How to Maintain Relationships effective for long period

Many a times we get an opportunity to attend to wedding anniversaries, couples of various age groups. During these occasions, the topic of conversation naturally often shifts to relationship between spouses who have been married for a long time. Much to astonishment, most of the older couples seemed to agree that as a marriage grows older, the love factor between the spouses decline and is replaced by mutual understanding. Many are blissfully under the impression that love and affection in a marriage are directly proportional to the number of years of togetherness, that is, older the marriage, the more romantic it would be. On the other hand, one would wonder as to what could possibly change after marriage to cause deterioration to this extent. Therefore, there are a few inspiring tips that one can imbibe to salvage the situation:-

(a) Listening forms a very essential part of a healthy relationship. It is important to be a good speaker but it is more important to be a good listener, especially in a marriage. As the days go by, we tend to be so occupied with our daily chores that we hardly have any time to spare for our loved one. It is important to realize that spending time with each other and listening to what the other has to say is an aspect of a relationship which must not be neglected at any cost. Indulging your partner would not only help soothe frayed nerves but would also build the much needed moral support.

(b) Saying “I love you” to your partner every now and then makes him feel the special and this in turn may inspire him to contribute more towards the marriage. As the marriage grows older, better halves tend to take these words for granted and somehow don’t feel the need to repeat them to each other for a number of days at a stretch. One should bear it in mind that love has the power to make the world go round, so what a profound influence will it be on two individuals who have probably forgotten to express the love that they feel so deeply for each other. These three magic words have the ability to heal the deepest wounds and bridge the widest of chasms.

(c) Why is it that sex becomes a rare commodity just a few years after marriage? In-fact, after marriage, sex should be indulged in more freely and without any inhibitions. Regular and creative sex has the power to boost one’s married life and guidance can be sought from kamasutra or any other guide whichever the spouses are comfortable with. A few sparks are all it takes for your married life to sparkle for a long time. The above-stated tips will be beneficial for sustaining a long and effective relationship. You should avoid track boyfriends text messages from the mobile phones for free. The relationship will be long-lasting and will remain effective till marriage of the partners.