Helpful Guide in Eliminating Pet Stain from Carpets

Pets. We love them, but hate the messes they can leave. Especially our carpets. All it takes is one non-house broken puppy and next thing you know your living room stinks. Is there any way to rid your house of the unpleasant odors our pets can leave? Of course there is, and I will tell you some of my tired and true methods for ridding your house or apartment of everything from pet odor to urine stains to pet hair. But the methods in this article can help you, along with using portable carpet cleaners & handheld carpet cleaners for the task.

Pet urine can be one of the most annoying problems that a pet owner can face. Whether it comes from an untrained pet or just an “accident” there are few things more annoying to an owner than finding that urine stain in the middle of the carpet. What I have found to be the most effective way to clean and rid the carpet of any lingering odor is a product called Nature’s Miracle. It comes in the regular scent, which is not much of a scent at all and in and orange scent. The price on these ranges from about $6 for a sixteen-ounce bottle to about $35 for a gallon jug and can be found at virtually any pet store. The investment is well worth it. To fully clean the rug of the stain, first pour or spray Nature’s Miracle on the urine stain. Wipe the area thoroughly to remove the initial stain. Next pour and saturate the soiled area with Nature’s Miracle and allow to air dry. The best part of Nature’s Miracle is that it can be used on virtually any surface, such as upholstery, wood floors and even just to wipe down a litter box.

For truly stubborn urine, feces, or other pet stains I would suggest the Bissell SpotBot Pet Hands Free Compact Deep Cleaner. This is one of the best stain removers I have encountered for the deep set in stains. It is relatively simple to use. The SpotBot costs about $130 in most stores that sell vacuums and such, like Target. To use the SpotBot, you need to locate the set in stain you want to remove. Follow the instructions that come with the SpotBot, by filling up the container with the appropriate amount of water and the pet cleaner solution, which costs about $20 for a 3 pack of bottles. Place the circular brush part over the set in pet stain. Plug in the SpotBot and choose the level of clean you want; deep set in stain or superficial stain. I recommend using the set in choice. Then you can walk away and come back about 15 minutes later and it will be all done. All you have to do is remove the machine, empty the dirty water out and let the area air-dry. The great thing about the SpotBot is that it has a manual arm that you can use to clean upholstery also.

This leads me to perhaps the most prevalent and annoying problem for pet owners; pet hair. Pet hair has a way of getting over everything. To get pet hair out of carpets it is easier than most think. There is a brush called the Pet Hair Eliminator. It can be purchased at most pet stores for roughly $10. Using the side of the brush scrape the carpet and all of the loose hair will come up into one neat bundle. The all you have to do is to pick it up and throw it out.

For every pet stain there is a way to get rid of it. Those of us with pets know the frustration of trying to get rid of our pet’s stains from our carpets. Fortunately there are products to help us.