mouth Open. If there was ever a pet peeve I would devote my time to eradicating, this would be it. I don’t need to see or hear what you are eating, thank you very much.

I received a new inbound link today from a fellow hater of Smokers Who Litter. There is just plain no excuse for this nasty habit, much less smoking itself.

Most flattering though was a favorable review from about the What’s Gotta Go in general. Our fabulous periodic guest writes Ali gets a nod in the review as well. Thanks for the comments and link!

Though we don’t write here for the praise, it’s always nice to see things getting read whether the readers agree or not with the sentiment. Pure venting and fun humor alike, I am finding that writing periodically is really quite therapeutic. As always, guest writers are welcome and encouraged!