Keep A Track Of All That You Have Watched

Keeping a track of all the movies that we have watched is something that is just not something that helps us be organised but is its also something that saves time. So many times we have re-watched movies which we thought we haven’t watched earlier, all because of not knowing.  Now, you can do that by using apps that help you keep a track of all the movies you have watched till now, while you stream new movies every day. This is one of the best gifts that the digital world has given us as we have moved on from a time where we have DVDs and Blu-rays.


Letterboxed lets you create custom lists of movies that you would want to watch and the ones you have watched. It has the simplest of an interface as you can watch all the movies you add to your list and get all the information about it simultaneously. It is a free app for all users as it also lets you review the movies or go through the other reviews by users. All that is needed is to sign-in as a user on the app, and you have access to endless movies.


Coto movie is a free app for watching movies for android users and even iOS users. The application for it has to be downloaded from the website itself, and once you have the app, you can watch all kinds of movies in HD quality while the app keeps track of all of them for you. It will automatically show the movies you have watched under what you have been watching previously.


This app allows you tow star all your favourite movies, and you can also add all that you wish to watch to a watch list in the application. It is also possible to custom lists based on genres etc. or a list of your own entirely. Everything about the app is very customisable, and you can create reminders for something that you would wish to watch in some time in the future. This way you will be in track with everything that you would watch at any point in time literally.


This app is specifically for Android users, but you can track both movies and TV shows. It is a very simple app compared to the three we have seen above. It will let you add movies to your watch list, but it has a good collection of movies as well. Sometimes, simple is more effective and useful which is exactly what this app is for all android users.


This app is for iOS users only and one of the best ones for them. Action TV lets you add movies to the already seen option that it already has. It does have add ons like the option to share the movies with your friends and review them in the app itself. Sharing especially makes this app a good recommendation for users.


For all the people who love to stream on their laptops, this the perfect website for all of them. It only works in the browser, so it’s perfect that way. It only shows movies that you would be interested in which is one of the best things about the website. As you keep watching movies, they get added to your already seen list, and you can prepare a wish list alongside that as well. Above all, it has an amazing recommendation system for the users.