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How To Be A Superior Player In Grow Castle? A Complete Guide!

If you are new to Grow Castle, then you may find it difficult to play it smoothly. That’s why you should try to learn the basic rules and know about its gameplay. With the help of online guides and tutorials, you can enhance your skills and learn the art of playing the game with perfection. Well, this game requires an effective strategy and tricks. Focus on the tips provided by professional players and then follow the same to be a good player in no time. 

It is a defense game in which players should build the castle and then try to protect it from enemy attack. Many heroes are available here, but you should choose some of them smartly. Know the skills of heroes and then put them on each floor of your castle. Upgrade everything that you see to make improvements in the game. 

Create or join the guild

If you are playing Grow Castle, then you are also allowed to create a guild. Well, it may cost you money, and that’s why it is good to join the guilds of others. Do research before going to the guild for playing the game with players from all around the globe. Join an active guild, and it will help you to communicate with people from different regions. You can also learn new tactics and strategies from other players. Keep playing the game on a regular basis to get rewards and to improve your skills. Players can take part in different challenges and tasks to compete against other players. 

Try to earn gold 

Gold is the important currency of Grow Castle on PC that players should earn for making progress. Without having gold, you can’t do anything in the game. Try to earn a significant amount of gold by completing several tasks and challenges. Focus on the gameplay and other challenges that reward you with the gold. Many other ways are out there that help players to earn gold. Collect a good amount of gold and then try to save it up for later stages. In this way, you can get rid of the complications related to the lack of funds. Use gold as per your desire to make upgrades and other improvements. 

Build colonies and hire workers 

It is possible to earn gold while you sleep, and you shouldn’t ignore this thing. All you need to do is to open the game and keep the device plugged in. Most of the players who are crazy about collecting gold always do the same. You can also try out this tip to gain a huge amount of gold in no time. Clearing the colonies of opponents helps to earn a large amount of gold per minute. You shouldn’t lose this opportunity. To gain more gold, you should upgrade the items like a whip. 

Hope, this guide will help beginners to play Grow Castle like a pro. Always remember the above-mentioned tips to enhance your performance.