How to Keep Your Under Sink Storage Area Clean and Organized

Just about every home has that large under sink cabinet area. Many of us often find it pretty difficult to keep this space clean and organized. Some even have a difficult time trying to figure out exactly what to do with this space. Below you will find several ideas and suggestions on how you can keep the under sink storage area clean and organized with the help of d5.

First, you will want to purchase a nice roll of contact paper. In my experience, I have found that putting contact paper on the bottom of the cabinet located under the sink helps with the cleaning process. You will want to roll out the contact paper until it reaches each corner of the cabinet. Smooth out the contact paper with your hand. Once this is complete you will then need to determine what you are going to store in this area. If you plan on storing chemicals in this location, which may be convenient to do, make sure that there is a lock if you have children. 

This area is very easy for children to reach and get into. A child safety lock will be a must for this cabinet. Or perhaps you see this as a good location for your baking items or for your pots and pans. Whatever you plan to put in this area you will want to place it in there in an organized way.

I would recommend that items you will not be used often should be placed towards the back of the cabinet. For cleaning products and chemicals, why not purchase a small clear bin with a top and place the bin in the cabinet. This way when you need something you can simply pull out the bin and put it back when you are all finished. This is also an extra added protection against little hands getting into the cleaning products.

Once a week you will want to go to the cabinet and wipe it out. Since this is where all the pipes are for the sink, you will find that there is often a lot of gunk that tends to collect into this area. Pull everything out of the cabinet, and use a simple disinfectant spray and a cleaning cloth.

Then put all of the items back. The reason why you will want to use the disinfectant spray is to get rid of any little bugs that may try to nest in this area. That may not sound too pleasant but it is a fact. Under the kitchen sink is the area where little flies, and little bugs, even spiders tend to make a nest. They will usually walk in on the pipes from under the sink. Remember that the pipes enter in through a small hole in the wall. In most homes, this hole is not tightly sealed, so little bugs can find their way in. By wiping it out you will be helping to deter this. When you put all of the items back under the sink, try to do so in a neat and organized way. Taking the time to do this once a week is really worth the extra effort in keeping your kitchen clean and bug-free.