How to Host Your Own At-Home Spa Party

Do you want to have a get-together with your friends, but you’ve done movie night, cocktail parties, and girl’s night out over and over? Here’s a new idea that is sure to please! Think about planning your own spa party. First, you need to think over a few things. Get out a notebook and a pen and start making some notes, and jot down some ideas you may have. You want to think about who you’re inviting, and how you’re going to invite them. Before handing out the invitation you should check out medical spa South Jersey that will help you with the preparations of your party. You will learn about the things that you are going to need along with the time and overall cost for hosting the party.

You can make your own invitations. You can get blank cards and envelopes from the craft store. You can print up invitations on your computer, or hand-write them yourself.

You can also send e-invites. A great site is, and it’s free. Next, you need to decide where you will host the spa party. If it’s in your house, what room do you think will best for you to use for the party? Choose somewhere roomy enough to fit the number of guests attending. Decorate! After you chose what room to have your spa party in, you are going to need to make a spa-like ambiance! This is easy. Chose a color theme for your party. Drape the chairs with white or light, solid-colored sheets. You can use ribbon in the color of your choice to tie around the chairs to keep the sheets in place. Keep in mind you will be doing treatments, so you will need tables. Even if they’re old, who cares! You can drape them with sheets as well, so no one will know! You can get bouquets of flowers to beautifully place throughout the room.

Choose the flowers according to the colors you wish to have. If you have one of those at-home relaxing waterfall tranquility things that were so popular a few years back, break it out of the box, and plug it in! Get different sized candles in your color theme to light around the room and add a calming atmosphere. Food: You can choose to have a full-on meal or a variety of light snacks for your party. Basic easy appetizers can be crackers and cheese, fruit platter, veggie platter, or your favorite recipe. Even ask your guests to each bring a light snack. You can have sparkling water with fresh fruit wedges, or even have champagne with strawberries. Pick whatever you and your group would like. Things to make it a spa party! You will also need robes, slippers, towels, cotton hair bands, for your guests to change into when they arrive. This sounds extremely expensive, so you can even ask your guests to bring their own robes, slippers, and hair bands, and just supply the towels.

Chose if you will all be performing treatments on yourselves and/or each other, or will you hire someone? You can also combine the two. Perhaps hire a massage therapist to do the massages, and while you are taking turns, you can do the manicures and pedicures on one another. This can be expensive. But you can hire someone to do 15-minute massages, or even look at local massage schools and see if you can post a sign up for students. This would be less expensive, and you will be helping someone gain experience. Thinking about the treatments you choose to have, you will need the essentials. For facials: Make-up remover, cleanser, exfoliator, toner, mask, moisturizer, cotton pads, cotton balls, q-tips (to remove mascara), tissue, individual bowls with fresh water for each guest. For manicures and pedicures: Nail polish remover, nail polish, cotton balls and pads, tissues, nail files, cuticle nippers, nail clippers, alcohol to sanitize, orangewood stick (a stick that pushes the cuticles back), exfoliator, lotion, individual bowls with fresh water for each guest. Mini Makeovers: The perfect way to finish off the night.

Have your guests bring their own makeup and do makeovers on each other. Don’t forget extra tissues, cotton, and makeup remover. Also, provide a squirt bottle with alcohol to sanitize your hands! Party favor ideas: What’s a party without leaving with a small gift? Some ideas to get you thinking: Gift bags with lotion, candles, or makeup. You can also just chose one thing, and that will keep your cost down. It’s very nice to give your attendees a little something to go away with. All in all, this is a great girls night in! This is supposed to be fun so don’t stress yourself out. Remember to relax; after all, it is a spa party!