Learn How To Grow Facial Hair With These 14 Easy And Natural Ways

You have grown up and you have noticed that you do not have a thick growth of beard. You suddenly start feeling like a kid among all the adults with facial hair. Don’t you worry child, you can soon blend in with the crowd and have your very own styled facial hair. For battery operated hair clippers.

All you need to do is follow these remedies at home and you will be the owner of a beautiful beard.

  • Take care of your face 

This probably sounds like a very girlish thing to do but if your skin is not maintained, there is less possibility of you getting the beard of yours. When you moisturize your face and cleanse your skin, it helps you to get rid of pores, dull skin and dirt so that hair growth can get a boost.

  • Scratch your itch with hydrocortisone

When your beard starts growing, it could be daunting, especially with the little hairs making the area itch. This itch can be soothed by applying hydrocortisone cream in the early days of growing your beard.

  • Sleep the optimal amount

Sleep is the only time your body gets to recover. Your body recharges during night time and sleep makes sure that the process remains uninterrupted. It has also been said that the more you make your sleeping patterns right, your testosterone secretion gets a hike. And testosterone means growth of more facial hair.

  • Banish the myth 

You have heard from people around you that shaving every day makes your air grow back faster. Do keep in mind that this has not been scientifically proven. Leave your hair be in the initial stages and once you have the growth process on full-fledged, you can start with shaping your beard as you want.

  • Let go of the stress 

Stress is not at all good for your skin. With stress, the tightening of skin comes back as well as the eruptions increase. This is not magical, stress just has a negative effect on our hormones that cause skin problems. These problems are definitely not favorable for growing your facial hair so relax and do not surrender to stress.

  • Right your diet

The optimal diet to push hair to grow from your follicles should consist mostly of carbs with protein coming in the second highest portion in the intake. You need to be sure that all the vitamins and the minerals to trigger the process and keep it going is being taken in by you. Favor animal proteins more than plant proteins if your preference allows it. Some of the food items you can include in your diet are rice, fruits, cheese, meat,and potatoes.

  • Try supplements 

You can include some tested and proven supplements like LCLT supplementation and carnitine to help you in your beard growing mission.

  • Exercise every day and then some more 

Change your lifestyle to include activities that get your heart rate increased for at least one hour each day. More exercise means the circulation promotes hair growth. Be it gymming or having a good old football game with your friends, try to do it every day.

  • Exfoliate your skin

Your skin is eventually the medium that your beard will grow on and it is very important that you remove all grime from your skin. Exfoliating your skin is a means that will help you ultimately in that mission.

  • Make sure to apply eucalyptus on your skin

This is not an invitation to actually rub eucalyptus leaves on your face but choose your moisturizer carefully. Eucalyptus has been proven to increase hair growth so choosing a moisturizer with eucalyptus to massage your face with every night before bed would be a wise decision to follow.

  • Ingrowths can hinder your beard growth 

Inside hair growths can be an obstacle in growing facial hair which is why you need to make sure that the ingrowth is completely gone before you start prepping for your beard growth.

  • Try out beard oils 

You can also try massaging your initial beard with beard oils but be sure to do your research on which is the best beard oil in the market. Beard oils are created for the sole purpose of strengthening the roots of your beard hair and hydrating your skin so that you promote more hair growth.

  • Brush your beard hair 

Combing and brushing your beard hair helps to increase the circulation and hike up the rate of facial hair growth. Make sure to comb your facial in the right direction otherwise it is all in vain.

  • Applying amla oil is beneficial

The homemade remedy of amla oil is one of the many natural ways to increase hair growth. Massaging your skin with amla oil could prove to be good for the beard growing mission you are on.