How to Make Money from Your Woodland Acreage

If you have an acre or more of unused woods, also called woodland, timberland, timber sets and forest land, you have a way to make income. Put that unused woodland to work for you with one of these ideas for making money from your woodland acreage.

Animal Pasture

If your forest floor is overgrown with vines, briars and sapling trees, pasturing pigs or goats will get the under-story mess cleared out quickly so grass can grow, the animals full and a few bucks in your pocket from renting out the acreage or raising your own farm animals for food or sale. One acre can pasture anywhere from 4 to 20 animals, depending upon the amount of overgrowth in the area and size of the animals.

Pigs will clear the green growth as well as root up compacted soil, goats will eat greenery and woody stubs that no other animals will eat, but they are not your only animal options. Cattle are good choices for pasturing in woodlands. Some cattle breeds will eat anything a goat will eat, plus the cattle leave behind rich manure which is great for garden usage.

Plants for Sale

A pound of wild ginseng, scouted out and dug up from wilds of the Appalachian mountain area sells for a pretty penny. Ginseng can be planted and grown in your woodland area, eliminating the need to head for the hills to hunt for the high-dollar product. Other under-story crops (plants that grow well under the canopy of taller shrubs and trees) like azaleas and rhododendrons can be cultivated and sold to local nurseries. Various medicinal plants grow well in wooded areas and can be harvested and sold to herbalists.

Grow Mushrooms

Felled, rotting trees are an excellent place to grow mushrooms. With a small investment of under $25 dollars and an afternoon of work, you can begin to grow and sell shiitake mushrooms. Other mushroom varieties can also be grown in woodland areas and sold at for food or medicinal purposes.


Dead or dying trees in your woodland can be cut down and sold for firewood. When unhealthy or dead trees are removed from forestland, it makes the remaining trees healthier by allowing more sunlight and air circulation among the trees and shrubs, plus it removes the threat of pest infestation from the dead or diseased tree. A cord of firewood in the south sells for $50 and up. Or you may want to consider heating your own home with wood to save money on your heating bill. In order to cut the firewood into transportable pieces you can check out kreg k5 vs k4 where you can select the best wood cutter according to your needs and budget. You get a complete review of both these products there so that you can take your time before you invest.

Rent Land to Hunters

If you have woodland acreage that is remote enough to be hunted safely, rent the land to a hunter or hunting club during wild games seasons like deer, turkey or hog. Keep the lease agreement for a short-term only just in case you want to sell your land in the near future.