How to Diet Without Dieting

Diet is a four letter word. Anytime I try a new diet I always end up hungry, unsatisfied, and dreaming about chocolate. This makes undergoing the best coolsculpting treatment very tempting because it provides very fast results. My favorite kind of diet isn’t a diet at all. It’s a way of life and it’s easy to follow. I’ve incorporated a few things I learned from David Zinczenko’s book The Ab’s Diet; I recommend you read it if you’re interested in more drastic lifestyle changes that get results. What we are going to discuss here is how making a five small changes in your eating and exercise habits can help make big changes to your waistline and your state of mind.

Change #1

Blend some goodness into your life. Making a smoothie in the morning may sound like a lot of work but it takes me 6 minutes in the morning to blend up a delicious treat for breakfast AND have enough for a mid-afternoon snack. Adding some super charged foods like berries, peanut butter, oatmeal, yogurt, and whey protein powder makes it healthy and fills you up. Here is a basic smoothie recipe for one serving:

½ cup nonfat milk

½ cup nonfat yogurt

1 ½ cup frozen strawberries (slightly thawed)

1 banana

1 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

Blend until smooth. If you find the smoothie is too thick just add a little more nonfat milk. The fruits you use can vary depending on what kind of taste you want, but berries have the most vitamins and fiber.

Change #2

Stop wasting calories. White breads and soda waste calories and add no nutritional value to your diet. If you must drink soda make sure its diet. Personally, I hate diet soda but I can manage to drink Sprite Zero with little to no notice. As for white breads, just say no. Whole wheat and whole grain foods are better for you because when they are manufactured the vitamins and minerals are left intact. You can also get fiber from most whole grain breads. Avoid foods that are just labeled wheat and look for whole wheat or whole grain.

Change #3

Get fresh. Using fresh meats and veggies and making your own food is a huge step in the right direction. It lets you control exactly what goes into your meal and into you. Try lean meats like turkey, lean pork, beef, and chicken. They’ll give you protein to help fuel your cells and keep you feeling full. Also using dark green leafy veggies in salads and stir-fry’s provide iron and sometimes fiber.

Change #4

Get up and move! Exercising is so important to a healthy lifestyle. Just walking is enough but I recommend at least thirty minutes of vigorous aerobics or strength training a day. Be creative. Use your two year old as a dumbbell and lift her up and down. She gets to play with mommy; you get to work your triceps and biceps. Try walking every evening after you eat but before you do the dishes. It will provide you with some activity while helping you digest.

Change #5

Become free-range. Eat small meals throughout the day. Breaking up meals and eating every two to three hours can really make a difference. When you wake up you should eat a light breakfast. A few slices of toast and some juice is fine. A few hours later have a light snack; this is when I have my first 8oz of smoothie. Next a few hours later have a light lunch. Salads are good, but make sure to go easy on the dressing. Incorporate some of the super charged food we talked about like whole wheat bread and turkey and make yourself a sandwich. Have another snack a few hours later. A handful of nuts and a nonfat cheese stick works well or you can finish your smoothie. Have a modest dinner, maybe a chicken breast, steamed veggies, and some whole grain Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. And finish it up with a light after dinner snack a few hours before bed. I like to have fruit with some fat free cool whip. It’s good for me and satisfies my desert craving.