How Do They Work: Compressed Air Pneumatic Systems

In order to get a safe and precise control of the actuators that is unique to the system, we have valves in compresses air pneumatic systems. However, the medium used by these systems is fluid which is similar to process or hydraulic water systems. This is why there is a requirement of high-quality valves such as festo valves in order to control the flow, direction, and speed of the fluid inside the system. 

Let us talk about the various aspects of using pneumatic valves:

Air preparation

With the help of exhausting pressure to the atmosphere, the pressure relief valves control the pressure flow in the system. These relief valves are typically used to prevent the excess of pressure inside the system. This is why these valves are also referred to as safety valves that are mainly used in the preparation stage.
These pressure regulators are there in order to limit the pressure that builds within the system. They block the pressure from entering through the inlet. These regulators are mainly used during the air preparation stage and during the control of motors and cylinders as well.
There are times when you need multiple stages of pressure control, this is where you can use these regulators. You get regulators that are capable of relieving the downstream pressure. This will also prevent the build-up of downstream pressure.
These pressure regulators can even be used as a solo unit along with a filter. This allows them to control the pressure that you get for individual actuators. Almost every regulator that is there in the market can be regulated or controlled with the help of knobs or screws. 

Flow control

In order to control the flow of the fluid pneumatic system has valves. There are different types of valves that you can get according to your requirements. Mostly, these valves are used in order to control the velocity of the fluid and to adjust the cylinders. As controlling the pressure and velocity in any pneumatic system is much more complex than the control in the hydraulic system you have these valves to help you with that.
It is really simple to use these flow valves as they come in two types and can be applied as meter in or meter out depending on their use. Most of the pneumatic systems use meter outflow as it is much easier to control and reduce the damage system sustains by increasing the upstream pressure.

Directional control valves

You get these pneumatic valves in several shapes and sizes with the basic idea to control the flow of the fluid in a single direction preventing its backflow. You can easily install the directional valves in the system wherever you like. Pneumatic valves are designed and manufactured in various incarnations. You get a specific valve for a specific task which is why you should consider carefully what type of valve you choose for your system. 

There are spool valves that you can get. These valves have a notched metal cylinder that is designed to slide perfectly with a machined body along with several drilled ports according to the buyer’s requirement. 

Lastly, you get both standard and non-standard mounting configuration with pneumatic directional valves. As you get different mounting styles from different manufacturers it is really important that you do your research before you buy the valves.