How to Meet Men on Vacation

How to Meet Men on Vacation

The obvious method of meeting men is to go where they congregate, however, the truth is that meeting single men while away from home poses some special problems. For starters, you often don’t know the area and it can be difficult to guess where men prefer to spend their time. Still, there are lots of places to go and many things you can do to increase your chances of meeting men while on vacation.

How to Meet Men on Vacation

Step 1

Do your homework. Before you leave home, search online for popular spots in the area you will be visiting. These may include sport stadiums, bars and cafes, outdoor ventures and even gyms. Some destinations are especially good for single women, from adult-only resorts to hot places like Jamaica or Florida.

Step 2

Pamper yourself and look your best. There’s no better time to go all out with fashion and pampering than while you’re on vacation. Bring along a cute dress and heels for a quick drink at the bar and put on the fancy earrings you’ve been saving for that special occasion. Since you won’t be rushing back and forth to work or ruining your makeup in the heat of the day, looking your best be easier than usual.

How to Meet Men on Vacation

Step 3

Spend some time at the bar. It’s an easy place to meet men because most of the people in there are traveling, so it’s easy to break the ice with a simple chatter about travel. Eye contact and a smile work fine, but here, more than anywhere, don’t be afraid to start a quick conversation. Solo travelers usually welcome the interaction and you can always escape to your room if you get bored or the sparks are not flying.

Step 4

Look for packaged singles vacations. These are perfect if you are shy or unsure on how to start a connection. Many local groups and organizations, such as Sierra Club, offer outings that last anywhere between a day and a couple of weeks, where you can meet others who are also single and looking. Or you can book a complete holiday through a packager such as Club Med, which offer stylish trips to both national and international destinations.

How to Meet Men on Vacation

Step 5

Choose a vacation with lots of team-oriented adventure. An outdoor activity, such as white water rafting or cycling, can work. So can volunteering vacations, taking a singles cruise or spending a weekend at an isolated ski resort. Again, do your research beforehand so you know what age group and type visit the place, and avoid those that seem to cater mostly to couples or families.