Liposuction Surgery Is A Permanent Way To Blast Fat Away

Liposuction (know referred to as lipoplasty) is a dream come true for the thousands of Americans who undergo this cosmetic procedure each year. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) website shows that in 2005 the most performed cosmetic surgery was liposuction. More than 455,000 American people had their fatty trouble spots suctioned away and when you are going to pay attention to excess fat in your body there are more than eight different treatment areas where it is very much possible to apply coolsculpting.

Here’s a figure that will dispel any notions of bigger being better: nearly 100,000 more people opted for lipoplasty surgery than for breast augmentation. Thin is in and lipoplasty is the surest way to achieve this. Whether you’re seeking to trim down your thunder thighs, love handles, or stomach pooch, lipoplasty will take care of it. And, men, if you have a little extra in the chest area (sometimes referred to as ‘man breasts’), lipoplasty can help.


The cost for liposuction ranges from $2,000 to $20,000. This amount varies according to the location, the surgeon, and (mostly) what you want done. Getting a smaller area done will be less expensive than getting multiple areas done. (Note that getting both of your thighs liposuctioned counts as one area.) It is best to query several plastic surgeons and obtain written quotes from each one.


Lipoplasty is a serious surgery. Bleeding is one of the major issues with this cosmetic procedure. To protect against this, do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication for at least a week before your surgery (and some doctors recommend 10 days).

You should be in good health before having liposuction surgery. Something like smoking is within your control. It is in your best interest to quit smoking (at least temporarily) in the weeks prior to your surgery.

Another important factor to consider before committing to liposuction is your lifestyle. You should be already eating nutritional foods and exercising regularly. Liposuction is not a cure-all for your dieting woes. Overeating and being sedentary after surgery will negate the procedure. While you won’t gain weight in those problem spots like you did before the surgery (because fat cells were removed), you can still get fat. Don’t waste your time and money on liposuction if you aren’t willing to change your lifestyle permanently.


If your liposuction removed a great deal of fat or if you were given a general anesthetic during the surgery, your doctor will insist that you have a caregiver for the night after the surgery. Even if you just get a local anesthetic, it’s not a bad idea to have a caregiver. Everyday activities such as cooking and using the bathroom may be hard to accomplish on your own during the first few days after your liposuction. Expect to wait a week (or longer) before engaging in your normal activities.

Immediately after your surgery, you won’t be looking your best. It can take a few weeks before the swelling finally goes down. The end result of your lipoplasty will be seen in its full glory approximately four to six months after the surgery. Not such a long time for permanent results.