How to Rearrange Your Apartment Post-Breakup – Ten Things You Can Do with Your New Apartment

Yes, it’s true what they say: Breaking up really is hard to do. Boo hoo. Pass me a tissue, please. Ok, enough of that. Clear some space before you with all of those old tissues, and let’s start rejoicing. So, the man is gone… oh well. Now it’s time to think positively. It’s time to think about YOU. It would be best for you to simply move to a new apartment and pretend you never lived in this one with the Guy Who Has Moved On, but if that’s just not financially or otherwise possible then it’s time that you make this place all about YOU. (Notice the theme here… YOU, YOU, YOU!) Read on for some ideas on how to creatively make this a more fun, relaxing and more YOU, less him type of place. Well, if nothing fits for you, you can always put down the place for rent on some of the best rated investment properties in Singapore portal. 

  1. Paint one wall in the apartment a totally random color, just for the hell of it. Hey, why not? Nobody’s stopping you.
  1. Play girlie music, watch girlie movies, display girlie flowers and candles and knick knacks that are just plain girlie. Why, you ask? Well, because girls rule and guys drool! So there.
  1. Rearrange the furniture in every room, but especially in your bedroom. Move things in a totally different shape and pattern than before. In fact, if there are two rooms, move OUT of the one you shared with him and into the other one. Make it your own!
  1. Buy a new shower curtain. This is just for fun, but also to help make the bathroom look different. Get a curtain that makes you feel relaxed while in the shower.
  1. Get a subscription to a girl magazine – Cosmo, Glamour, something along those lines. One, it’s girlie and you can totally display it on the coffee table and not worry what guys would think of it. Two, you can catch up on all the girl reading you need to do. Three, it’ll be something fun to receive in the mail at this apartment.
  1. Get a couch cover, new window curtains, table place mats, pillows, etc. It’ll just help you to make things look different in there. Make it your own. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. Check out yard sales, consignment shops or Craig’s List.
  1. Buy new, comfy, soft, lovely, beautiful sheets. This is a must. Seriously. Go to TJ Maxx. They’re cheap and cute there. Buy two pairs of sheets if you can get a good deal. This one is a no brainer. You don’t need old-filled-with-memories-sheets lying around. Oh and this goes for towels also. Get new ones!
  1. Put away some of the “stuff.” You know what I’m talking about…. Do not throw it away. That stuff has meaning and memories. And that’s good. BUT. It’s time to put away the things that make you cry or tear up when you see them. Those things that are “his” or “ours.” The cards, letters, pictures on the fridge, framed photos, gifts, clothes he gave you, etc. Anything that makes you immediately associate it with him, put it away. Not forever. Not far… stick it under your bed or high on a shelf in a closet. So you can go to those things any time you want… but so they are not staring you in the face every day. I know this is a really hard one, but do it… for you, and for your new girlie apartment. It’ll be tough, but I swear it’ll help.
  1. Buy a new outfit. Nope, this has nothing to do with your apartment… but hey, you gotta look cute in that apartment right? So get something cute. Something that will make you feel so hot and sweet and pretty and dressed up and girlie all in one. Perhaps these are sweatpants. Who knows. But make it something cute. Get every part of the outfit- down to the earrings and shoes! Hang it in your newly organized closet.
  1. Get relaxing, comforting things for the apartment. These include candles, blankets or pillows for the couch, books, coffee table books, pictures on the walls, smelly spray stuff for the bathroom, soaps, etc. Whatever makes it feel nice, relaxing and easygoing in there.

None of this is easy. Some of it sounds stupid and like it won’t help. Trust me. If you get excited about YOUR new apartment, you’ll start to forget the bad memories there, the sad stuff about it. You’ll also realize that this is the one time in your life where it’s totally cool if you’re selfish and doing YOUR own thing and taking care of yourself. Focusing on the apartment will also take your mind off of other things.

So, get out there. Go shopping. Start rearranging, organizing, and being creative. You deserve to live in a place where you have more girlie and fun decorative items than old used tissues!