Hotels Boasting Top Rate “High Speed Internet”

This weekend my wife and I went away with her sister and husband and we searched one evening for a hotel that had high-speed internet. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal but with a new project recently launched I wanted to be able to access any of my servers in case of a problem.

It was a Residence Inn Marriott which was extremely nice. I have always had good experiences with this chain. Excellent service, great continental breakfast, and clean rooms. They boasted their high-speed internet on the phone and I felt comfortable with staying there. Although, as most would agree, it is like a coin flip when it comes to high-speed internet at a hotel.

We walked into our room and immediately I saw a problem. There was a beautiful spacious table in the kitchenette area where I could place my laptop… but the wired service was next to the couch with a 4-foot ethernet cable! I wanted to scream!! This forced me (an experienced hotel internet dude) to go to drastic measures. I whipped out my Netgear travel router. I felt warm and fuzzy as I pulled it out of the cool looking black zipper travel bag with the fam looking on… YES, I was a hero… I was on a pedestal as the fam were digging out their laptops waiting for the magic words, “…OK! We’re On!”

I hooked the router up and it wouldn’t let me connect! I then did what any experienced troubleshooter would do… disconnect my router and hook it up direct… STILL wouldn’t let me connect! I called the front desk and got some part-time college kid who had, “no clue sir what to make of that”. He was quick to point out a customer service number on a trifold card that should be on the end table. I hung up and called them.

20 minutes on hold, 1/2 hour with level one support, 10 more minutes on hold, and another 10 minutes with level 2 support and finally we were connected!

Come on hotels! If you’re gonna offer it, at least 1) place the cables in the right spot and 2) have half a clue of how it works! – Peter