Insurance Agency Without License: Is It Possible?

In today’s times, everyone is worried sick about their future as they have no idea what it holds for them. Heck, they do not even know what can happen tomorrow itself.

It does take just moments for a game to change hands and turn the tables to shift the favor from one person to another. Everyone is engaged in backstabbing each other to get to the top and are too lazy to achieve their ends through hard work and sincere efforts.

It is impossible to get a job through merit these days, what with cut throat competition from all sides and talented people being relegated to the sidelines with the other lot, who have familial connections and recommendations from influential people, lavished with undue favors just because they are royalty and their parents are calling the shots.

Nepotism is another social evil that has eaten up the shining prospects of a country going further by overlooking and ignoring real talent who have reached the position with their merit while the elite spoiled brats of more famous parents, but far behind in talent and skills, come too far ahead only because of their family name commanding a level of respect and dignity.

So, as you can see what the situation is for the less privileged lot in the outside world, those who were not born with a golden spoon in their mouth, where they are standing in the social circles.

But is there any solution to this problem? Naturally, you can either grab any job opportunity that comes your way, irrespective of its future prospects or your dignity, just to keep your present life steady, or start up your own business in the hopes of it being a success in the future and increasing your financial stability with a safe and secure future.

Another possible prospect is that you can open up your own insurance agency. But why? Why only insurance? Why can’t you do the same with some product or appliance or eatable items?

Simply, because a majority of the people are insured into something or the other, be it commoners or celebrities, all of them have insured either their house, valuables and even their own life and limbs.

The insurance market is quite huge and has proven to be quite beneficial for many people who had lost all hope of making it big in their lives and provided them with a new outlook in life with positivity and enriched spirits. One such insurance company is

But, is it possible to open your own insurance agency without any license? Is it safe to do so without any risk of persecution from the authorities? If yes, then how much?

There are numerous arguments both in favor and against this process where some claim that is extremely risky to do as your safety is compromised and life will be in jeopardy while others say that it is worth the risk as others too have done so with flying colors.

While it is risky to do so, it is not impossible to have your company unlicensed as it is easy and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Small companies have only one license while larger ones have a beneficiary to its name who looks after all major points.

There are certain legal obligations to follow, but it’s a quick process and without any delays.

In a nutshell, while you can open an unlicensed insurance company, it is better to be on the safer side and do it in a clean and legal way.